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2015-05-26Rename libremessages:whitespace-collapse to whitespace_collapse.v20150526Luke Shumaker
When using /bin/sh instead of bash (a terrible idea, but whatev), the '-' is an invalid charater in an identifier.
2015-05-25man: Two spaces between sentences.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24Enforce two spaces after a period.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24libredbdiff: Fix some usages of `print` and `prose`.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24libremessages: expose whitespace-collapseLuke Shumaker
2015-05-24libremessages/librexgettext: Preserve two spaces after a period.Luke Shumaker
Well, [.!?] really--this matches the behavior of `fmt -u`.
2015-05-24librerelease: Fix typo in a comment.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24librerelease: Remove redundant calls to gettext.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24librerelease: Don't sign XBS files.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24xbs: Add `help` and `name` commands.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24xbs: Clean up the usage text.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24libremessages:flag: Allow specifying multiple flags in one go.Luke Shumaker
This allows the descriptions to all be aligned together.
2015-05-24libremessages:flag: Clean up mathLuke Shumaker
Because I was using -le instead of -lt, all of the math was off by one, which was negated by only one space in the separator in the format string.
2015-05-24libremessages:flag: Avoid doing a loop over each lineLuke Shumaker
2015-05-24libremessages: add some newlines in comments, reflow them.Luke Shumaker
Mostly so that when I compulsivly hit M-q, it doesn't screw up.
2015-05-24xbs-abslibre: The server commands handled dest of `abstree` or `abslibre`.Luke Shumaker
It really should enforce the dest being in the `abslibre` format. Add checks for that and remove the code for dealing with an `abstree`. When I originally wrote it with the flexibility, it was because I was trying to capture a range of behaviors, without actually understanding how the tool would be used. Now that I know how it is to be used, I can remove the extra code.
2015-05-24xbs-abslibre: The comment I wrote 2 commits ago said move, not copy.Luke Shumaker
And that was the correct behavior, not what the code did.
2015-05-24xbs-abslibre: Touch upLuke Shumaker
2015-05-24Add comments to XBS stuff so that I can understand it drunk.Luke Shumaker
Or really at all having not had memory of writing it, as most of that was about a year ago and I didn't write any comments and barely any documentation. But it's funnier if I mention that I've had a couple drinks.
2015-05-24I didn't update any of the XBS copyright yearsLuke Shumaker
2015-05-20xbs-abslibre: I don't know why this code was there, it's wrongLuke Shumaker
2015-05-20libremakepkg: Don't pass extra arguments to makepkg.Luke Shumaker
Packages should be buildable without any extra incantations, and it was more of a source of mistakes than anything else.
2015-05-20Use #!/hint/bash instead of the more verbose commentLuke Shumaker
2015-05-17xbs-abs.conf: don't shell outLuke Shumaker
2015-05-17xbs: touch up whitespaceLuke Shumaker
2015-05-17xbs: clean up usage textLuke Shumaker
2015-05-17xbs: Fix spelling mistake in documentationLuke Shumaker Update to newer devtoolsLuke Shumaker
2015-04-13librechroot help: remove extra whitespaceLuke Shumaker
2015-01-05librefetch: wasn't cleaning up temp filesv20150105.1Luke Shumaker
2015-01-05chcleanup: oops, I left a `set -x` in therev20150105Luke Shumaker
2015-01-05librefetch-makepkg.conf: shut up a useless warning when not included from ↵Luke Shumaker
2015-01-05librefetch: that's what I get for commiting a fix without a testLuke Shumaker
2015-01-05librefetch: fix paths being canonicalized incorrectlyLuke Shumaker
2015-01-05librechroot: tidy upLuke Shumaker
2015-01-05chroot-tools: Drop support for CHROOTARCHLuke Shumaker
This only existed to work around a compatibility-breaking change in the Linux kernel. `uname -m` for MIPS-64 little-endian changed from "mips64el" to "mips64". This meant that all existing packages' CARCH was no longer == `uname -m`, so we had to de-unify the two, as we couldn't do `setarch $CARCH`. I'm removing this kludge because: - We no longer actively support MIPS. - Until two commits ago, it didn't work anyway - We should avoid this on new architectures going forward (ARM, anyone?) - It's gross.
2015-01-05Oops, update a couple of copyright yearsLuke Shumaker
2015-01-05arch-nspawn: correctly parse CHROOTARCHLuke Shumaker
2015-01-05chroot: Don't cache local repo packagesLuke Shumaker
2015-01-04oops, I'm dumb; fix chcleanupv20150104Luke Shumaker
2015-01-04Generate the duplicated code in chcleanupLuke Shumaker
2015-01-04Found a mistake in librefetch-install, use @pkgconfdir@ to avoid those types ↵Luke Shumaker
of errors
2015-01-04librefetch-install: fixLuke Shumaker
2015-01-04Wow, I botched some Makefile stuffLuke Shumaker use full paths in messages, short names were ambiguousLuke Shumaker add a commentLuke Shumaker oops, I missed adding validpgpkeysLuke Shumaker Oops, a variable was blending with the surrounding stringLuke Shumaker
2015-01-01Add a utility to add/remove librefetch from makepkg.confLuke Shumaker
This script is formerly the install script for the bundled-up package.
2015-01-01librefetch: Adjust to makepkg now requiring $BUILDSCRIPT to be in $PWDLuke Shumaker