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2019-10-25change chroot mirror to winstonHEADv20190907masterbill-auger
2019-10-25notify pbot after sccessful publishbill-auger
2019-04-03add volatile bulid support repos to chroot pacman.conf (commented-out)bill-auger
2018-11-17Fix pacman.conf URLOmar Vega Ramos
2018-10-15libremakepkg: Add -S flag to use an existing source packageLuke Shumaker
"Ignore space change" might be helpful when viewing this diff.
2018-10-15libremakepkg: Tidy formatting of usage() flagsLuke Shumaker
"What is the alignment of the libremakepkg options section based on?", you may ask. You'll see in the next commit!
2018-10-04librerelease: Check that DBSCRIPTS_CONFIG is setv20181004Luke Shumaker
2018-10-03librerelease: Change how the HOOKs are displayedLuke Shumaker
This will display the evaluated command line, rather than the cryptic ssh -fN ${REPODEST_port:+-p "$REPODEST_port"} "${REPODEST_userhost}"
2018-10-03librerelease: Set DBSCRIPTS_CONFIG for db-updateLuke Shumaker
Its value is configurable in libretools.conf. I discussed this eventual change in my dbscripts plans on the mailing list.
2018-10-02libremakepkg: Fix launching `distcc-tool idaemon`Luke Shumaker
- Drop ``; we can just check `jobs -p` - _distcc_start_idaemon() and _distcc_stop_idaemon() are thereby simplified to the point where they can just be inlined. - Why did I keep doing `foo & wait`!? - Don't forget to write DISTCC_HOSTS to makepkg.conf - There was a typo in makepkg.conf; it said "_discc_start_idaemon"
2018-10-02libremakepkg: Tidy funny syntaxLuke Shumaker
I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote it that way. For one, the "<&0" bit is a no-op. It redirects stdin to be stdin. Maybe I had meant to write "<&-" and close it? For two, just write it normally. It's simple enough, don't make it look like magic.
2018-10-02distcc-tool: SimplifyLuke Shumaker
- I'm pretty sure the "& trap 'jobs -p | xargs kill' EXIT; wait" bit is 100% superstition. - Sprinkle `exec` in there to use fewer PIDs - Don't bother with variables for short constant values, just hard-code them - Use `sleep infinity` instead of a dumb socat if we need to sleep forever without doing anything.
2018-10-01distcc-tool: Note which Bash version is requiredLuke Shumaker
2018-10-01libremakepkg: Add a commentLuke Shumaker
This really messed me up while debugging, I don't want to fall for that again!
2018-10-01libremakepkg: distcc-tool: Avoid using overly-long socket namesLuke Shumaker
The maximum socket name length is surprising short. So `cd` and use a short relative path.
2018-09-20libretools.conf:REPODEST: Don't use a shared SSH account by default.v20180920Luke Shumaker
DISRUPTION: This will make the default configuration unsuitable for packagers whose local username doesn't match their username in hackers.git. They will need to manually adjust their `libretools.conf:REPODEST` to have the correct username. For years, when releasing a package, librerelease has been SSH'ing to a shared repo@ account. In the last few months, we've made changes to the server to make it so that you can use your normal $USER@ account. It has been opt-in by adjusting your REPODEST appropriately. For the last month, several developers have opted-in. After a couple of hiccups resolved in the first few hours, the HOOKPRERELEASE issue (for users for which the DISRUPTION applies, which the last few commits fixed), there were no issues. This has the negative affect So, change this from opt-in to opt-out. If all goes smoothly, then SSH to the repo@ account will eventually be disabled.
2018-09-20libretools.conf:HOOKPRERELEASE: Respect $XDG_CONFIG_HOME's REPODESTLuke Shumaker
~/.config/libretools/libretools.conf is loaded after /etc/libretools.conf If the file in ~/.config/ changes REPODEST, then the default value of HOOKPRERELEASE will do the wrong thing. So, change the double-quotes to single quotes; deferring evaluation of the REPODEST expression to call-time. This is made possible by the previous commit, which exposes the REPODEST variable to the hook. While we're at it, since we now have access to the parsed parts of REPODEST (like REPODEST_port and REPODEST_userhost), go ahead and use those, instead of using a gross `sed` expression to parse it in a sloppy way.
2018-09-20librerelease: Run the HOOKs with `eval` rather than `bash -c`Luke Shumaker
This should give the hooks read-only access to whatever variables are set. This includes both the configuration variables (like REPODEST), and local instance variables (like REPODEST_port).
2018-09-20dagpkg: Fix a commentLuke Shumaker
2018-08-29Makefile: Fix installation of makepkg.d/librefetch.confv20180829Luke Shumaker
It was installed by `make install`, but not `make install-libretools`.
2018-08-29librechroot make: Try harder to avoid inheriting the host's pacman configLuke Shumaker
- `-A`: Comment out the `Include = /etc/pacman.d/*.conf` line that is present in the /usr/share/pacman/defaults/ files since pacman 5.1.1-1.parabola4 - Pass --hookdir="$copydir/etc/pacman.d/hooks" to mkarchroot's pacman to avoid inheriting the host's hooks. I should maybe add tests for both of those things, but they both rely on the actual contents of /etc/pacman.d/...
2018-08-29libremakepkg: Remove old reference to /chrootprepareLuke Shumaker
That file hasn't been created since 646ac025 (2018-08-04).
2018-08-29Rely on Bash 4.4 empty array behaviorLuke Shumaker
2018-08-26librechroot clean-pkgs: Do the right thing when libretools is installed in ↵Luke Shumaker
the chroot The /bin/chcleanup file that it installs will clash with the package-owned /usr/bin/chcleanup (since /bin is a symlink)
2018-08-26librefetch: Drop a file in /etc/makepkg.d/ rather than editing makepkg.confLuke Shumaker
The librefetch-install program will stick around for a while (1 year; 2019-08-26) so that it can be used from a post_upgrade hook to remove the old edits, in order to seamlessly migrate people.
2018-08-15librechroot: Add --noconfirm to install-name, don't expect input.Luke Shumaker
2018-08-15librechroot,libremakepkg: Don't have stdin of nspawn be a TTY if we don't ↵Luke Shumaker
expect input If stdin is a TTY, systemd-nspawn will create a proxy PTY, and pump the data from real stdin through the proxy PTY. Because the PTY acts as a buffer, that means that it eats stdin, EVEN IF THE PROGRAM DOESN'T ACTUALLY READ IT. This is surprising to the user. We can't know if the command to `librechroot run` is going to read from stdin, but for most uses of librechroot we do know. So, set stdin to /dev/null for those cases.
2018-08-15librechroot: Fix typo in a commentLuke Shumaker
2018-08-15librechroot: Remove SYSTEMD-STDIN HACKLuke Shumaker
2018-08-13libreblacklist: Better diagnostic output on update failureLuke Shumaker
2018-08-07oopsLuke Shumaker
2018-08-07librechroot: Disallow flags overriding other flagsLuke Shumaker
This results in user confusion, like
2018-08-06chcleanup: Ignore depends of split packages, just look at pkgbasev20180806Luke Shumaker
2018-08-06chcleanup: Try preloading the scratch DB to speed things up.Luke Shumaker
2018-08-06chcleanup: Only use `pacman -T` filtering on DEPENDSLuke Shumaker
2018-08-06chcleanup: Tidy upLuke Shumaker
- Move a few lines around - Add comments - Don't bother checking [[ -n $TEXTDOMAIN ]]/TEXTDOMAINDIR, they're never set. - Put the pacman db at "$TEMPDIR/db", not "$TEMPDIR". - Create a pacman=() variable for storing all of our scratch flags - Drop the pkglist='' variable; expand it out where used Altogether, there should be no user-visible changes here
2018-08-06chcleanup: More informative output, use pacman -T to speed things upLuke Shumaker
2018-08-06librexgettext: Include the 'plain' command by defaultLuke Shumaker
I realized that it was missing. While we're at it, organize the defaults by their "origin".
2018-08-06chcleanup: Do the package list creating in tiersLuke Shumaker
This avoids something like a dep on 'systemd-tools' from resolving to 'notsystemd', causing a conflict with 'systemd' in 'base-devel', which had the 'systemd-tools' dep already filled. On the downside, this is much slower.
2018-08-06librechroot help: Clarify the usage of -w and -rLuke Shumaker
2018-08-04libremakepkg,chcleanup: Be stricter about network accessv20180804Luke Shumaker
Objectives: - Once the source package has been created, never run makepkg with networking enabled again, so that we can be 100% sure that the source package has all of the sources that we need. - Don't let makepkg edit the PKGBUILD (eg. by evaluating pkgver()) User-facing changes: - libremakepkg now disables networking during prepare() - libremakepkg no longer runs pkgver() - chcleanup (and thus `librechroot clean-pkgs`) now also installs packages Technical description of changes: - In devtools (and not really in this commit): * No longer split /chrootprepare off of /chrootbuild. The point of splitting it was that we'd have prepare() run from /chrootprepare and the rest later run from /chrootbuild, so that we could leave networking enabled during prepare() but not the rest. Now that we're disabling networking during prepare(), that's pointless. * Have download_sources create a source package (rather than having /chrootbuild create the source package at the same time that we create the binary package). We adjust the caller to temporarily set SRCPKGDEST to a temporary directory, so that we can get the file and control the filename when we move it in to the real SRCPKGDEST. - Have chcleanup install the dependencies. If we used the traditional `makepkg --sync` to install the dependencies, then we'd be breaking the "no networking for makepkg after source package creation" objective. chcleanup already has all of the logic necessary to accomplish this. If there's a discrepancy in chcleanup behavior and makepkg behavior, and makepkg thinks it needs to install something, then that just means we'll have to fix the bug in chcleanup, instead of letting it go for more than a year (*cough* *cough*). - Use files extracted from the source package (rather than files found in the current directory) to build the package. - We mount the temporary directory containing the extracted source package files read-only, to be sure that makepkg doesn't modify the PKGBUILD. This is necessary because --holdver only disables pkgver() if it's a VCS package.
2018-08-03Use Bash 4.4 @Q instead of %qLuke Shumaker
2018-08-03libremakepkg: Expand short flags to unshareLuke Shumaker
2018-08-03chcleanup: Expand short flags to pacmanLuke Shumaker
2018-08-03chcleanup: Consider _$CARCH depsLuke Shumaker
Also, don't parse PKGBUILD ourself; use .SRCINFO to extract information from the PKGBUILD.
2018-07-31Begone with XBSLuke Shumaker
2018-06-02librechroot: Properly clean up temporary pacman.conf fileLuke Shumaker
2018-06-02librechroot: Remove the hack for -any packages differing between archesLuke Shumaker
db-import-pkg now makes sure that that doesn't happen.
2018-05-30libremakepkg: Fix it_fails_with_bad_signaturesv20180530Luke Shumaker
libremakepkg defined a cleanup() function, which overrode, which meant that exited with a '0' status.
2018-05-30libremakepkg: Fix it_succeeds_with_good_signaturesLuke Shumaker
Do this by syncing makepkg_args with makechrootpkg's default_makepkg_args; recent devtools have makechrootpkg not copy the keyring in to the chroot. This incorporates 3 commits from Arch devtools: 7ca4eb82d (2017-05-02): add --holdver 0cbc179d2 (2017-07-13): use long options; `-s`→`--syncdeps`, `-L`→`--log` 75fdff181 (2017-07-13): add --skipinteg