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2017-05-03libredbdiff: simplify config file generationLuke Shumaker
2017-05-03test: libredbdiff: Add another check for the option parser.Luke Shumaker
2017-05-03libredbdiff: Use _prbl for Parabola vars and _arch for Arch vars.Luke Shumaker
2017-05-02libredbdiff: make repos be a true array, make it configurableLuke Shumaker
2017-05-02bugfix [1/2]: libredbdiff: Add a test for handling multiple provides.Luke Shumaker
2017-05-01bugfix [1/2]: librefetch: Add a check for failing with bogus flagsLuke Shumaker
2017-05-01bugfix [1/2]: librefetch: Add check for SRCBUILD-to-SRCBUILD operationLuke Shumaker
2017-04-19gitget: correctly handle the -f[orce] flag on bare repositoriesLuke Shumaker
2017-04-11test/librechroot: Avoid waiting for pacman confirmation.Luke Shumaker
2017-04-11test/ Ensure that an old gpg-agent isn't running.Luke Shumaker
2017-04-11test/ Put the test name in the tmpdir path.Luke Shumaker
2017-04-11test/lib-messages: it_works_with_no_color_and_set_euE doesn't need a subshellLuke Shumaker
2017-04-11test/ Improve btrfs-aware rm-rf cleanupLuke Shumaker
2017-04-11test/: Tidy before()/after() definitions.Luke Shumaker
2017-04-11test: Use correct blacklist.txt URL.Luke Shumaker
2017-04-11libremakepkg: correctly exit if a hook failsLuke Shumaker
2017-04-11test: Do a better job of cleaning up chroots.Luke Shumaker
2017-02-14Add librechroot delete tests.Luke Shumaker
2016-04-15libremessages:flag: Fix several things (also librexgettext)Luke Shumaker
2016-04-14Print an error when trying to sync a copy with itself.Luke Shumaker
2016-02-08Refactor the build system. Avoid recursive make.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-31librefetch: Don't try to use makepkg to create .sig files.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-20Use #!/hint/bash instead of the more verbose commentLuke Shumaker
2015-01-05librefetch: wasn't cleaning up temp filesv20150105.1Luke Shumaker
2015-01-05librefetch: that's what I get for commiting a fix without a testLuke Shumaker
2015-01-05test to make sure local repo packages aren't cached (issue #435)Luke Shumaker
2015-01-04Found a mistake in librefetch-install, use @pkgconfdir@ to avoid those types ...Luke Shumaker
2015-01-01makepkg no longer supports split packages with different pkgverLuke Shumaker
2015-01-01librefetch test: can no longer count on the DLAGENT being eval()edLuke Shumaker
2014-11-28Woops, also s/ in test/v20141128Luke Shumaker make sysconfdir overridable at runtime, use this for testingv20141001Luke Shumaker
2014-10-01blacklist test: clean upLuke Shumaker
2014-10-01clean up shebangsLuke Shumaker
2014-07-26test: remove legacy systemd checkLuke Shumaker
2014-07-26test: update librestage testsLuke Shumaker
2014-06-28test/librechroot: work-around for a systemd bugLuke Shumaker
2014-06-27test/librestage: set xbs.conf:BUILDSYSTEMLuke Shumaker
2014-06-20fiddle with file locationsLuke Shumaker
2014-05-11test/librefetch: inhibit running an installed copy of librefetchLuke Shumaker
2014-05-11Add a rough test of file order from librefetch's tarballs.Luke Shumaker
2014-05-11test/librechroot: 'exit' isn't an executable program.Luke Shumaker
2014-03-05Fix librefetch tests more. I should not be committing code this tired.v20140305Luke Shumaker
2014-03-05fix the librefetch unit testsLuke Shumaker
2014-02-09add a test for the last commit (enabling networking during prepare())v20140210Luke Shumaker
2014-02-02test: `! true` doesn't trip `set -e`, do subshell magicLuke Shumaker
2014-02-02libremakepkg-test: test the -N flagLuke Shumaker
2014-02-02librechroot-test: check for the existance of ca-certificates.crtLuke Shumaker
2014-02-02test/librechroot: test CHROOTEXTRAPKGLuke Shumaker
2014-02-02test/librechroot: test the -N flagLuke Shumaker
2014-01-20test/librefetch: update the DLAGENTS settingv20140120.1testing-20140120.1Luke Shumaker