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import some features from old parabola-keyring
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Using the tools (make)
-There are 2 `make` targets of interest: `pacman-keyring` and
-`postfix-virtual-map`. `make [all]` makes both of them. The output
-of each goes in `output/{pacman-keyring,postfix-virtual-map}`
+There are 4 `make` targets of interest: `pacman-keyring`, `dist`,
+`upload` and `postfix-virtual-map`. `make [all]` makes `pacman-keyring`
+and`postfix-virtual-map`. The output goes in
+`output/{pacman-keyring,postfix-virtual-map}` respectively.
`pacman-keyring` makes the Pacman keyring that we package up as the
`parabola-keyring` package.
+`dist` makes the `parabola-keyring` tarball.
+`upload` makes the uploading of `parabola-keyring` tarball to the server.
`postfix-virual-map` makes a map for postfix email aliases we provide
to our developers.