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+This repository contains 4 things:
+ 1. Information about Parabola contributors
+ 2. `Makefile` and `bin/`: tools for working with that information
+ 3. `misc/git-shell-commands`: for use with git-shell
+ 4. `misc/git-hooks`: git hooks
+Honestly, the latter two probably don't belong, but they've always
+been in this repository, so I didn't want to just delete them. If you
+remove git-shell-hooks in the future, be warned that
+/srv/git/git-shell-commands is currently a symlink to there; you'll
+want to change that.
+Adding users
Users ("hackers") are added by creating a file in the `users/`
directory. The file should be named `users/${UID}.yml` where UID is
the numeric POSIX user ID for that user. See
@@ -13,3 +28,33 @@ Images in `dev-imgs/`:
The files in `bin/` are configured with `cfg_*` variables at the top
of each file.
+Using the tools (make)
+There are 2 `make` targets of interest: `pacman-keyring` and
+`postfix-virtual-map`. `make [all]` makes both of them. The output
+of each goes in `output/{pacman-keyring,postfix-virtual-map}`
+`pacman-keyring` makes the Pacman keyring that we package up as the
+`parabola-keyring` package.
+`postfix-virual-map` makes a map for postfix email aliases we provide
+to our developers.
+Using the tools (scripts)
+Most of the scripts assume that the current directory is the root of
+this repository.
+The most important 3 scripts are:
+ - `meta-check`: sanity-check the user data
+ - `meta-normalize-stdio`: normalize a user YAML file
+ - `ssh-list-authorized-keys`: configure sshd to use this for
+ AuthorizedKeysCommand to have it get SSH keys directly from the
+ user data here
+The others are all used by `make`.