BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterlxde-openrc: update packages.bothDavid P2 months
unifiednew boot splash imagesbill-auger8 weeks
v39commit afcdbdeae9...David P8 months
v37commit 1cdf9a108b...David P10 months
v36commit a242d8f29a...David P10 months
b46commit a128174312...bill-auger10 months
v35commit 02c5e4a30e...David P11 months
v34commit eae41cf12c...David P12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-03-11lxde-openrc: update packages.bothHEADmasterDavid P
2019-03-10refind.conf: add replace dont_scan_dirs with scanforDavid P
2019-03-09[openrc-isos] Merge uefi-shell-v1-x86_64.conf and uefi-shell-v2-x86_64.conf i...David P
2019-03-08[openrc isos] use refind-efi as UEFI Boot ManagerDavid P
2019-03-08return to the previous directoryDavid P
2019-03-07mkparabolaiso: replace libsystemd-dummy with systemd-libs-dummyDavid P
2019-03-07Add sha512 checksums for EFI Shell blobsDavid P
2019-03-07make sure the root filesystem is owned by rootChristian Hesse
2019-02-27[archiso] update download url for Shell_Full.efiDavid P
2018-12-22Add archlinux32-keyring in scriptsDavid P