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masterChanged how it checks if transmission-daemon is running. This shouldJoseph Graham5 years
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2017-07-05Changed how it checks if transmission-daemon is running. This shouldHEADmasterJoseph Graham
2017-07-01Tirifto's updated esperanto translations.Joseph Graham
2017-06-22Fixed stupid bug.Joseph Graham
2017-06-22Improved code to find out cache location.Joseph Graham
2017-06-22Added a config file and made it read the default cache location fromJoseph Graham
2017-06-22Tidied up variables in preperation for moving them into a config file.Joseph Graham
2017-06-22Tidy comments.Joseph Graham
2017-06-22Cosmetic changes to how it handles stalled downloads.Joseph Graham
2017-06-18Fixed silly mistake.Joseph Graham
2017-06-18Made it fall back to HTTP in case download stalls endlessly.Joseph Graham