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-Install deps:
- transmission-cli
- curl
-Make directories /srv/pacman2pacman/torrents and /srv/pacman2pacman/downloads
+mkdir -p /srv/pacman2pacman/torrents
chown -R transmission /srv/pacman2pacman/
-Put the following into /etc/pacman.conf: XferCommand = /usr/bin/pacman2pacman-get %u %o
-Put the `pacman2pacman-get' script into /usr/bin and chmod +x
-Run: systemctl start transmission
-Now you can test it by installing something with pacman.
+pacman -S transmission-cli
+ XferCommand = /usr/bin/pacman2pacman-get %u %o
+cp pacman2pacman/pacman2pacman-get /usr/bin/
+chmod +x /usr/bin/pacman2pacman-get
+chmod 777 /var/cache/pacman/pkg
+systemctl start transmission
If you want to see the packages being seeded, run: transmission-remote -l
+BUG: if you changed your package cache location (it's customizable in /etc/pacman.conf) you might be doomed. pacman2pacman assumes it is /var/cache/pacman/pkg