AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-05Changed how it checks if transmission-daemon is running. This shouldHEADmasterJoseph Graham
2017-07-01Tirifto's updated esperanto translations.Joseph Graham
2017-06-22Fixed stupid bug.Joseph Graham
2017-06-22Improved code to find out cache location.Joseph Graham
2017-06-22Added a config file and made it read the default cache location fromJoseph Graham
2017-06-22Tidied up variables in preperation for moving them into a config file.Joseph Graham
2017-06-22Tidy comments.Joseph Graham
2017-06-22Cosmetic changes to how it handles stalled downloads.Joseph Graham
2017-06-18Fixed silly mistake.Joseph Graham
2017-06-18Made it fall back to HTTP in case download stalls endlessly.Joseph Graham
2017-06-16Added Spanish translationDavid P
2017-06-15Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Graham
2017-06-15Added swedish translation from Reg.Joseph Graham
2017-06-14Improvements: Seed->Webseed and part->.partlaust
2017-06-14Slight fix to translation after laust translated old version ofJoseph Graham
2017-06-13Added french translationlaust
2017-06-13Improved code that handles the delay between transmission saying aJoseph Graham
2017-06-12Made it retry to move the torrent for longer.Joseph Graham
2017-06-11Fixed typo that completely broke it !facepalmJoseph Graham
2017-06-11Fixed misnamed translation.Joseph Graham
2017-06-11Translations should work now :)Joseph Graham
2017-06-10Added a file describing how to contribute to translationsJoseph Graham
2017-06-10added translation templateJoseph Graham
2017-06-10Started adding translations.Joseph Graham
2017-06-10Stopped it winging unnecessarily downloading databases (bug #1355).Joseph Graham
2017-05-28Reduce unecessary debug messagesJoseph Graham
2017-05-28Fixed infinite hang bug introduced in last commit.Joseph Graham
2017-05-28Performance boost, now finds torrents faster.Joseph Graham
2017-05-18Added a command-line switch to enable debugging.Joseph Graham
2017-05-18Fixed problem with it mis-reading the mirrorlistJoseph Graham
2017-05-18Fixed webseed-changing and improved recovery from broken torrents.Joseph Graham
2017-05-15Turn off debug mode !facepalmJoseph Graham
2017-05-15Various fixes.Joseph Graham
2014-06-17fixed lethal typoJoseph Graham
2014-06-17updated version to 1.5.2Joseph Graham
2014-06-17If a webseed is dead and there are no peers it will abortJoseph Graham
2014-06-15Well, I've made a load of random improvements/changes so I'm releasig it as a...Joseph Graham
2014-06-15Grr, 0% stuff, man.Joseph Graham
2014-06-15Fixed minor cosmetic problem of '0.0%' vs '0%'Joseph Graham
2014-06-15Updated the version number to 1.5.0Joseph Graham
2014-06-15Made it print if a db was changed or not.Joseph Graham
2014-06-15Made it re-write the webseeds in the torrent to use the user's default mirror.Joseph Graham
2014-06-08Fixed bug of it displaying "100%" erronously sometimes.Joseph Graham
2014-06-06tried to fix bug of it failing to move torrents. Made it not check for .torre...Joseph Graham
2014-06-02Ooops, forgot I'm using semverJoseph Graham
2014-06-02Updated the version number for a new release.Joseph Graham
2014-06-02Made it get the .torrent files from any of the mirrors.Joseph Graham
2014-05-05Fixed it saving .torrent files in the wrong placeJoseph Graham
2014-05-05Made it not leave .part filesJoseph Graham
2014-05-05made it download stuff directly into the package cache.Joseph Graham