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2017-06-18Made it fall back to HTTP in case download stalls endlessly.Joseph Graham
2017-06-16Added Spanish translationDavid P
2017-06-15Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Graham
2017-06-15Added swedish translation from Reg.Joseph Graham
2017-06-14Improvements: Seed->Webseed and part->.partlaust
2017-06-14Slight fix to translation after laust translated old version ofJoseph Graham
2017-06-13Added french translationlaust
2017-06-13Improved code that handles the delay between transmission saying aJoseph Graham
2017-06-11Fixed misnamed translation.Joseph Graham
2017-06-11Translations should work now :)Joseph Graham
2017-06-10Added a file describing how to contribute to translationsJoseph Graham
2017-06-10added translation templateJoseph Graham
2017-06-10Started adding translations.Joseph Graham