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2018-05-23beware of the monster - this commit unifies the separate porting efforts into...Andreas Grapentin
2018-05-23modularized configAndreas Grapentin
2018-05-19added AUTHORS, THANKS filesAndreas Grapentin
2018-05-16cleanup commitAndreas Grapentin
2018-04-07progress into stage4Andreas Grapentin
2018-03-31rework arrived in stage4Andreas Grapentin
2018-03-29major restructure, builds ok up to end of stage2Andreas Grapentin
2018-03-28progress towards stage4Andreas Grapentin
2018-03-26made stage4 more robustAndreas Grapentin
2018-03-22progress into stage 4Andreas Grapentin
2018-03-17moved config.{sub,guess} regeneration out of patchesAndreas Grapentin
2018-03-10progressAndreas Grapentin
2018-03-08refactoring and more progressAndreas Grapentin
2018-03-02bootstrapping ada, and pausing multilib buildsAndreas Grapentin
2018-02-26first successful librechroot creationAndreas Grapentin
2018-02-24cleaner separation of stages and minor overhaulAndreas Grapentin
2018-02-22cleaned out unused patchesAndreas Grapentin
2018-02-22first successful stage 1 cross buildAndreas Grapentin
2018-02-22almost there - 16pkges to goAndreas Grapentin
2018-02-2069 pkges leftAndreas Grapentin
2018-02-14now at glibcAndreas Grapentin
2018-02-11starting to actually build packagesAndreas Grapentin
2018-02-09a bit of cleanup, and introducing on-demand package buildingAndreas Grapentin
2018-02-09building shimsAndreas Grapentin
2018-02-09starting to build packagesAndreas Grapentin
2018-02-08creating transitive package dependency tree for bootstrapAndreas Grapentin
2018-02-08initial commit - adding PKGBUILDS for riscv64-linux-gnu prefixed toolchain an...Andreas Grapentin