BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
efistash - efibill-auger17 months
mastercontinue syncing with archisoDavid P2 hours
rebase-arch32-dual-v39squashme - housekeepingbill-auger11 months
unifiedadd CLI servicesbill-auger3 weeks
v47.1commit 0d5c488921...David P5 weeks
v46.1commit 231f35c3c4...David P8 weeks
v46commit 2b9540019a...David P8 weeks
v45commit d1e535ec97...David P2 months
v43commit 7e747c1264...David P8 months
v42commit e187817c14...David P16 months
v39commit afcdbdeae9...David P2 years
v37commit 1cdf9a108b...David P2 years
v36commit a242d8f29a...David P2 years
b46commit a128174312...bill-auger2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-06-02parabolaiso v42v42David P
2019-03-11lxde-openrc: update packages.bothDavid P
2019-03-10refind.conf: add replace dont_scan_dirs with scanforDavid P
2019-03-09[openrc-isos] Merge uefi-shell-v1-x86_64.conf and uefi-shell-v2-x86_64.conf i...David P
2019-03-08[openrc isos] use refind-efi as UEFI Boot ManagerDavid P
2019-03-08return to the previous directoryDavid P
2019-03-07mkparabolaiso: replace libsystemd-dummy with systemd-libs-dummyDavid P
2019-03-07Add sha512 checksums for EFI Shell blobsDavid P
2019-03-07make sure the root filesystem is owned by rootChristian Hesse
2019-02-27[archiso] update download url for Shell_Full.efiDavid P