BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
efistash - efibill-auger2 years
mastersync with archisoDavid P3 weeks
rebase-arch32-dual-v39squashme - housekeepingbill-auger21 months
unified[wizard]: add debugging mocksbill-auger11 months
v56.1commit f8233e405b...David P3 weeks
v56commit b121012e2b...David P4 weeks
v55commit 50b2b4e56a...David P4 weeks
v54commit 47dd6e46e5...David P4 weeks
v53commit 79b988553b...David P3 months
v52commit 8d2c3a55a1...David P3 months
v50commit ce23b5ac79...David P5 months
v51commit 2f6f116d55...David P5 months
v49commit 6ce377c73e...David P9 months
v48.1commit dc7a7f8e2c...David P10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-09-29Fix info message for legacy commandv48David Runge
2020-09-28continue syncing with archisoDavid P
2020-09-28talkingparabola: add missing arguments in kernel cmdline (syslinux PXE)David P
2020-09-28sync with archisoDavid P
2020-09-27configs/releng: remove custom reflector.service and use the service provided ...David P
2020-09-27Do not overwrite existing files when copying from /etc/skel/nl6720
2020-09-07[openrc] refind: add showtools optionDavid P
2020-09-04mkparabolaiso: rename vmlinuz-libre to vmlinuz-linux-libre in _make_boot_on_fatDavid P
2020-09-04sync with archisoDavid P
2020-09-03set parabolaisobasedir and dm_snap_prefix to parabola by default in parabolai...David P