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[archiso] Update README (know issues)
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@@ -217,7 +217,7 @@ Note: Using here a MBR partition mode as example, but GPT should also works
4) Extract ISO image on target filesystem.
# bsdtar -x --exclude=isolinux/ --exclude=EFI/ -f <ISO-SOURCE> -C <MNT-TARGET-N>
-5) Install syslinux bootloader on target filesystem.
+5) Install syslinux bootloader on target filesystem. (See know issue (2) if using FAT)
# extlinux -i <MNT-TARGET-N>/arch/boot/syslinux
6) Unmount target filesystem.
@@ -443,13 +443,19 @@ When make your custom boot-pendrive, you need to copy /arch directory to it.
*** Know issues
-** On shutdown there are two steps that [FAIL]:
+** (1) On shutdown there are two steps that [FAIL]:
"Unmounting Swap-backed Filesystems" and "Unmounting Non-API Filesystems",
These filesystem are in use at this stage by archiso, but...
This is not a real issue since, all mounted filesystem, loopback devices
and device mapper devices made by archiso will be "free" on "shutdown tmpfs"
(A.K.A deinitramfs), build at initramfs by [archiso_shutdown] initcpio hook.
+** (2) syslinux 4.05 bug with relative directories on FAT:
+ "Could not find kernel image: boot/syslinux/whichsys.c32"
+ This should be fixed in 4.06. For now, workaround with:
+ sed -i "s|../../|/arch|" /<MNT-TARGET-N>/arch/boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg
*** Building the most basic Arch Linux live media. (configs/baseline)