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* Image types generated by mkparabolaiso.
* File format for aitab.
* Why the /isolinux and /parabola/boot/syslinux directories?
+* Git branches and build configurations.
* Building the most basic Parabola GNU/Linux-libre live media. (configs/baseline)
* Building official Parabola GNU/Linux-libre live media. (configs/releng)
@@ -79,6 +80,35 @@ module of SYSLINUX. ISOLINUX can not find config files on
/parabola/boot/syslinux, like other boot loaders modules (SYSLINUX, PXELINUX).
+*** Git branches and build configurations.
+The parabolaiso git repo consists of several branches; only some of which are useful for building ISOs. Others exist only for merging with upstream. The build configurations on the 'master' branch are used to build the official release ISOs.
+** Branches not intended for building ISOs.
+* helper/rebrand - Branch to aid rebranding. Branch master of archiso.git plus Parabola rebranding of filenames and file contents. It is used as an intermediate step to merge Archiso, to aid git detecting file renames.
+* rebrand/releng - Rebranding branch. helper/rebrand leaving only the directory of releng inside configs/, renamed to profile/. It is possible to create equivalent branches for other ISO variants.
+* rebrand/baseline - Rebranding branch. Same concept as rebrand/releng.
+* release - Contains snapshots of releases, with commits showing updates of each profile. It should be updated only by make dist.
+* release-branches - Snapshots of last commits (HEAD) of each specified profile branch. Same concept as the branch release. It should be updated only by make dist-branches. Using it is not strictly necessary. It does not exist in the public Parabola repository parabolaiso.git.
+** Branches for building ISOs.
+* baseline - Profile branch "baseline". master is separated from baseline to its own branch. This is now different from Archiso, and enables merging the releng profile in other profiles that use releng as a base.
+* master - Profile branch a.k.a "releng". Branch rebrand/releng with Parabola customizations. The files outside configs/ which are common to all variants are packaged from this branch.
+** Build configurations.
+* configs/profile - the Parabola standard CLI release ISO
+* configs/mate - the Parabola Mate release ISO
+* configs/talkingparabola - the TalkingParabola CLI release ISO
+* configs/talkingparabola-X11- the TalkingParabola Mate release ISO
*** Building the most basic Parabola GNU/Linux-libre live media. (configs/baseline)