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sync with archiso v54v54
Imported changes: 28ab118 (tag: v54) Add changelog for v54 9827cb1 ci: Use environment variables to override build settings cde7296 ci: Consolidate build-host script 8e44a8b ci: consolidate build script d0d4fa5 configs/releng/airootfs/etc/systemd/system/pacman-init.service: don't hardcode the keyrings 3678bba configs/releng/packages.x86_64: explicitly add wanted packages instead of relying on pulling them in as dependencies bd2b861 configs/*: add VM guest packages and enable their services f86cb0f ci: Expand parallel matrix with build modes 5630a23 ci: build based on buildmodes 6b11d7b mkarchiso: Also create package list for netboot ace88aa Update project documentation related to netboot 4d1e898 docs: Add netboot to buildmodes documentation d54bf63 mkarchiso: Add buildmode to export netboot artifacts 1fed84c Extend project overview with info on bootstrap images 1630d76 docs: Add documentation for buildmodes and bootstrap build mode 2cac539 mkarchiso: Implement buildmodes that allow building bootstrap images 535bc3c baseline: Add bootstrap packages file b7fd696 baseline: Add buildmodes to 6afa695 releng: Add buildmodes to 9c84b7c releng: Add packages file for bootstrap image 2a07aa2 Increase timeout for initial prompt in build VM 4b14350 Use QEMU 6.x options c58b44f Use QEMU 6.x options Parabola changes: * add dual architecture support for bootstrap buildmode by creating two separated tarballs * sync openrc profiles with releng updates * disable haveged initscript since we removed it from the packages list * add speakup_soft kernel module in openrc profiles to make espeakup work TODO: * add braille support for GUI lxde-openrc (w/orca?) NOTE: We don't have/use CI (Arch uses GitLab), so we don't import those changes Signed-off-by: David P <>
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The following packages need to be installed to be able to create an image with the included scripts:
* arch-install-scripts
+* awk
* dosfstools
* e2fsprogs
+* erofs-utils (optional)
+* findutils
+* gzip
+* libarchive
* libisoburn
* mtools
+* openssl
+* pacman
+* sed
* squashfs-tools
For running the images in a virtualized test environment the following packages are required: