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parabolaiso comes with the following profiles: **baseline**, **releng**, **releng-openrc**, **lxde-openrc** and **talkingparabola**.
They can be found below `configs/baseline/ <configs/baseline/>`_, `configs/releng/ <configs/releng/>`_,
`configs/releng-openrc/ <configs/releng-openrc/>`_, `configs/lxde-openrc/ <configs/lxde-openrc/>`_, `configs/talkingparabola/ <configs/talkingparabola/>`_
-(respectively). Profiles are defined by files to be placed into overlays (e.g. *airootfs* -> *the image's /*) and
-dynamic actions (i.e. ** scripts).
+(respectively). Profiles are defined by files to be placed into overlays (e.g. *airootfs* -> *the image's /*).
Create images
@@ -50,28 +49,27 @@ be lost on update).
The examples below will assume an unmodified profile in a system location (unless noted otherwise).
-It is advised to check the help information of the **** scripts in the profiles:
+It is advised to check the help information of the **mkparabolaiso**:
.. code:: bash
- /usr/share/parabolaiso/configs/releng/ --help
+ mkparabolaiso -h
Create images with packaged parabolaiso
.. code:: bash
- /usr/share/parabolaiso/configs/releng/ -w path/to/work_dir -o path/to/out_dir
+ mkparabolaiso -B path/to/profile -w path/to/work_dir -o path/to/out_dir build_profile
Create images with local clone
-Clone this repository and make sure to run with the local `mkparabolaiso <parabolaiso/mkparabolaiso>`_ script in *PATH* (if it has
-been modified):
+Clone this repository and run:
.. code:: bash
- PATH="parabolaiso:$PATH" ./configs/releng/ -w path/to/work_dir -o path/to/out_dir
+ ./parabolaiso/mkparabolaiso -B path/to/profile -w path/to/work_dir -o path/to/out_dir build_profile