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@@ -127,6 +127,7 @@ The iso image contains a GRUB environment block holding the iso name and version
boot the iso image from GRUB with a version specific cow directory to mitigate overlay clashes.
.. code:: sh
loopback loop parabola.iso
load_env -f (loop)/parabola/grubenv
linux (loop)/parabola/boot/x86_64/vmlinuz-linux-libre ... \
@@ -150,16 +151,23 @@ All past and present authors of parabolaiso are listed in `AUTHORS <AUTHORS.rst>
-`Releases of parabolaiso <>`_ are created by its current maintainer
-`David P <>`_. Tags are signed using the PGP key with the ID
+`Releases of parabolaiso <>`_ are created by their current maintainers
+- `David P <>`_ (``6DB9C4B4F0D8C0DC432CF6E4227CA7C556B2BA78``)
+Tags are signed using respective PGP keys.
-To verify a tag, first import the relevant PGP key:
+To verify a tag, first import the relevant PGP key(s):
.. code:: sh
gpg --auto-key-locate wkd --search-keys
+.. code:: sh
+ gpg --auto-key-locate keyserver --recv-keys 6DB9C4B4F0D8C0DC432CF6E4227CA7C556B2BA78
Afterwards a tag can be verified from a clone of this repository: