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authorDavid P <>2020-01-18 01:14:57 -0300
committerDavid P <>2020-01-18 01:14:57 -0300
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rever '[from Arch32] we can run on i686, too'
but keep the checksums change Signed-off-by: David P <>
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diff --git a/configs/lxde-openrc/ b/configs/lxde-openrc/
index 8b115b1..ac53df7 100755
--- a/configs/lxde-openrc/
+++ b/configs/lxde-openrc/
@@ -70,18 +70,18 @@ make_pacman_conf() {
# Base installation, plus needed packages (airootfs)
make_basefs() {
- mkparabolaiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}/${arch}" -C "${work_dir}/pacman.conf" -D "${install_dir}" -i "${init}" init
- mkparabolaiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}/${arch}" -C "${work_dir}/pacman.conf" -D "${install_dir}" -i "${init}" -p "haveged memtest86+ mkinitcpio-nfs-utils nbd zsh efitools" install
+ setarch ${arch} mkparabolaiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}/${arch}" -C "${work_dir}/pacman.conf" -D "${install_dir}" -i "${init}" init
+ setarch ${arch} mkparabolaiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}/${arch}" -C "${work_dir}/pacman.conf" -D "${install_dir}" -i "${init}" -p "haveged memtest86+ mkinitcpio-nfs-utils nbd zsh efitools" install
# Additional packages (airootfs)
make_packages() {
- mkparabolaiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}/${arch}" -C "${work_dir}/pacman.conf" -D "${install_dir}" -p "$(grep -h -v ^# ${script_path}/packages.{both,${arch}})" install
+ setarch ${arch} mkparabolaiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}/${arch}" -C "${work_dir}/pacman.conf" -D "${install_dir}" -p "$(grep -h -v ^# ${script_path}/packages.{both,${arch}})" install
# Needed packages for x86_64 EFI boot
make_packages_efi() {
- mkparabolaiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}/${arch}" -C "${work_dir}/pacman.conf" -D "${install_dir}" -p "efitools refind-efi" install
+ setarch ${arch} mkparabolaiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}/${arch}" -C "${work_dir}/pacman.conf" -D "${install_dir}" -p "efitools refind-efi" install
# Copy mkinitcpio parabolaiso hooks and build initramfs (airootfs)
@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ make_setup_mkinitcpio() {
gpg --export ${gpg_key} >${work_dir}/gpgkey
exec 17<>${work_dir}/gpgkey
- PARABOLAISO_GNUPG_FD=${gpg_key:+17} mkparabolaiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}/${arch}" -C "${work_dir}/pacman.conf" -D "${install_dir}" -r 'mkinitcpio -c /etc/mkinitcpio-parabolaiso.conf -k /boot/vmlinuz-linux-libre -g /boot/parabolaiso.img' run
+ PARABOLAISO_GNUPG_FD=${gpg_key:+17} setarch ${arch} mkparabolaiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}/${arch}" -C "${work_dir}/pacman.conf" -D "${install_dir}" -r 'mkinitcpio -c /etc/mkinitcpio-parabolaiso.conf -k /boot/vmlinuz-linux-libre -g /boot/parabolaiso.img' run
if [[ ${gpg_key} ]]; then
exec 17<&-
@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ make_customize_airootfs() {
lynx -dump -nolist '' >> ${work_dir}/${arch}/airootfs/root/install.txt
- mkparabolaiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}/${arch}" -C "${work_dir}/pacman.conf" -D "${install_dir}" -r '/root/' run
+ setarch ${arch} mkparabolaiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}/${arch}" -C "${work_dir}/pacman.conf" -D "${install_dir}" -r '/root/' run
rm ${work_dir}/${arch}/airootfs/root/
@@ -224,15 +224,15 @@ make_efiboot() {
# Build airootfs filesystem image
make_prepare() {
cp -a -l -f ${work_dir}/${arch}/airootfs ${work_dir}
- mkparabolaiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}" -D "${install_dir}" pkglist
- mkparabolaiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}" -D "${install_dir}" ${gpg_key:+-g ${gpg_key}} prepare
+ setarch ${arch} mkparabolaiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}" -D "${install_dir}" pkglist
+ setarch ${arch} mkparabolaiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}" -D "${install_dir}" ${gpg_key:+-g ${gpg_key}} prepare
rm -rf ${work_dir}/airootfs
# rm -rf ${work_dir}/${arch}/airootfs (if low space, this helps)
# Build ISO
make_iso() {
- mkparabolaiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}" -D "${install_dir}" -L "${iso_label}" -P "${iso_publisher}" -A "${iso_application}" -o "${out_dir}" iso "${iso_name}-${iso_version}-dual.iso"
+ setarch ${arch} mkparabolaiso ${verbose} -w "${work_dir}" -D "${install_dir}" -L "${iso_label}" -P "${iso_publisher}" -A "${iso_application}" -o "${out_dir}" iso "${iso_name}-${iso_version}-dual.iso"
if [[ ${EUID} -ne 0 ]]; then