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authorDavid Runge <>2020-09-29 13:14:11 +0200
committerDavid P <>2020-09-29 13:07:41 -0300
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Fix info message for legacy commandv48
parabolaiso/mkparabolaiso: Change the way _show_config() displays information about the build environment, as displaying a profile directory as a legacy command to mkparabolaiso is confusing. The function now prints a deprecation message if '$command_name' is not a directory (i.e. not a profile). Remove 'command_' prefix from help output for legacy commands (the prefix is only in use for internal functions). Relates to !69 Fixes #60
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diff --git a/parabolaiso/mkparabolaiso b/parabolaiso/mkparabolaiso
index 285b250..0eb1831 100755
--- a/parabolaiso/mkparabolaiso
+++ b/parabolaiso/mkparabolaiso
@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ usage ${app_name} [options] <profile_dir or legacy_command>
-o <out_dir> Set the output directory
Default: '${out_dir}'
-p PACKAGE(S) Package(s) to install, can be used multiple times
- -r <run_cmd> Set a command to be run in chroot (only relevant for for command_run)
+ -r <run_cmd> Set a command to be run in chroot (only relevant for legacy 'run' command)
NOTE: Deprecated, will be removed with parabolaiso v49
-s <sfs_mode> Set SquashFS image mode (img or sfs)
img: prepare airootfs.sfs for dm-snapshot usage
@@ -129,17 +129,17 @@ usage ${app_name} [options] <profile_dir or legacy_command>
legacy_command: Legacy command
NOTE: Deprecated, will be removed with parabolaiso v49
- command_init
+ init
initialize a chroot for building
- command_install
+ install
install packages to the chroot
- command_run
+ run
run a command in the chroot
- command_prepare
+ prepare
cleanup and prepare the airootfs
- command_pkglist
+ pkglist
create a list of packages installed on the medium
- command_iso
+ iso
create the ISO
printf '%s' "${usagetext}"
@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ ENDUSAGETEXT
_show_config() {
local _mode="$1"
_msg_info "${app_name} configuration settings"
- _msg_info " Command: ${command_name}"
+ [[ ! -d "${command_name}" ]] && _msg_info " Legacy Command: ${command_name}"
_msg_info " Architecture: ${arch}"
_msg_info " Working directory: ${work_dir}"
_msg_info " Installation directory: ${install_dir}"