AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-09-13[wizard]: add debugging mocksunifiedbill-auger
2020-09-13[wizard]: add license headersYour Name
2020-09-13add CLI servicesbill-auger
2020-09-13[wizard]: present detailed partition informationYour Name
2020-09-12[wizard]: consolidate install wizardsbill-auger
this is admitedly a huge change, nearly a total re-write the original scripts were very brittle and redundant even without functional changes, a DRY refactoring would have been nearly as massive the functional changes for rubustness, were also quite significant it would not have been possible to break them down, into changes that would have retained functionality * consolidated all per-init and per-language scripts sets into one * extracted translatable strings into separate file * remvoed confusing main menu, in favor of sequential prompts * better error handling and logging * added cfdisk support for CLI ISOs * ensure that all target partitions are formatted
2020-09-05update docsbill-auger
2020-03-29adapt for new meta-packages schemabill-auger
2020-03-29update torrent mirrorsbill-auger
2020-03-27boot calamares from .xinitrcbill-auger
2020-03-27more transitional package adjustmentsbill-auger
2020-03-27remove unused 'mkinitcpio-paralogo'bill-auger
2020-03-27adapt for transitional base packagesbill-auger
2020-03-27refactor "Nothing to do" checksbill-auger
2020-03-27bugfix '-C' CLI option semanticsbill-auger
2020-03-27unify 'target' and 'iso_arch' varsbill-auger
2020-03-27update welcome newsbill-auger
2020-03-27set parabola-laf wallpaper in CLI installersbill-auger
2020-03-27remove wpa_actiond from package listbill-auger
2020-03-27update torrent mirrorsbill-auger
2020-03-27new boot splash imagesbill-auger
2020-03-27enable [nonsystemd] for openrc ISOsbill-auger
2020-03-27package lists tweaksbill-auger
2020-03-27add braille and screen reader support from talkingparabola configbill-auger
2020-03-27remove radeon module from initcpiobill-auger
2020-03-27remove pcmcia from initcpio for all but i686bill-auger
2020-03-27new motdbill-auger
2020-03-27create torrent and magnet filesbill-auger
2020-03-27revert preserving /var/cache/pacmanbill-auger
2020-03-27bugfix cache stashbill-auger
2020-03-27change lxde package set to 'lxde-gtk3'bill-auger
2020-03-27add language packs according to .language selectionbill-auger
2020-03-27consolidate install wizards package listsbill-auger
2020-03-27set boot theme to 'parabola-laf'bill-auger
2020-03-27new systemd splashbill-auger
2020-03-27autostart tweaksbill-auger
2020-03-27write package list and checksums artifacts beside ISObill-auger
2020-03-27network-manager online check parabola repo serverbill-auger
2020-03-27update docsbill-auger
2020-03-27revertme - packagesbill-auger
2020-03-27preserve package cache in 'wipe' modebill-auger
2020-03-27trace run_oncebill-auger
2020-03-27refactor language and keymap selectionbill-auger
2020-03-27refactor cached packages into command_cache() fnbill-auger