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2022-05-07revertme - disable install wizardbill-auger
2022-05-04extract install wizard as new dedicated projectbill-auger
2022-05-04bugfix .bash_profilebill-auger
2022-05-04wip - add isorepo-nonsystemdbill-auger
2022-05-01consolidate install wizards into unified implementationbill-auger
this is admitedly a huge change, nearly a total re-write the original scripts were very brittle and redundant even without functional changes, a DRY refactoring would have been nearly as massive the functional changes for rubustness, were also quite significant it would not have been feasibe to break them down * consolidated all per-init and per-language scripts sets into one * extracted translatable strings into separate file * remvoed confusing main menu, in favor of sequential prompts * better error handling and logging * added cfdisk support for CLI ISOs (GUI ISO still launches gparted) * ensure that all target partitions are formatted
2022-05-01add CLI servicesbill-auger
2020-03-27boot calamares from .xinitrcbill-auger
2020-03-27more transitional package adjustmentsbill-auger
2020-03-27adapt for transitional base packagesbill-auger
2020-03-27update welcome newsbill-auger
2020-03-27set parabola-laf wallpaper in CLI installersbill-auger
2020-03-27enable [nonsystemd] for openrc ISOsbill-auger
2020-03-27package lists tweaksbill-auger
2020-03-27add braille and screen reader support from talkingparabola configbill-auger
2020-03-27new motdbill-auger
2020-03-27change lxde package set to 'lxde-gtk3'bill-auger
2020-03-27add language packs according to .language selectionbill-auger
2020-03-27consolidate install wizards package listsbill-auger
2020-03-27set boot theme to 'parabola-laf'bill-auger
2020-03-27autostart tweaksbill-auger
2020-03-27network-manager online check parabola repo serverbill-auger
2020-03-27refactor language and keymap selectionbill-auger
2020-03-27move cli installler launch scripts into skelbill-auger
2020-03-27adapt welcome news params to parabola-laf changesbill-auger
2020-03-27extract skel files into 'parabola-laf' repobill-auger
2020-03-27include multiple per-init cli installersbill-auger
2020-03-27refactor chroot customization scriptbill-auger
2020-03-27finalize package list schemabill-auger
2020-03-27add openrc configbill-auger
2018-01-01adapt for archlinux32 reposbill-auger
2018-01-01add filesystem overlay for graphical systemsbill-auger
2017-11-19enable offline installbill-auger
2017-11-17add iso edition to filename, boot menu title, and motdbill-auger
2017-11-17allow in-tree build without parabolaiso packagebill-auger
2017-05-28fixed motdAndreas Grapentin
2013-09-02Update network.html.Esteban Carnevale
2013-09-02Merge branch 'rebrand/releng'Esteban Carnevale
Conflicts: Makefile configs/profile/ configs/profile/mkinitcpio.conf configs/profile/pacman-key-4.0.3_unattended-keyring-init.patch configs/profile/root-image/root/ configs/profile/root-image/root/install.txt configs/profile/syslinux/splash.png
2013-09-02Leave only directory for profile relengEsteban Carnevale
2013-09-02Add date template in motd.Esteban Carnevale
2013-09-02Add motd.Esteban Carnevale
2013-09-02Leave only directory for profile relengEsteban Carnevale