path: root/configs/releng/syslinux/parabolaiso_head.cfg
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-02sync with archiso v57David P
2021-05-01sync with archisov53David P
2020-12-02sync with archisov50David P
2020-11-05sync with archiso v49v49David P
2020-08-01sync releng with archiso v46David P
2020-07-15[releng][baseline] sync with archiso and archiso32David P
2020-01-18add baseline, rename 'profile' to 'releng'David P
2013-09-02Leave only directory for profile relengEsteban Carnevale
2013-09-02Replace: Arch Linux -> Parabola GNU/Linux-libreEsteban Carnevale
2013-09-02Replace string in all filenames: archiso -> parabolaisoEsteban Carnevale