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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-03-27new systemd splashbill-auger
2020-03-27autostart tweaksbill-auger
2020-03-27write package list and checksums artifacts beside ISObill-auger
2020-03-27network-manager online check parabola repo serverbill-auger
2020-03-27revertme - packagesbill-auger
2020-03-27preserve package cache in 'wipe' modebill-auger
2020-03-27trace run_oncebill-auger
2020-03-27refactor language and keymap selectionbill-auger
2020-03-27refactor cached packages into command_cache() fnbill-auger
2020-03-27update package listsbill-auger
2020-03-27move cli installler launch scripts into skelbill-auger
2020-03-27bugfix cached packagesbill-auger
2020-03-27adapt welcome news params to parabola-laf changesbill-auger
2020-03-27extract skel files into 'parabola-laf' repobill-auger
2020-03-27include multiple per-init cli installersbill-auger
2020-03-27refactor chroot customization scriptbill-auger
2020-03-27finalize package list schemabill-auger
2020-03-27add openrc configbill-auger
2018-01-01adapt for archlinux32 reposbill-auger
2018-01-01add cached packages listbill-auger
2018-01-01add LXDE and mate packages listbill-auger
2018-01-01add filesystem overlay for graphical systemsbill-auger
2018-01-01add rebuild helper and qemu boot scriptsbill-auger
2017-11-19add options to specify iso edition and pacman.confbill-auger
2017-11-19enable offline installbill-auger
2017-11-17allow single-arch buildsbill-auger
2017-11-17add sanity checksbill-auger
2017-11-17add iso edition to filename, boot menu title, and motdbill-auger
2017-11-17rename 'install_dir' var to 'iso_dirname'bill-auger
2017-11-17make double-quoting paths consistentbill-auger
2017-11-17allow in-tree build without parabolaiso packagebill-auger
2017-11-16delete edition-specific configsbill-auger
* the original intention was for each edition on separate branches * this commit builds only the main CLI ISO as originally intended * preparing for editions to be specified as CLI args to master script
2017-11-16restore deleted configsbill-auger
2017-11-06Add configs/lxde-openrcDavid P
Remove configs/mate and configs/mate-openrc
2017-10-01Added configs/mate-openrcDavid P
Other changes: - Updated talkingparabola-X11 packages.both (xorg pkgs) - Updated pacman-init service for profile-openrc
2017-09-29Added configs/profile-openrcDavid P
2017-09-21Small ortographical fixDavid P
2017-05-29fixed in-repo buildAndreas Grapentin
2017-05-29fixed package lists in mate isoAndreas Grapentin
2017-05-28fixing splash.png directoriesAndreas Grapentin
2017-05-28updated mate to use existing xf86-video-* packagesAndreas Grapentin
2017-05-28fixed motdAndreas Grapentin
2017-05-28increased efiboot.img sizeAndreas Grapentin
2016-11-03Enable [pcr] by default -> ↵André Fabian Silva Delgado
2016-11-03Update pacman.confAndré Fabian Silva Delgado
2016-11-02Add dmidecode for Mate ISO optional installationAndré Fabian Silva Delgado
2016-08-14Add ttf-dejavu for Mate ISO optional installationAndré Fabian Silva Delgado