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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-05sync with archiso v54v54David P
2021-02-21sync with archisov51David P
2021-01-23sync with archisoDavid P
2020-11-05sync with archiso v49v49David P
2020-10-24run_parabolaiso: fixup !86Alexander Epaneshnikov
2020-10-24sync with archisoDavid P
2020-10-10add sound support in run_parabolaiso.shAlexander Epaneshnikov
2020-08-19sync with archiso, add timeout for i686 syslinux menusDavid P replace some 'archiso' words with parabolaiso'David P
2020-08-01make executableDavid P
2020-08-01add run_parabolaiso.shDavid P