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2017-02-04Merge branch 'archweb-generic' into lukeshu/netbootlukeshu/netbootLuke Shumaker
2017-02-04Merge tag 'release_2017-01-02' into archweb-genericLuke Shumaker
2017-01-02reporead: Check if package exists in other repo before adoptingrelease_2017-01-02Johannes Löthberg
2017-01-01Remove link to Beginners' guiderelease_2017-01-01Alad Wenter
2017-01-01reporead: Only try to add maintainer if none existsJohannes Löthberg
2016-12-11Merge branch 'archweb-generic'Luke Shumaker
2016-12-11Merge branch 'archweb' into archweb-genericLuke Shumaker is gone; use the Wayback Machine.Luke Shumaker
2016-11-24Use uglifyjs instead of closure-compiler. It's faster.parabolaweb-2016-11-25-1Luke Shumaker
2016-11-24remove old sponsorsparabolaweb-2016-11-25Luke Shumaker
2016-11-10Fix auto-adoptionJohannes Löthberg
2016-10-19revert indentationparabolaweb-2016-10-19Isaac David
2016-10-19add link to subreddit page under 'Community' sectionIsaac David
2016-08-09Merge pull request #4 from brain0/workingrelease_2016-08-09Angel Velasquez
2016-08-10Update ipxe imagesThomas Bächler
2016-08-01mirrors: api: Add ISOs information to JSON outputrelease_2016-08-01Johannes Löthberg
2016-07-31Update missing names on AUTHORSAngel Velasquez
2016-07-31Update AUTHORS filerelease_2016-07-31Angel Velasquez
2016-07-31Add missing migration from ad0bddb209dcdb3704370ce0129babbba54e41b2Angel Velasquez
2016-07-31Fix typo in known_bad help textJelle van der Waa
2016-07-31reporead: Auto-adopt new packages to packagerJohannes Löthberg
2016-07-11Add Free Culture menu in main pageparabolaweb-2016-07-11André Fabian Silva Delgado
2016-07-10Update Ceata logoparabolaweb-2016-07-10André Fabian Silva Delgado
2016-07-04fix Bugs to Labs and add some examplescoadde [Márcio Alexandre Silva Delgado]
2016-07-04fix some commentscoadde [Márcio Alexandre Silva Delgado]
2016-07-02minor fixparabolaweb-2016-07-02André Fabian Silva Delgado
2016-06-22add some modifications based on the Social Contract's consensusparabolaweb-2016-06-22-1André Fabian Silva Delgado
2016-06-22remove logos and artworksparabolaweb-2016-06-22coadde [Márcio Alexandre Silva Delgado]
2016-06-22fix Arch namescoadde [Márcio Alexandre Silva Delgado]
2016-06-03Merge pull request #3 from brain0/workingrelease_2016-06-04Angel Velasquez
2016-06-03Remove AirVM ads since AirVM has ended their sponsorshipThomas Bächler
2016-06-03Netboot: Disable network interface renaming by defaultThomas Bächler
2016-06-03Add information and ipxe images for the new netboot systemThomas Bächler
2016-05-26Add netboot ipxe environment to archwebrelease_2016-05-29Angel Velasquez
2016-05-17update developer documentationLuke Shumaker
2016-05-18this was sitting hereparabolaweb-2016-05-17-1ParabolaWeb
2016-05-17Merge branch 'archweb-generic'parabolaweb-2016-05-17Luke Shumaker
2016-05-17Merge tag 'release_2016-04-24' into archweb-genericLuke Shumaker
2016-05-17archweb.wsgi: try to detect the location automaticallyLuke Shumaker
2016-05-10Add armv7h supportparabolaweb-2016-05-10André Fabian Silva Delgado
2016-05-04update logotypesparabolaweb-2016-05-05-1coadde [Márcio Alexandre Silva Delgado]
2016-05-04Add 1984 as Parabola's server hosting sponsorparabolaweb-2016-05-05André Fabian Silva Delgado
2016-05-04Add as Parabola's domain name sponsorAndré Fabian Silva Delgado
2016-05-04Add Robofun as Parabola's ARM port sponsorAndré Fabian Silva Delgado
2016-04-22Version bump of the Django version to 1.7.11release_2016-04-24Angel Velasquez
2016-04-22Add link to unixstickers on the indexAngel Velasquez
2016-02-22Add Artists group to urls.pyparabolaweb-2016-03-19-1parabolaweb-2016-02-22-1André Fabian Silva Delgado
2016-02-22Add Artists group and update Support Staff descriptionparabolaweb-2016-02-22André Fabian Silva Delgado
2016-01-29remove the /https/ page, now that we use generally accepted LE certs.parabolaweb-2016-01-30Luke Shumaker
2016-01-29Merge branch 'archweb-generic'Luke Shumaker