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2019-03-17ipxe: Don't mention non-free intel_ucode.imgparabolaweb-2019-03-17Luke Shumaker
2019-02-24git ls-files templates/ |Luke Shumaker
xargs sed -ri \ -e 's|Arch Linux|{{ BRANDING_DISTRONAME }}|g' \ -e 's|[^ "]*)|{% wiki_url '\''\1'\'' %}|g' \ -e 's||{{ MAILMAN_BASE_URL }}|g' \ -e 's|<a href="\{\{\s*([^ }])\s*}}>FS#\{\{\s*([^ }])\s*}}</a>|{% bug_link \1 %}|g' \ --
2016-06-03Netboot: Disable network interface renaming by defaultThomas B├Ąchler
Current ISOs fail to start dhcpcd if network interface renaming is enabled and the interface is already up. Adding net.ifnames=0 to the command line works around this problem.
2016-05-26Add netboot ipxe environment to archwebrelease_2016-05-29Angel Velasquez
Signed-off-by: Angel Velasquez <> Signed-off-by: Thomas Bachler <>