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+== License and copyright information ==
+=== License ===
+MediaWiki is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License,
+version 2 or later. Derivative works and later versions of the code must be
+free software licensed under the same or a compatible license. This includes
+"extensions" that use MediaWiki functions or variables; see
+ for details.
+For the full text of version 2 of the license, see
+ or '''GNU General Public License'''
+=== Copyright owners ===
+MediaWiki contributors, including those listed in the CREDITS file, hold the
+copyright to this work.
+=== Additional license information ===
+Some components of MediaWiki imported from other projects may be under other
+Free and Open Source, or Free Culture, licenses. Specific details of their
+licensing information can be found in those components.
+Sections of code written exclusively by Lee Crocker or Erik Moeller are also
+released into the public domain, which does not impair the obligations of users
+under the GPL for use of the whole code or other sections thereof.
+MediaWiki uses the following Creative Commons icons to illustrate links to the
+CC licenses:
+* skins/common/images/cc-by-nc-sa.png
+* skins/common/images/cc-by-sa.png
+These icons are trademarked, and used subject to the CC trademark license,
+available at
Version 2, June 1991