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Change notes from older releases. For current info see RELEASE-NOTES.
-== MediaWiki 1.14 ==
-=== Changes since 1.14.0rc1 ===
-* Fixed the performance of the backlinks API module
+== MediaWiki 1.15 ==
+=== Changes since 1.15.1 ===
+* The installer now includes a check for a data corruption issue with certain
+ versions of libxml2 2.7 and PHP earlier than 5.2.9, and also for a PHP bug
+ present in the official release of PHP 5.3.1.
+* (bug 20239) MediaWiki:Imagemaxsize does not contain anymore a <br /> tag which
+ was displayed to the user
+* (bug 21150) SQLite no longer raise an error when deleting files
+* (bug 20880) Fixed updater failure on SQLite backend
+* upgrade1_5.php now requires to be run --update option to prevent confusion
+* Fixed a CSS validation issue which allowed external images to be included
+ into wikis where that is disallowed by configuration.
+* Fixed a data leakage vulnerability for private wikis using img_auth.php or
+ similar image access authentication schemes. Check user permissions before
+ streaming out scaled images from thumb.php.
+=== Changes since 1.15.0 ===
+* Fixed fatal errors for unusual file repository configurations, such as
+ ForeignAPIRepo.
+* Fixed the "change password" link on Special:Preferences to have the correct
+ returnto parameter.
+* (bug 19693) Fixed cross-site scripting vulnerability in Special:Block
+=== Changes since 1.15.0rc1 ===
+* Removed category redirect feature, implementation was incomplete.
+* (bug 18846) Remove update_password_format(), unnecessary, destroys all
+ passwords if a wiki with $wgPasswordSalt=false is upgraded with the web
+ installer.
+* (bug 19127) Documentation warning for PostgreSQL users who run update.php:
+ use the same user in AdminSettings.php as in LocalSettings.php.
+* Fixed possible web invocation of some maintenance scripts, due to the use of
+ include() instead of require(). A full exploit would require a very strange
+ web server configuration.
+* Localisation updates.
+=== Configuration changes in 1.15 ===
+* Added $wgNewPasswordExpiry, to specify an expiry time (in seconds) to
+ temporary passwords
+* Added $wgUseTwoButtonsSearchForm to choose the Search form behavior/look
+* Added $wgNoFollowDomainExceptions to allow exempting particular domain names
+ from rel="nofollow" on external links
+* (bug 12970) Brought back $wgUseImageResize.
+* Added $wgRedirectOnLogin to allow specifying a specifc page to redirect users
+ to upon logging in (ex: "Main Page")
+* Add $wgExportFromNamespaces for enabling/disabling the "export all from
+ namespace" option (disabled by default)
+=== New features in 1.15 ===
+* (bug 2242) Add an expiry time to temporary passwords
+* (bug 9947) Add PROTECTIONLEVEL parser function to return the protection level
+ for the current page for a given action
+* (bug 17002) Add &minor= and &summary= as parameters in the url when editing,
+ to automatically add a summary or a minor edit.
+* (bug 16852) padleft and padright now accept multiletter pad characters
+* When using 'UserCreateForm' hook to add new checkboxes into
+ Special:UserLogin/signup, the messages can now contain HTML to allow
+ hyperlinking to the site's Terms of Service page, for example
+* Add new hook 'UserLoadFromDatabase' that is called while loading a user
+ from the database.
+* (bug 17045) Options on the block form are prefilled with the options of the
+ existing block when modifying an existing block.
+* (bug 17055) "(show/hide)" links to Special:RevisionDelete now use a CSS class
+ rather than hardcoded HTML tags
+* Added new hook 'WantedPages::getSQL' into SpecialWantedpages.php to allow
+ extensions to alter the SQL query which is used to get the list of wanted
+ pages
+* (bugs 16957/16969) Add show/hide to preferences for RC patrol options on
+ specialpages
+* (bug 11443) Auto-noindex user/user talk pages for blocked user
+* (bug 11644) Add $wgMaxRedirects variable to control how many redirects are
+ recursed through until the "destination" page is reached.
+* Add $wgInvalidRedirectTargets variable to prevent redirects to certain
+ special pages.
+* Use HTML5 rel attributes for some links, where appropriate
+* Added optional alternative Search form look - Go button & Advanced search
+ link instead of Go button & Search button
+* (bug 2314) Add links to user custom CSS and JS to Special:Preferences
+* More helpful error message on raw page access if PHP_SELF isn't set
+* (bug 13040) Gender switch in user preferences
+* (bug 13040) {{GENDER:}} magic word for interface messages
+* (bug 3301) Optionally sort user list according to account creation time
+* Remote description pages for foreign file repos are now fetched in the
+ content language.
+* (bug 17180) If $wgUseFileCache is enabled, $wgShowIPinHeader is automatically
+ set to false.
+* (bug 16604) Mark non-patrolled edits in feeds with "!"
+* (bug 16604) Show title/rev in IRC for patrol log
+* (bug 16854) Whether a page is being parsed as a preview or section preview
+ can now be determined and set with ParserOptions.
+* Wrap message 'confirmemail_pending' into a div with CSS classes "error" and
+ "mw-confirmemail-pending"
+* (bug 8249) The magic words for namespaces and pagenames can now be used as
+ parser functions to return the desired namespace or normalized title/title
+ part for a given title.
+* (bug 17110) Styled #mw-data-after-content in cologneblue.css to match the
+ rest of the font
+* (bug 7556) Time zone names in signatures lack i18n
+* (bug 3311) Automatic category redirects
+* (bug 17236) Suppress 'watch user page link' for IP range blocks
+* Wrap message 'searchresulttext' (Special:Search) into a div with
+ class "mw-searchresult"
+* (bug 15283) Interwiki imports can now fetch included templates
+* Treat svn:// URLs as external links by default
+* New function to convert namespace text for display (only applies on wiki with
+ LanguageConverter class)
+* (bug 17379) Contributions-title is now parsed for magic words.
+* Preprocessor output now cached in memcached.
+* (bug 14468) Lines in classic RecentChanges and Watchlist have classes
+ "mw-line-odd" and "mw-line-even" to make styling using css possible.
+* (bug 17311) Add a note beside the gender selection menu to tell users that
+ this information will be public
+* Localize time zone regions in Special:Preferences
+* Add NUMBEROFACTIVEUSERS magic word, which is like NUMBEROFUSERS, but uses
+ the active users data from site_stats.
+* Add a <link rel="canonical"> tag on redirected page views
+* Replace hardcoded '...' as indication of a truncation with the
+ 'ellipsis' message
+* Wrap warning message 'editinginterface' into a div with class
+ 'mw-editinginterface'
+* (bug 17497) Oasis opendocument added to mime.types
+* Remove the link to Special:FileDuplicateSearch from the "file history" section
+ of image description pages as the list of duplicated files is shown in the
+ next section anyway.
+* Added $wgRateLimitsExcludedIPs, to allow specific IPs to be whitelisted from
+ rate limits.
+* (bug 14981) Shared repositories can now have display names, located at
+ Mediawiki:Shared-repo-name-REPONAME, where REPONAME is the name in
+ $wgForeignFileRepos
+* Special:ListUsers: Sort list of usergroups by alphabet
+* (bug 16762) Special:Movepage now shows a list of subpages when possible
+* (bug 17585) Hide legend on Special:Specialpages from non-privileged users
+* Added $wgUseTagFilter to control enabling of filter-by-change-tag
+* (bug 17291) MediaWiki:Nocontribs now has an optional $1 parameter for the
+ username
+* Wrap special page summary message '$specialPageName-summary' into a div
+ with class 'mw-specialpage-summary'
+* $wgSummarySpamRegex added to handle edit summary spam. This is used *instead*
+ of $wgSpamRegex for edit summary checks. Text checks still use $wgSpamRegex.
+* New function to convert content text to specified language (only applies on wiki with
+ LanguageConverter class)
+* (bug 17844) Redirect users to a specific page when they log in, see
+ $wgRedirectOnLogin
+* Added a link to Special:UserRights on Special:Contributions for privileged users
+* (bug 10336) Added new magic word {{REVISIONUSER}}, which displays the editor
+ of the displayed revision's author user name
+* LinkerMakeExternalLink now has an $attribs parameter for link attributes and
+ a $linkType parameter for the type of external link being made
+* (bug 17785) Dynamic dates surrounded with a <span> tag, fixing sortable tables with
+ dynamic dates.
+* (bug 4582) Provide preference-based autoformatting of unlinked dates with the dateformat
+ parser function.
+* (bug 17886) Special:Export now allows you to export a whole namespace (limited to 5000 pages)
+* (bug 17714) Limited TIFF upload support now built in if 'tif' extension is
+ enabled. Image width and height are now recognized, and when using ImageMagick,
+ optional flattening to PNG or JPEG for inline display can be enabled by setting
+ $wgTiffThumbnailType
+* Renamed two input IDs on Special:Log from 'page' and 'user' to 'mw-log-page' and
+ 'mw-log-user', respectively
+* Added $wgInvalidUsernameCharacters to disallow certain characters in
+ usernames during registration (such as "@")
+* Added $wgUserrightsInterwikiDelimiter to allow changing the delimiter
+ used in Special:UserRights to denote the user should be searched for
+ on a different database
+* Add a class if 'missingsummary' is triggered to allow styling of the summary
+ line
+* Title attributes are now always blank on framed and thumbnailed images, and default to blank
+ on inline images instead of defaulting to the image's filename. Additionally, the alt
+ attribute now defaults to the filename on framed and thumbnailed images if no caption or alt
+ attribute is specified.
+=== Bug fixes in 1.15 ===
+* (bug 16968) Special:Upload no longer throws useless warnings.
+* (bug 17000) Special:RevisionDelete now checks if the database is locked
+ before trying to delete the edit.
+* (bug 16852) padleft and padright now handle multibyte characters correctly
+* (bug 17010) maintenance/namespaceDupes.php now add the suffix recursively if
+ the destination page exists
+* (bug 17035) Special:Upload now fails gracefully if PHP's file_uploads has
+ been disabled
+* Fixing the caching issue by using -{T|xxx}- syntax (only applies on wiki with
+ LanguageConverter class)
+* Improving the efficiency by using -{A|xxx}- syntax (only applies on wiki with
+ LanguageConverter class)
+* (bug 17054) Added more descriptive errors in Special:RevisionDelete
+* (bug 11527) Diff on page with one revision shows "Next" link to same diff
+* (bug 8065) Fix summary forcing for new pages
+* (bug 10569) redirects to Special:Mypage and Special:Mytalk are no longer
+ allowed by default. Change $wgInvalidRedirectTargets to re-enable.
+* (bug 3043) Feed links of given page are now preceded by standard feed icon
+* (bug 17150) escapeLike now escapes literal \ properly
+* Inconsistent use of sysop, admin, administrator in system messages changed
+ to 'administrator'
+* (bug 14423) Check block flag validity for block logging
+* DB transaction and slave-lag avoidance tweaks for Email Notifications
+* (bug 17104) Removed [Mark as patrolled] link for already patrolled revisions
+* (bug 17106) Added 'redirect=no' and 'mw-redirect' class to redirects at
+ "user contributions"
+* Rollback links on new pages removed from "user contributions"
+* (bug 15811) Re-upload form tweaks: license fields removed, destination locked,
+ comment label uses better message
+* Whole HTML validation ($wgValidateAllHtml) now works with external tidy
+* Parser tests no longer fail when $wgExternalLinkTarget is set in
+ LocalSettings
+* (bug 15391) catch DBQueryErrors on external storage insertion. This avoids
+ error messages on save were the edit in fact is saved.
+* (bug 17184) Remove duplicate "z" accesskey in MonoBook
+* Parser tests no longer fail when $wgAlwaysUseTidy is set in LocalSettings.php
+* Removed redundant dupe warnings on reupload for the same title. Dupe warnings
+ for identical files at different titles are still given.
+* Add 'change tagging' facility, where changes can be tagged internally with
+ certain designations, which are displayed on various summaries of changes,
+ and the entries can be styled with CSS.
+* (bug 17207) Fix regression breaking category page display on PHP 5.1
+* Categoryfinder utility class no longer fails on invalid input or gives wrong
+ results for category names that include pseudo-namespaces
+* (bug 17252) Galician numbering format
+* (bug 17146) Fix for UTF-8 and short word search for some possible MySQL
+ configs
+* (bug 7480) Internationalize database error message
+* (bug 16555) Number of links to scaled back on post-installation
+* (bug 14938) Removing a section no longer leaves excess whitespace
+* (bug 17304) Fixed fatal error when thumbnails couldn't be generated for file
+ history
+* (bug 17283) Remove double URL escaping in show/hide links for log entries
+ and RevisionDeleteForm::__construct
+* (bug 17105) Numeric table sorting broken
+* (bug 17231) Transcluding special pages on wikis using language conversion no
+ longer affects the page title
+* (bug 6702) Default system messages updated/improved
+* (bug 17190) User ID on preference page no longer has delimeters
+* (bug 17341) "Powered by MediaWiki" should be on the left on RTL wikis
+* (bug 17404) "userrights-interwiki" right was missing in User::$mCoreRights
+* (bug 7509) Separation strings should be configurable
* (bug 17420) Send the correct content type from action=raw when the HTML file
cache is enabled.
+* (bug 12746) Do not allow new password e-mails when wiki is in read-only mode
+* (bug 17478) Fixed a PHP Strict standards error in
+ maintenance/cleanupWatchlist.php
+* (bug 17488) RSS/Atom links in left toolbar are now localized in classic skin
+* (bug 17472) use print <<<EOF in maintenance/importTextFile.php
+* Special:PrefixIndex: Move table styling to shared.css, add CSS IDs to tables
+ use correct message 'allpagesprefix' for input form label, replace _ with ' '
+ in next page link
+* (bug 17506) Exceptions within exceptions now respect $wgShowExceptionDetails
+* Fixed excessive job queue utilisation
+* File dupe messages for remote repos are now shown only once.
+* (bug 14980) Messages 'shareduploadwiki' and 'shareduploadwiki-desc' are now
+ used as a parameter in 'sharedupload' for easier styling and customization.
+* (bug 17482) Formatting error in Special:Preferences#Misc (Opera)
+* (bug 17556) <link> parameters in Special:Contributions feeds (RSS and Atom)
+ now point to the actual contributors' feed.
+* ForeignApiRepos now fetch MIME types, rather than trying to figure it locally
+* Special:Import: Do not show input field for import depth if
+ $wgExportMaxLinkDepth == 0
+* (bug 17570) $wgMaxRedirects is now correctly respected when following
+ redirects (was previously one more than $wgMaxRedirects)
+* (bug 16335) __NONEWSECTIONLINK__ magic word to suppress new section link.
+* (bug 17581) Wrong index name in PostgreSQL's updater: was rc_timestamp_nobot,
+ changed to rc_timestamp_bot
* (bug 17437) Fixed incorrect link to web-based installer
-* (bug 17527) Fixed missing MySQL-specific options in installer
+* (bug 17538) Use shorter URLs in <link> elements
+* (bug 13778) Hidden input added to the search form so that using the Enter key
+ on IE will do a fulltext search like clicking the button does
+* (bug 1061) CSS-added icons next to links display through the text and makes
+ it unreadable in RTL
+* Special:Wantedtemplates now works on PostgreSQL
+* (bug 14414) maintenance/updateSpecialPages.php no longer throws error with
+ PostgreSQL
+* (bug 17546) Correct Tongan language native name is "lea faka-Tonga"
+* (bug 17621) Special:WantedFiles has no link to Special:Whatlinkshere
+* (bug 17460) Client ecoding is now correctly set for PostgreSQL
+* (bug 17648) Prevent floats from intruding into edit area in previews if no
+ toolbar present
+* (bug 17692) Added (list of members) link to 'user' in Special:Listgrouprights
+* (bug 17707) Show file destination as plain text if &wpForReUpload=1
+* (bug 10172) Moved setting of "changed since last visit" flags out of the job
+ queue
+* (bug 17761) "show/hide" link in page history in now works for the first
+ displayed revision if it's not the current one
+* (bug 17722) Fix regression where users are unable to change temporary passwords
+* (bug 17799) Special:Random no longer throws a database error when a non-
+ namespace is given, silently falls back to NS_MAIN
+* (bug 17751) The message for bad titles in WantedPages is now localized
+* (bug 17860) Moving a page in the "MediaWiki" namespace using SuppressRedirect
+ no longer corrupts the message cache
+* (bug 17900) Fixed User Groups interface log display after saving groups.
+* (bug 17897) Fixed string offset error in <pre> tags
+* (bug 17778) MediaWiki:Catseparator can now have HTML entities
+* (bug 17676) Error on Special:ListFiles when using Postgres
+* Special:Export doesn't use raw SQL queries anymore
+* (bug 14771) Thumbnail links to individual DjVu pages have two no longer have
+ two "page" parameters
+* (bug 17972) Special:FileDuplicateSearch form now works correctly on wikis that
+ don't use PathInfo or short urls
+* (bug 17990) trackback.php now has a trackback.php5 alias and works with
+ $wgScriptExtension
+* (bug 14990) Parser tests works again with PostgreSQL
+* (bug 11487) Special:Protectedpages doesn't list protections with pr_expiry
+* (bug 18018) Deleting a file redirect leaves behind a malfunctioning redirect
+* (bug 17537) Disable bad zlib.output_compression output on HTTP 304 responses
+* (bug 11213) [edit] section links in printable version no longer appear when you cut-and-paste article text
+* (bug 17405) "Did you mean" to mirror Go/Search behavior of original request
+* (bug 18116) 'edittools' is now output identically on edit and upload pages
+* (bug 17241) The diffonly URI parameter should cascade to "Next edit" and "Previous edit" diff links
+* (bug 16823) 'Sidebar search form should not use Special:Search view URL as target'
+* (bug 16343) Non-existing, but in use, category pages can be "go" match hits
+* Fixed a CSS validation issue which allowed external images to be included
+ into wikis where that is disallowed by configuration.
+* Fixed a data leakage vulnerability for private wikis using img_auth.php or
+ similar image access authentication schemes. Check user permissions before
+ streaming out scaled images from thumb.php.
+== API changes in 1.15 ==
+* (bug 16858) Revamped list=deletedrevs to make listing deleted contributions
+ and listing all deleted pages possible
+* (bug 16844) Added clcategories parameter to prop=categories
+* (bug 17025) Add "fileextension" parameter to meta=siteinfo&siprop=
+* (bug 17048) Show the 'new' flag in list=usercontribs for the revision that
+ created the page, even if it's not the top revision
+* (bug 17069) Added ucshow=patrolled|!patrolled to list=usercontribs
+* action=delete respects $wgDeleteRevisionsLimit and the bigdelete user right
+* (bug 15949) Add undo functionality to action=edit
+* (bug 16483) Kill filesort in ApiQueryBacklinks caused by missing parentheses.
+ Building query properly now using makeList()
+* (bug 17182) Fix pretty printer so URLs with parentheses in them are
+ autolinked correctly
+* (bug 17224) Added siprop=rightsinfo to meta=siteinfo
+* (bug 17239) Added prop=displaytitle to action=parse
+* (bug 17317) Added watch parameter to action=protect
+* (bug 17007) Added export and exportnowrap parameters to action=query
+* (bug 17326) BREAKING CHANGE: Changed output format for iiprop=metadata
+* (bug 17355) Added auwitheditsonly parameter to list=allusers
+* (bug 17007) Added action=import
+* BREAKING CHANGE: Removed rctitles parameter from list=recentchanges because
+ of performance concerns
+* Listing (semi-)deleted revisions and log entries as well in prop=revisions
+ and list=logevents
+* (bug 11430) BREAKING CHANGE: Modules may return fewer results than the
+ limit and still set a query-continue in some cases
+* (bug 17357) Added movesubpages parameter to action=move
+* (bug 17433) Added bot flag to list=watchlist&wlprop=flags output
+* (bug 16740) Added list=protectedtitles
+* Added mainmodule and pagesetmodule parameters to action=paraminfo
+* (bug 17502) meta=siteinfo&siprop=namespacealiases no longer lists namespace
+ aliases already listed in siprop=namespaces
+* (bug 17529) rvend ignored when rvstartid is specified
+* (bug 17626) Added uiprop=email to list=userinfo
+* (bug 13209) Added rvdiffto parameter to prop=revisions
+* Manual language conversion improve: Now we can include both ";" and ":" in
+ conversion rules
+* (bug 17795) Don't report views count on meta=siteinfo if $wgDisableCounters
+ is set
+* (bug 17774) Don't hide read-restricted modules like action=query from users
+ without read rights, but throw an error when they try to use them.
+* Don't hide write modules when $wgEnableWriteAPI is false, but throw an error
+ when someone tries to use them
+* BREAKING CHANGE: action=purge requires write rights and, for anonymous users,
+ a POST request
+* (bug 18099) Using appendtext to edit a non-existent page causes an interface
+ message to be included in the page text
+* Fixed the circular template inclusion check, was broken when the loop
+ involved redirects. Without this, infinite recursion within the parser is
+ possible.
+* (bug 18601) generator=backlinks returns invalid continue parameter
+* (bug 18597) Internal error with empty generator= parameter
+* (bug 18617) Add xml:space="preserve" attribute to relevant tags in XML output
+* (bug 17611) Provide a sensible error message on install when the SQLite data
+ directory is wrong.
+=== Languages updated in 1.15 ===
+MediaWiki supports over 300 languages. Many localisations are updated
+regularly. Below only new and removed languages are listed, as well as
+changes to languages because of MediaZilla reports.
+* Austrian German (de-at) (new)
+* Swiss Standard German (de-ch) (new)
+* Simplified Gan Chinese (gan-hans) (new)
+* Traditional Gan Chinese (gan-hant) (new)
+* Literary Chinese (lzh) (new)
+* Uyghur (Latin script) (ug-latn) (renamed from 'ug')
+* Veps (vep) (new)
+* V├Áro (vro) (renamed from fiu-vro)
+* (bug 17151) Add magic word alias for #redirect for Vietnamese
+* (bug 17288) Messages improved for default language (English)
+* (bug 12937) Update native name for Afar
+* (bug 16909) 'histlegend' now reuses messages instead of copying them
+* (bug 17832) action=delete returns 'unknownerror' instead of 'permissiondenied' when
+ the user is blocked
+* Traditional/Simplified Gan Chinese conversion support
+== MediaWiki 1.14 ==
=== Configuration changes in 1.14 ===
@@ -5408,7 +5798,7 @@ User accounts:
groups. Note that this does *not* allow you to make pages which are only
accessible to certain groups.
- For details see:
+ For details see:
User-to-user e-mail can now be restricted to require a mail-back confirmation
@@ -5658,8 +6048,8 @@ Various bugfixes, small features, and a few experimental things:
* 'live preview' reduces preview reload burden on supported browsers
* support for external editors for files and wiki pages:
-* Schema reworking:
+* Schema reworking:
* (bug 15) Allow editors to view diff of their change before actually submitting an edit
* (bug 190) Hide your own edits on the watchlist
* (bug 510): Special:Randompage now works for other namespaces than NS_MAIN.
@@ -6342,7 +6732,7 @@ release for relevant bug fixes; see the changelog later in this file.
If you have trouble, remember to read this whole file and the online FAQ page
before asking for help:
=== READ THIS FIRST: Upgrading ===