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Update to MediaWiki 1.20.2
this update includes: * adjusted Arch Linux skin * updated FluxBBAuthPlugin * patch for
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+= MediaWiki release notes =
+Security reminder: MediaWiki does not require PHP's register_globals
+setting since version 1.2.0. If you have it on, turn it '''off''' if you can.
+== MediaWiki 1.20.2 ==
+This is a maintenance release of the MediaWiki 1.20 branch
+=== Changes since 1.20.1 ===
+* (bug 42638) Fix API action=options&reset=1 & unit tests.
+* (bug 42370) Fixed backport of 60cc060 to use mDoneWrites.
+== MediaWiki 1.20.1 ==
+This is a security release of the MediaWiki 1.20 branch
+=== Changes since 1.20 ===
+* (bug 42202) Validate options to prevent html injection
+* (bug 40995) Prevent session fixation in Special:UserLogin (CVE-2012-5391)
+* (bug 41400) Prevent linker regex from exceeding PCRE backtrack limit
+* Javscript Lint fixes
+* (bug 40632) Remove CleanupPresentationalAttributes feature
+* [Database] Fixed case where trx idle callbacks might be lost.
+== MediaWiki 1.20 ==
+MediaWiki 1.20 is a stable release.
+=== PHP 5.3 now required ===
+Since 1.20, the lowest supported version of PHP is now 5.3.2. Please
+upgrade PHP if you have not done so prior to upgrading MediaWiki.
+=== Configuration changes in 1.20 ===
+* $wgGitRepositoryViewers defines a mapping from Git remote repository to the
+ Gitweb instance URL used in Special:Version.
+* `$wgUsePathInfo = true;` is no longer needed to make $wgArticlePath work on servers
+ using like nginx, lighttpd, and apache over fastcgi. MediaWiki now always extracts
+ path info from REQUEST_URI if it's available.
+* The user right 'upload_by_url' is no longer given to sysops by default.
+ This only affects installations which have $wgAllowCopyUploads set to true.
+* Removed f-prot support from $wgAntivirusSetup.
+* New variable $wgDBerrorLogTZ to provide dates in the error log in a
+ different timezone than the wiki timezone set by $wgLocaltimezone.
+* New variables $wgDBssl and $wgDBcompress to enable SSL and compression for database
+ connections, if either are available for the selected DB type.
+* $wgUseCombinedLoginLink now defaults to false, making MediaWiki output separate
+ login and create account links by default.
+=== New features in 1.20 ===
+* Added TitleIsAlwaysKnown hook which gets called when determining if a page exists.
+* Added NamespaceIsMovable hook which gets called when determining if pages in a
+ certain namespace can be moved.
+* Added SpecialPageBeforeExecute hook which gets called before SpecialPage::execute.
+* Added SpecialPageAfterExecute hook which gets called after SpecialPage::execute.
+* Added ORMTable, ORMRow and ORMResult classes for additional abstraction of
+ database interaction.
+* Added CacheHelper and associated SpecialCachedPage and CachedAction helper classes.
+* (bug 32341) Add upload by URL domain limitation.
+* &useskin=default will now always display the default skin. Useful for users with a
+ preference for the non-default skin to look at something using the default skin.
+* (bug 27619) Remove preference option to display broken links as link?
+* (bug 34896) jQuery JSON plugin upgraded to v2.3 (2011-09-17).
+* (bug 34302) Add CSS classes to email fields in user preferences.
+* Introduced $wgDebugDBTransactions to trace transaction status (currently PostgreSQL only).
+* (bug 23795) Add parser itself to ParserMakeImageParams hook.
+* Introduce a cryptographic random number generator source api for use when
+ generating various tokens.
+* (bug 30963) Option on Special:Prefixindex and Special:Allpages to not show redirects.
+* (bug 18062) New message when edit or create the local page of a shared file.
+* (bug 22870) Separate interface message when creating a page.
+* (bug 17615) nosummary option should be reassigned on preview/captcha.
+* (bug 34355) Add a variable and parser function for the namespace number.
+* (bug 35649) Special:Version now shows hashes of extensions checked out from git.
+* (bug 35728) Git revisions are now linked on Special:Version.
+* "Show Changes" on default messages shows now diff against default message text
+* (bug 23006) create #speciale parser function.
+* generateSitemap can now optionally skip redirect pages.
+* (bug 27757) New API command just for retrieving tokens (not page-based).
+* Added GitViewers hook for extensions using external git repositories to have a web-based
+ repository viewer linked to from Special:Version.
+* Memcached debug logs can now be sent to their own file logs by setting
+ $wgDebugLogFile['memcached'] to some filepath.
+* (bug 35685) api.php URL and other entry point URLs are now listed on
+ Special:Version
+* Edit notices can now be translated.
+* jQuery upgraded to 1.8.2.
+* jQuery UI upgraded to 1.8.23.
+* QUnit upgraded from v1.2.0 to v1.10.0.
+* (bug 37604) jquery.cookie upgraded to 2011 version.
+* (bug 22887) Add warning and tracking category for preprocessor errors
+* (bug 31704) Allow selection of associated namespace on the watchlist
+* (bug 5445) Now remove autoblocks when a user is unblocked.
+* Added $wgLogExceptionBacktrace, on by default, to allow logging of exception
+ backtraces.
+* Added device detection for determining device capabilities.
+* QUnit.newMwEnvironment now supports passing a custom setup and/or teardown function.
+ Arguments signature has changed. First arguments is now an options object of which
+ 'config' can be a property. Previously 'config' itself was the first and only argument.
+* New getCreator and getOldestRevision methods added to WikiPage class
+* (bug 4220) the XML dump format schema now have unique identity constraints
+ for page and revision identifiers. Patch by Elvis Stansvik.
+* cleanupSpam.php now can delete spam pages if --delete was specified instead of blanking
+ them.
+* Added new hook ChangePasswordForm to allow adding of additional fields in Special:ChangePassword
+* Added new function getDomain to AuthPlugin for getting a user's domain
+* (bug 23427) New magic word {{PAGEID}} which gives the current page ID.
+ Will be null on previewing a page being created.
+* (bug 37627) UserNotLoggedIn() exception to show a generic error page whenever
+ a user is not logged in.
+* Watched status in changes lists are no longer indicated by <strong></strong>
+ tags with class "mw-watched". Instead, each line now has a class
+ "mw-changeslist-line-watched" or "mw-changeslist-line-not-watched", and the
+ title itself is surrounded by <span></span> tags with class "mw-title".
+* Added ContribsPager::reallyDoQuery hook allowing extensions to data to MyContribs
+* Added new hook ParserAfterParse to allow extensions to affect parsed output
+ after the parse is complete but before block level processing, link holder
+ replacement, and so on.
+* (bug 34678) Added InternalParseBeforeSanitize hook which gets called during Parser's
+ internalParse method just before the parser removes unwanted/dangerous HTML tags.
+* Added new hook AfterFinalPageOutput to allow modifications to buffered page output before sent
+ to the client.
+* (bug 36783) Implement jQuery Promise interface in mediawiki.api module.
+* Make dates in sortable tables sort according to the page content language
+ instead of the site content language
+* (bug 37926) Deleterevision will no longer allow users to delete log entries,
+ the new deletelogentry permission is required for this.
+* (bug 14237) Allow PAGESINCATEGORY to distinguish between 'all', 'pages', 'files'
+ and 'subcats'
+* (bug 38362) Make Special:Listuser includeable on wiki pages.
+* Added support in jquery.localize for placeholder attributes.
+* (bug 38151) Implemented mw.user.getRights for getting and caching the current
+ user's user rights.
+* Session storage can now configured independently of general object cache
+ storage, by using $wgSessionCacheType. $wgSessionsInMemcached has been
+ renamed to $wgSessionsInObjectCache, with the old name retained for backwards
+ compatibility. When this feature is enabled, the expiry time can now be
+ configured with $wgObjectCacheSessionExpiry.
+* Added a Redis client for object caching.
+* Implemented mw.user.getGroups for getting and caching user groups.
+* (bug 37830) Added $wgRequirePasswordforEmailChange to control whether password
+ confirmation is required for changing an email address or not.
+* HTMLForm mutators can now be chained (they return $this)
+* A new message, "api-error-filetype-banned-type", is available for formatting
+ API upload errors due to the file extension blacklist.
+* New hook 'ParserTestGlobals' allows to set globals before running parser tests.
+* Allow importing pages as subpage.
+* Add lang and hreflang attributes to language links on Login page.
+* (bug 22749) Create Special:MostInterwikis.
+* Show change tags when transclude Special:Recentchanges(linked) or Special:Newpages.
+* (bug 23226) Add |class= parameter to image links in order to add class(es) to HTML img tag.
+* (bug 39431) SVG animated status is now shown in long description.
+* (bug 39376) jquery.form upgraded to 3.14.
+* SVG files will now show the actual width in the SVG's specified units
+ in the metadata box.
+* Added ResourceLoader module "jquery.jStorage" (v0.3.0,
+* (bug 39273) Added AJAX support for "Show changes" (diff) in LivePreview.
+* Added ResourceLoader module "jquery.badge".
+* mw.util.$content now points to the overall content area in the skin rather than just
+ page text content area. If you need the old behaviour please use $( '#mw-content-text').
+* jsMessage has been replaced with a floating bubble notification system complete
+ with auto-hide, multi-message support, and message replacement tags.
+* jquery.messageBox which appears to be unused by both core and extensions has
+ been removed.
+* (bug 34939) Made link parsing insensitive ([HttP://]).
+* (bug 40072) Add CSS classes to items in output of ChangesList pages.
+* Added $wgCopyUploadProxy global to define which proxy to use for copy
+ uploads.
+* (bug 40448) mediawiki.legacy.mwsuggest has been replaced with a new module,
+ mediawiki.searchSuggest, based on SimpleSeach from Extension:Vector.
+=== Known issues in 1.20.0 ===
+These are issues that we're targeting to be fixed in a later release
+in the 1.20 series. Issues may be added or removed from this list as
+we see fit. For now, it is comprised of those bugs on the 1.20.0
+milestone in Bugzilla.
+* (bug 35894): Reports of secret key generation "hanging" on windows
+ This is probably a bug that has been fixed in PHP. If you run
+ into this, try upgrading your PHP.
+* (bug 38334): PHP Notice: Undefined index: href in /www/w/skins/Vector.php on line 416
+ We think this is a problem in some extension. If you see this,
+ try disabling your extensions and check out the logging patch on
+ this bug. Or try this patch:
+ <>
+* (bug 39268): [Regression] Toolbar inserts in main textarea only (instead of the focussed textarea)
+ This should only be an issue if you are using the ProofreadPage
+ extension.
+* (bug 40641): Clicking "others" in Special:Version asks to download a file
+ If you encounter this, you can tell your webserver to serve the
+ CREDITS file with text/plain MIME type to fix it.
+=== Bug fixes in 1.20 ===
+* (bug 40939): [Regression] InfoAction: Call to a member function getUserText() on a non-object
+* (bug 40780): searchsuggest-containing line ("containing...") doesn't include the entered text
+* (bug 37714): [Regression] Incomplete log entries
+* (bug 27202): API: Add timestamp sort to list=allimages
+* (bug 30245) Use the correct way to construct a log page title.
+* (bug 34237) Regenerate an empty user_token and save to the database
+ when we try to set the user's cookies for login.
+* (bug 32210) New edit emails for watched pages always provide a link to the
+ edit which triggered the mail.
+* (bug 12021) Added user talk link on Special:Listusers.
+* (bug 34445) section edit and TOC hide/show links are excluded from selection and
+ copy/paste on supporting browsers.
+* (bug 34428) Fixed incorrect hash mismatch errors in the DiffHistoryBlob
+ history compression method.
+* (bug 34702) Localised parentheses are now used in more special pages.
+* (bug 34723) When editing a script page on a RTL wiki the textbox should be LTR.
+* (bug 34762) Calling close() on a DatabaseBase object now clears the connection.
+* (bug 34863) Show deletion log extract on non-existent file pages if applicable.
+* (bug 28019) Let ?preloadtitle=foo be passed on to target of
+ Special:MyPage and Special:MyTalk.
+* (bug 34929) Show the correct diff when a section edit is rejected by the spam
+ filter.
+* (bug 15816) Add a switch for SETting the search_path (Postgres).
+* (bug 34521) Returning to the previous page after logging in loses any array-
+ valued parameters in the query string.
+* (bug 34735) Updated compressOld.php documentation to mention the different
+ usages of -s and -n parameters depending on compression type.
+* (bug 13896) Rendering of devanagari numbers in automatic '#' number lists.
+* (bug 33689) Upgrade to 1.19 on Postgres fails due to incomplete query when.
+ trying to defer foreign key for externallinks.
+* (bug 32748) Printer friendly version of article decode Unicode chars as a
+ pretty IRI in footer.
+* Removed white border around thumbnails in galleries.
+* (bug 31236) "Next" and "Previous" buttons are shown incorrectly in
+ an RTL environment.
+* (bug 35749) Updated maintenance/checkSyntax.php to use Git instead of
+ Subversion when invoked with the --modified option.
+* (bug 35069) On history pages, the " . . " separator after the number of
+ characters changed in a revision is now suppressed if no text would follow.
+* (bug 18704) Add a unique CSS class or ID to the tagfilter table row at RecentChanges
+* (bug 33564) transwiki import sometimes result in invalid title.
+* (bug 35572) Blocks appear to succeed even if query fails due to wrong DB structure
+* (bug 31757) Add a word-separator between help-messages in HTMLForm
+* (bug 30410) Removed deprecated $wgFilterCallback and the 'filtered' API error.
+* (bug 32604) Some messages needs escaping of wikitext inside username.
+* (bug 36537) Rename wfArrayToCGI to wfArrayToCgi for consistency with wfCgiToArray.
+* (bug 25946) The message on the top of Special:RecentChanges is now displayed.
+ in user language instead of content language.
+* (bug 35264) Wrong type used for <ns> in export.xsd
+* (bug 24985) Use $wgTmpDirectory as the default temp directory so that people
+ who don't have access to /tmp can specify an alternative.
+* (bug 27283) SqlBagOStuff breaks PostgreSQL transactions.
+* (bug 35727) mw.Api ajax() should put token parameter last.
+* (bug 37708) mw.Uri.clone() should make a deep copy.
+* (bug 38024) ResourceLoader should not create empty stylesheets for modules
+ that don't have stylesheets.
+* (bug 36812) Special:ActiveUsers "Hide bots" should hide users from any group
+ having the "bot" user right, instead of just the default "bot" user group.
+* (bug 35082) mw.util.addPortletLink incorrectly adds link to mutiple <ul> tags.
+* (bug 36991) jquery.tablesorter should extract date sort format from date
+ string instead of global config. Dates like "April 1 2012" and "1 April 2012"
+ now sort correctly regardless of the content language's DefaultDateFormat.
+* (bug 31895) mw.loader mode now correct when triggered from a $.fn.ready
+ handler that is bound before mediawiki.js's handler (e.g. browser-userscripts
+ like greasemonkey).
+* (bug 38152) jquery.tablesorter: Use .data() instead of .attr(), so that live
+ values are used instead of just the fixed values from when the tablesorter
+ was initialized.
+* (bug 38093) Gender of changed user groups missing in Special:Log/rights
+* (bug 35893) Special:Block needs to load mediawiki.special.block.js.
+* (bug 37331) ResourceLoader modules sometimes execute twice in Firefox
+* (bug 31644) GlobalUsage, CentralAuth and AbuseLog extensions should not use
+ insecure links to foreign wikis in the WikiMap.
+* (bug 36073) Avoid duplicate element IDs on File pages.
+* (bug 25095) Special:Categories should also include the first relevant item
+ when "from" is filled.
+* (bug 35526) jquery.tablesorter now uses a stable sort.
+* (bug 38953) --memory-limit switch not working for runJobs.php.
+* (bug 33037) Make subpage of Special:newfiles control how many files
+ are returned, like in previous versions.
+* (bug 36524) "Show" options on Special:RecentChanges and Special:RecentChangesLinked
+ are now remembered between successive clicks.
+* (bug 26069) Page title is no longer "Error" for all error pages.
+* (bug 39297) Show warning if thumbnail of animated image will not be animated.
+* (bug 38249) Parser will throw an exception instead of outputting gibberish if
+ PCRE is compiled without support for unicode properties.
+* (bug 30390) Suggested file name on Special:Upload should not contain
+ illegal characters.
+* EXIF below sea level GPS altitude data is now shown correctly.
+* (bug 39284) jquery.tablesorter should not consider "."" or "?"" to be a currency.
+* (bug 39273) "Show changes" should not be incorrectly displayed in the Live Preview state.
+* Made body-content lang attribute honor the variant language when it is set.
+* (bug 36761) "Mark pages as visited" now submits previously established filter options.
+* (bug 39635) PostgreSQL LOCK IN SHARE MODE option is a syntax error.
+* (bug 36329) Accesskey tooltips for Firefox 14 on Mac should use "ctrl-option-" prefix.
+* (bug 32552) Drop unused database field cat_hidden from table category.
+* (bug 40214) Category pages no longer use deprecated "width" HTML attribute.
+* (bug 39941) Add missing stylesheets to the installer pages
+* In HTML5 mode, allow new input element types values (such as color, range..)
+* (bug 36151) mw.Title: Don't limit extension in title parsing.
+* (bug 38158) jquery.byteLimit sometimes causes an unexpected 0 maxLength being enforced.
+* (bug 38163) jquery.byteLimit incorrectly limits input when using methods other than
+ basic per-char typing.
+* (bug 34495) patrol log now credit the user patrolling (instead of patrolled
+ user).
+* (bug 31676) ResourceLoader should work around IE stylesheet limit.
+* (bug 40498) ResourceLoader should not output an empty "@media print { }" block.
+* (bug 40500) ResourceLoader should not ignore media-type for urls in debug mode.
+* (bug 40660) ResourceLoaderWikiModule should not convert "&nbsp;" to a space
+ for pages from the MediaWiki-namespace.
+* (bug 40329) (bug 40632) Removed CleanupPresentationalAttributes feature.
+=== API changes in 1.20 ===
+* (bug 34316) Add ability to retrieve maximum upload size from MediaWiki API.
+* (bug 34313) MediaWiki API intro message about "HTML format" should mention
+ the format parameter.
+* (bug 32384) Allow descending order for list=watchlistraw.
+* (bug 31883) Limit of bkusers of list=blocks and titles of action=query is
+ not documented in API help.
+* (bug 32492) API now allows editing using pageid.
+* (bug 32497) API now allows changing of protection level using pageid.
+* (bug 32498) API now allows comparing pages using pageids.
+* (bug 30975) API import of pages with invalid characters in this wiki leads to Fatal Error.
+* (bug 30488) API now allows listing of backlinks/embeddedin/imageusage per pageid.
+* (bug 34927) Output media_type for list=filearchive.
+* (bug 28814) add properties to output of action=parse.
+* (bug 33224) add variants of content language to meta=siteinfo.
+* (bug 32643) action=purge with forcelinkupdate no longer crashes when ratelimit is reached.
+* The paraminfo module now also contains result properties for most modules.
+* (bug 32348) Allow descending order for list=alllinks.
+* (bug 31777) Upload unknown error ``fileexists-forbidden''.
+* (bug 32382) Allow descending order for list=iwbacklinks.
+* (bug 32381) Allow descending order for list=backlinks, list=embeddedin and list=imageusage.
+* (bug 32383) Allow descending order for list=langbacklinks.
+* API meta=siteinfo can now return the list of known variable IDs.
+* (bug 35980) list=deletedrevs now honors drdir correctly in "all" mode (mode #3).
+* (bug 29290) API avoids mangling fields in continuation parameters
+* (bug 36987) API avoids mangling fields in continuation parameters
+* (bug 30836) siteinfo prop=specialpagealiases will no longer return nonexistent special pages
+* (bug 38190) Add "required" flag to some token params for hint in api docs.
+* (bug 27567) Add file repo support to prop=duplicatefiles.
+* (bug 27610) Add archivename for non-latest image version to list=filearchive
+* (bug 38231) Add xml parse tree to action=parse.
+* Watchlist notification timestamp may be queried by page and may be updated via the API.
+* (bug 38904) prop=revisions&rvstart=... no longer blows up when continuing.
+* (bug 39032) ApiQuery generates help in constructor.
+* (bug 11142) Improve file extension blacklist error reporting in API upload.
+* (bug 39665) Cache AllowedGenerator array so it doesn't autoload all query classes
+ on every request.
+=== Languages updated in 1.20 ===
+MediaWiki supports over 350 languages. Many localisations are updated
+regularly. Below only new and removed languages are listed, as well as
+changes to languages because of Bugzilla reports.
+* Emilian (egl) added.
+* Tornedalen Finnish (fit) added.
+* Mizo (lus) added.
+* Santali (sat) added.
+* (bug 34192) Namespace gender aliases for Albanian languages (sq & aln).
+* (bug 35541) Namespace gender aliases for Croatian (hr).
+* (bug 36012) Space in $separatorTransformTable should be non-breaking in
+ Portuguese, Esperanto and Udmurt.
+* Turoyo (tru) added.
+* Cyrillic-Latin language converter added for Uzbek (uz).
+=== Other changes in 1.20 ===
+* The user_token field is now left empty until a user attempts to login and
+ cookies need to be set. It is also now possible to reset every user's
+ user_token simply by clearing the values in the user_token column.
+* Removed ./tests/qunit/index.html from core. It wasn't actively maintained and
+ has been made obsolete when [[Special:JavaScriptTest/qunit]] was introduced,
+ which actually uses ResourceLoader, LocalSettings and the Skin.
+* Removed $wgDBtransactions global. This was only checked in one class
+ and only applies to MyISAM or similar DBs. Those should only be used
+ for archived sites anyway. We can't get edit conflicts on such sites,
+ so the WikiPage code wasn't useful there either.
+* Deprecated in favour of mw.user.getName.
+* Deprecated mw.user.anonymous in favour of mw.user.isAnon.
+* Deprecated DatabaseBase functions newFromParams(), newFromType(), set(),
+ quote_ident(), and escapeLike() were removed.
+* Use of __DIR__ instead of dirname( __FILE__ ).
+* OutputPage::wrapWikiMsg() no longer supports the 'options' parameter. It was
+ not used and complicated migration to Message class.
+* Live preview functionality has been improved and moved into the
+ 'mediawiki.action.edit.preview' module. The old 'mediawiki.legacy.preview' module
+ has been removed.
+* (bug 40448) Removed mediawiki.legacy.mwsuggest module, and removed the
+ following that has become obsolete:
+ - globals $wgEnableMWSuggest and $wgMWSuggestTemplate.
+ - mw.config.values wgMWSuggestTemplate and wgSearchNamespaces.
+ - method SearchEngine::getMWSuggestTemplate().
+== Compatibility ==
+MediaWiki 1.20 requires PHP 5.3.2. PHP 4 is no longer supported.
+MySQL is the recommended DBMS. PostgreSQL or SQLite can also be used, but
+support for them is somewhat less mature. There is experimental support for IBM
+DB2 and Oracle.
+The supported versions are:
+* MySQL 5.0.2 or later
+* PostgreSQL 8.3 or later
+* SQLite 3.3.7 or later
+* Oracle 9.0.1 or later
+== Upgrading ==
+1.20 has several database changes since 1.19, and will not work without schema
+If upgrading from before 1.11, and you are using a wiki as a commons
+repository, make sure that it is updated as well. Otherwise, errors may arise
+due to database schema changes.
+If upgrading from before 1.7, you may want to run refreshLinks.php to ensure
+new database fields are filled with data.
+If you are upgrading from MediaWiki 1.4.x or earlier, some major database
+changes are made, and there is a slightly higher chance that things could
+break. Don't forget to always back up your database before upgrading!
+See the file UPGRADE for more detailed upgrade instructions.
+For notes on 1.19.x and older releases, see HISTORY.
+== Online documentation ==
+Documentation for both end-users and site administrators is available on, and is covered under the GNU Free Documentation License (except
+for pages that explicitly state that their contents are in the public domain):
+== Mailing list ==
+A mailing list is available for MediaWiki user support and discussion:
+A low-traffic announcements-only list is also available:
+It's highly recommended that you sign up for one of these lists if you're
+going to run a public MediaWiki, so you can be notified of security fixes.
+== IRC help ==
+There's usually someone online in #mediawiki on