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+= MediaWiki release notes =
+Security reminder: MediaWiki does not require PHP's register_globals
+setting since version 1.2.0. If you have it on, turn it *off* if you can.
+== MediaWiki 1.7.1 ==
+July 8, 2006
+MediaWiki 1.7.1 is a security and bugfix maintenance release of the
+Summer 2006 snapshot:
+A potential HTML/JavaScript-injection vulnerability in a debugging script
+has been fixed. Only versions and configurations of PHP vulnerable to the
+$GLOBALS overwrite vulnerability are affected.
+As a workaround for existing installs, profileinfo.php may simply be deleted
+if it's not being used.
+* Fix for 'emailconfirmed' implicit user group
+* Fix for upgrades on some versions of MySQL 4.0.x
+* Fixed potential XSS in profileinfo.php
+* Installer now shows clear error message about old PHP versions
+ rather than a confusing parse error
+== MediaWiki 1.7.0 ==
+July 6, 2006
+This is the quarterly release snapshot for Summer 2006. While the code
+has been running on Wikipedia for some time, installation and upgrade
+bits may be less well tested. Bug fix releases may follow in the coming
+days or weeks.
+MediaWiki is now using a "continuous integration" development model with
+quarterly snapshot releases. The latest development code is always kept
+"ready to run", and in fact runs our own sites on Wikipedia.
+Release branches will continue to receive security updates for about a year
+from first release, but nonessential bugfixes and feature development happen
+will be made on the development trunk and appear in the next quarterly release.
+Those wishing to use the latest code instead of a branch release can obtain
+it from source control:
+== Compatibility ==
+MediaWiki 1.7 requires PHP 5 (5.1 recommended). PHP 4 is no longer supported.
+If you are unable to run PHP 5, you may have to stick with 1.6 for now.
+MySQL 3.23.x is no longer supported; some older hosts may need to upgrade.
+At this time we still recommend 4.0, but 4.1/5.0 will work fine in most cases.
+Experimental Oracle support has been dropped as it is unmaintained.
+== Upgrading ==
+Several changes to the database have been made from 1.6:
+* A new "langlinks" table tracks interlanguage links
+* A new "filearchive" table stores information on deleted files
+* A new "querycache_info" table stores information on query page updates
+To ensure that these tables are filled with data, run refreshLinks.php after
+the upgrade.
+If you are upgrading from MediaWiki 1.4.x or earlier, some major database
+changes are made, and there is a slightly higher chance that things could
+break. Don't forget to always back up your database before upgrading!
+See the file UPGRADE for more detailed upgrade instructions.
+== Configuration changes ==
+Some configuration options have changed:
+* $wgAllowExternalImages now defaults to off for increased security.
+* $wgLocalTZoffset was in hours, it is now using minutes.
+* Extensions may register special pages via the $wgSpecialPages array
+ without forcing an early load of the SpecialPage.php class file.
+== Major new features ==
+* Deleted files can now be archived and undeleted, if you set up
+ an appropriate non-web-accessible directory.
+ Set $wgSaveDeletedFiles on and an appropriate directory path in
+ $wgFileStore['deleted']['directory']
+* Experimental PostgreSQL support has been updated. It may or may
+ not be in usable shape; those interested in PostgreSQL are encouraged
+ to follow 1.8 development.
+== Changes since 1.6 ==
+* (bug 5458) Fix double-URL encoding in block log link in contribs and contribs
+ link in block log
+* (bug 5462) Bogus missing patch warning in updater
+* (bug 5461) Use of deprecated "showhideminor" in Special:Recentchangeslinked
+* PHP warning when allow_call_time_pass_reference is off
+* Update to Finnish localization
+* (bug 5467) Link to page histories in watchlist edit mode
+* Further additions to Hebrew localisation
+* (bug 5476) Invalid xhtml in German localization
+* (bug 5479) Id translation for preferences tabs caption
+* (bug 5493) Id translation for special pages
+* Added skinname and style path parameters to CBT version of MonoBook
+* Include subversion revision number in Special:Version if available
+* (bug 5344) Fix regression that broke slashes in extension tag parameters
+* Improve Special:Log performance on big log sets
+* (bug 5507) Changed mediawiki:logouttext from plain to wikitext
+* (bug 4760) Prevent creation of entries in protection log when protection
+ levels haven't changed
+* (bug 861) Show page protection/unprotection events in histories
+* (bug 5499) Don't clear the tag strip state when asked not to clear state.
+ Fixes regression with use of <ref> in a template breaking <nowiki> etc.
+* Minor improvements to English language files
+* Display the anon talk page info message on anon talk pages again
+ (moved outside the parser cache)
+* Optional {{DISPLAYTITLE|title with markup}} magic word
+ Deactivated by default, set "$wgAllowDisplayTitle = true" in LocalSettings.php
+ to activate
+* Cleaned SpecialContributions a bit
+* Added a table to track interlanguage links
+* (bug 5544) Fix redirect arrow in Special:Listredirects for right-to-left
+ languages
+* Replace "doubleredirectsarrow" with a content language check that picks the
+ appropriate arrow
+* (bug 5537) Add stub language file for Samogitian (bat-smg); inherits
+ Lithuanian (lt)
+* Don't force edit summaries when a user is editing their own user/talk page
+* (bug 5510) Warning produced when using {{SUBPAGENAME}} in some namespaces
+* (bug 385) Installer support for PostgreSQL, fixes for PG compatibility
+* PersistentObject removed; it doesn't do anything and was broken besides.
+ All extensions using it have been corrected.
+* Propagate ISBN number for Booksources in LanguageNo.php
+* (bug 5548) Improvements to Indonesian localisation [patch: Ivan Lanin]
+ for all) magic words
+* (bug 5403) Fix Special:Newpages RSS/Atom feeds
+* Reject malformed addresses in X-Forwarded-For entries
+* (bug 3359) Add hooks on completion of file upload
+* (bug 5559) Improve detection of ImageMagick [patch: Greg Turnquist]
+* (bug 5475) New pages feeds ignore "limit" argument
+* (bug 5184) CSS misapplied to elements in Special:Allmessages due to
+ conflicting anchor identifiers
+* (bug 5519) Allow sidebar cache to be disabled; disable it by default.
+* Maintenance script to import the contents of a text file into a wiki page
+* Add $wgReservedUsernames configuration directive to block account creation/use
+* (bug 5576) Remove debugging hack in session check
+* (bug 5426) Lowercase treatment of titles in rights log leads to broken links
+ on Special:Log
+* Minor improvements to French localisation files
+* (bug 5181) Update "nogomatch" for Slovak
+* (bug 5594) Id translation up to # Login and logout pages section
+* (bug 5536) Use content language for editing help link
+* Improvements to German localisation files
+* (bug 5570) Problems using <special page>/parameter link form for long titles
+* (bug 3884) Add $user parameter to AddNewUser hook, call it for by-email
+ registrations as well as self-registrations.
+* (bug 4327) Report age of cached data sets in query pages
+* (bug 4662) Fix Safari check in wikibits.js
+* (bug 4663) Edit toolbar enabled in compatible versions of Safari
+* (bug 5572) Edit toolbar enabled in compatible versions of Konqueror (3.5+)
+* (bug 5235) Edit toolbar tooltips no longer show JavaScript junk in Opera
+* Edit toolbar now works in pure XHTML mode (application/xhtml+xml)
+* Add watchlist clear function to allow quick purging of all items
+* (bug 5625) Additional namespace translations for Welsh
+* Add meta tag and JavaScript variables to cached special pages which provides
+ the timestamp of the last update, in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format.
+* (bug 5628) More translations for MessagesHr.php
+* (bug 5595) Localisation for Bosnian language (bs)
+* (bug 2910) Default view preferences for watchlists
+* Add "hide bot edits from the watchlist" user preference
+* (bug 5250) Introduce Special:Unusedtemplates
+* Add user preference setting for an extended watchlist, showing all recent
+ edits up to a certain edit, and not just the latest edit..
+* Made MessageRo.php more general
+* (bug 5640) Indonesian localisation improvements
+* (bug 5592) Actions are logged with the default language for the
+ wiki, not the language of the user performing the operation.
+* (bug 5644) Error in LanguageBs.php file
+* (bug 5646) Compare for identical types in wfElement()
+* (bug 5472) Language::userAdjust()->minDiff not initialized on else condition
+* (bug 5386) LanguageMk.php: updated namespaces translations
+* (bug 5422) Stub for Romani (rmy) language which extends ro
+* Fix linktrail for LanguageSr
+* (bug 5664) Fix Bosnian linktrail
+* (bug 3825) Namespace filtering on Special:Newpages
+* (bug 1922) When Special:Wantedpages is cached, mark links to pages
+ which have since been created
+* (bug 5659) Change grammar hacks for Bosnian Wikimedia namespaces.
+ This sort of special casing should be removed and fixed properly.
+* Remove useless whitespace from Special:Brokenredirects header
+* Treat "allmessagesnotsupporteddb" as wikitext when echoing; change default
+ text
+* (bug 5497) Regression in HTML normalization in 1.6 (unclosed <li>,<dd>,<dt>)
+* (bug 5709) Allow customisation of separator for categories
+* (bug 5684) Introduce Special:Randomredirect
+* (bug 5611) Add a name attribute to the text box containing source text in
+ read-only pages
+* Indicate when a protected page is an interface message ("protectedinterface")
+* (bug 4259) Indicate when a protected page being edited is an interface message
+ ("editinginterface")
+* (bug 4834) Fix XHTML output when using $wgMaxTocLevel
+* Pass login link to "whitelistedittext" containing 'returnto' parameter
+* (bug 5728): mVersion missing from User::__sleep() leading to constant cache
+ miss
+* Updated maintenance/transstat.php so it can show duplicate messages
+* Improvements to update scripts; print out the version, check for superuser
+ credentials before attempting a connection, and produce a friendlier error if
+ the connection fails
+* (bug 5005) Fix XHTML <gallery> output.
+* (bug 5315) "Expires: -1" HTTP header made strictly valid (using 1970 date).
+* (bug 4825) note in DefaultSettings.php about 'profiling' table creation
+* Remove unneeded extra whitespace at top of Special:Categories
+* (bug 5679) time units are now using local numerals
+* (bug 5751) Updates to Portuguese localisation files
+* (bug 5741) Introduce {{NUMBEROFUSERS}} magic word
+* (bug 93) <nowiki> tags and tildes in templates
+* The returnto parameter is now actually used by SpecialUserlogin.php
+* Parser can now know that it is parsing an interface message
+* (bug 4737) MediaWiki:Viewcount supports {{PLURAL}} now
+* Fix bug in wfMsgExt under PHP 5.1.2
+* (bug 5761) Project talk namespace broken in Xal, Os, Udm and Cv
+* Rewrite reassignEdits script to be more efficient; support optional updates to
+ recent changes table; add reporting and silent modes
+* Cleaned up formatNum usage in langfiles
+* (bug 5716) Warn when a user tries to upload a file which was previously
+ deleted
+* (bug 5565) Add a class attribute to the table on Special:Allpages
+* "lang=xx" option for parser test cases to set content language
+* (bug 5764) Friulian translation updated
+* (bug 5757) Fix premature cutoff in LanguageConverter with extra end markers
+* (bug 5516) Show appropriate "return to" link on blocked page
+* (bug 5377) Do not auto-login when creating an account as another user
+* (bug 5284) Special redirect pages should remember parameters
+* Suppress 7za output on dumpBackup
+* (bug 5338) Reject extra initial colons in title
+* (bug 5487) Escape self-closed HTML pair tags
+* Add "raw suffix" magic word for some magic words, e.g. {{NUMBEROFUSERS|R}}
+ will produce a count minus formatting
+* Fix Parser::cleanSig() to use Parser::startExternalParse() and choose an
+ appropriate output format given the scope of the clean
+* (bug 5593) Change "bureaucrat log" to "rights log"
+* Show a boilerplate "(none)" in place of a blank within the log action text for
+ user rights
+* (bug 137) Commented out translations for copyrightwarning which mention GNU FDL
+* (bug 5723) Don't count pages linked to from the MediaWiki namespace as "wanted"
+* (bug 5696) Add a third parameter, $3, to "rcnote", passing the current time
+ formatted according to the current user's settings
+* (bug 5780) Thousands and decimal separators for Norwegian
+* Updated initStats maintenance script
+* (bug 5767) Fix date formats in Vietnamese locale
+* (bug 361) URL in URL, they were almost fixed. Now they are.
+* (bug 4876) Add __NEWSECTIONLINK__ magic word to force the "new section" link/tab to
+ show up on specific pages on demand
+* Bidi-aid on list pages
+* (bug 5782) Allow entries in the bad image list to use canonical namespace names
+* (bug 5789) Treat "loginreqpagetext" as wikitext
+* Sanitizer: now handles nested <li> in <ul> or <ol>
+* (bug 5796) We require MySQL >=4.0.14
+* Add 'EmailConfirmed' hook
+* New findhooks.php script to find undocumented hooks.
+* Silently ignore errors on profiling table update.
+* (bug 5801) Correct handling of underscores in Special:Listusers
+* Clean up Special:Listusers; add an "(all)" label to the group selection box
+* (bug 5812) Use appropriate link colour in Special:Mostlinked
+* (bug 5802) {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} variable broken in Vietnamese locale
+* (bug 5817) Appropriate handling for Special:Recentchangeslinked where the target
+ page doesn't exist
+* Special:Randompage now additionally accepts English namespace name as parameter
+* (bug 2981) Really fixed linktrail for Tamil (ta)
+* Disallow substituting Special pages when included into a page
+* (bug 5587) Clean up the languages from references to the Groups special page
+* Added new group-X and group-X-member messages
+* Rewritten removeUnusedAccounts to be more efficient, print names of inactive
+ accounts
+* Redirect Special:Userlist to Special:Listusers
+* Introduce $wgAllowTitlesInSVG, which allows the <title> attribute in uploaded files
+ bearing the image/svg MIME type. Disabled by default due to the vast majority of
+ web servers being hideously misconfigured. See DefaultSettings.php for more details.
+* Changed default LocalSettings.php to append the previous include path when setting it
+* (bug 5837) Use "members" for the value descriptor in Special:Categories,
+ Special:Wantedcategories and Special:Mostlinkedcategories.
+* (bug 3309) Allow comments when undeleting pages
+* Clean up Special:Undelete a bit
+* (bug 5805) messages nbytes, ncategories can now use {{plural:}}
+* Clean up Special:Imagelist a bit
+* (bug 5838) Namespace names for Nds-NL
+* (bug 5749) Added Tyvan language files
+* (bug 5791) Fix SQL syntax in Special:BrokenRedirects, was causing incorrect data to show
+* (bug 5839) Prevent access to Special:Confirmemail for logged-out users
+* (bug 5853) Update for Portuguese messages (pt)
+* (bug 5851) Use Cyrillic for Kirghiz language name
+* (bug 5841) Allow the 'EditFilter' hook to return a non-fatal error message
+* (bug 5846) Link to individual group description pages in Special:Listusers
+* (bug 5857) Update for German localisation (de)
+* (bug 5858) Update for Russian language (ru)
+* (bug 5860) Update for Indonesian language (id)
+* (bug 1120) Update for Czech language (Cs)
+* Added many missing formatNum calls
+* Added grammar function to Belarusian (be)
+* (bug 5819) Add 'PersonalUrls' hook
+* (bug 5862) Update of Belarusian language (be)
+* (bug 5886) Update for Portuguese messages (pt)
+* (bug 5586) <gallery> treated text as links
+* (bug 5878) Update for Indonesian language (id)
+* (bug 5697) Update for Malay language (ms)
+* (bug 5890) Update for German language (de)
+* (bug 5889) Name for Sindhi language should appear as سنڌي
+* --force-normal parameter on dump scripts to force check for ICU extension
+* (bug 5895) Update for Dutch language (nl)
+* (bug 5891) Linktrail for Polish language (pl)
+* User::isBureaucrat , User::isDeveloper , User::isSysop deprecated in
+ v1.6 now die with a backtrace. They will be removed in v1.8
+* dumpTextPass now skips goes to database for entries that were blank in the
+ previous dump, as this may indicate a broken dump.
+* dumpTextPass progress includes percentage of items prefetched
+* dumpTextPass can now use 7zip files for prefetch
+* (bug 5915) Update to Indonesian localisation (id)
+* (bug 5913) Update for German localisation (de)
+* (bug 5905) Plural support for Bosnian localisation (bs)
+* Groups which won't hit the rate limiter now configurable with
+ $wgRateLimitsExcludedGroups
+* (bug 5806) {{plural:}} support instead of "twin" MediaWiki messages
+* (bug 5931) Update for Polish language (pl)
+* Ignore the user and user talk namespaces on Special:Wantedpages
+* Introduce NUMBEROFPAGES magic word
+* (bug 5833) Introduce CURRENTVERSION magic word
+* (bug 5370) Allow throttling of password reminder requests with the rate limiter
+* (bug 5683) Respect parser output marked as uncacheable when saving
+* (bug 5918) Links autonumbering now work for all defined protocols
+* (bug 5935) Improvement to German localisation (de)
+* (bug 5937) Register links from gallery captions with the parent parser output
+ object so that link tables receive those updates too
+* (bug 5845) Introduce BASEPAGENAME and BASEPAGENAMEE magic words
+* (bug 5941) Use content language when getting the administrator page title for
+ Special:Statistics
+* (bug 5949) Update to Indonesian localisation (id)
+* (bug 5862) Update of Belarusian translation (be)
+* (bug 5950) Improvements to French localisation
+* (bug 5805) {{plural:}} support for counters in some special pages
+* (bug 5952) Improvement to German localisation (de)
+* Rename conflicting metadata help message to "metadata_help" (was "metadata")
+ and treat it as wiki text
+* Improve preferences input filtering
+* Maintenance script to import multiple files into the wiki
+* (bug 5957) Update for Hebrew language (he)
+* (bug 5962) Update for Italian language (it)
+* (bug 5961) Update for Portuguese localisation (pt)
+* (bug 5849) Remove some hard-coded references to "Wikipedia" in messages
+* (bug 5967) Improvement to German localisation (de)
+* (bug 5962) Update for Italian language (it)
+* Suppress images in galleries which appear on the bad image list (when rendering
+ for a wiki page; galleries in special pages and categories are unaffected)
+* Maintenance script to remove orphaned revisions from the database
+* (bug 5991) Update for Russian language (ru)
+* (bug 6001) PAGENAMEE and FULLPAGENAMEE don't work in FULLURL and LOCALURL magic
+ words
+* (bug 5958) Switch Uzbek language name to use latin script
+* (bug 839) Add URLENCODE magic word
+* (bug 6004) Update for Polish language (pl)
+* (bug 5971) Improvement to German localisation (de)
+* (bug 4873) Don't overwrite the subtitle navigation when viewing a redirect page
+ that isn't current
+* (bug 2203) Namespace updates for Thai
+* Fix breakage in parser test suite which caused incorrect reporting of the failure of
+ {{NUMBEROFFILES}}. Now initialises the site_stats table with some dumb data. Updated
+ the expected output for {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} to reflect this.
+* (bug 6009) Use {{ns:project}} in messages where appropriate
+* (bug 6012) Update to Indonesian localisation (id)
+* (bug 6017) Update list of bookstores in German localisation files
+* (bug 5187) Allow programmatically bypassing username validation, for scripts
+* (bug 6025) SpecialImport: wrong message when no file selected
+* (bug 6015) EditPage: add spacing in the boxes "edit is minor" and "watch this"
+* (bug 6018) Userrights: new message when no user specified ('nouserspecified')
+* (bug 2015) Add "\sim" to ~ conversion for HTML rendering
+* (bug 6029) Improvement to German localisation (de)
+* (bug 5015) Update be: magic words
+* (bug 3974) Add parameter for site URL to "passwordremindertext"
+* (bug 6039) Update for Portuguese localisation (pt)
+* (bug 764) Add CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES to default database permissions
+* Big update to Swedish localisation (sv)
+* Use appropriate HTML functions to create the tool links on image pages, so they don't
+ look garbled when tidy isn't on
+* (bug 5511) Fix URL-encoding of usernames in links on Special:Ipblocklist
+* (bug 6046) Update to Indonesian localisation (id) #15
+* (bug 5523) $wgNoFollowNsExceptions to allow disabling rel="nofollow" in
+ specially-selected namespaces.
+* (bug 6055) Fix for HTML/JS injection bug in variable handler (found by Nick Jenkins)
+* Reordered wiki table handling and __TOC__ extraction in the parser to better
+ handle some overlapping tag cases.
+* Only the first __TOC__ is now turned into a TOC
+* (bug 4610) Indicate patrolled status on watchlists and allow users to mark
+ changes as patrolled using the diff links there
+* Add 'DiffViewHeader' hook called before diff page output
+* (bug 6051) Improvement to German localisation (de)
+* (bug 6054) Update to Indonesian localisation (id) #16
+* Add {{CURRENTTIMESTAMP}} magic word
+* (bug 6061) Improper escaping in some html forms
+* (bug 6065) Remove underscore when using NAMESPACE and TALKSPACE magics.
+* (bug 6074) Correct squid purging of offsite upload URLs
+* To simplify the lives of extension developers, the logging type arrays
+ can now be appended to directly by an extension setup function. It is
+ no longer necessary to write four separate functions just to add a
+ custom log type.
+* (bug 6057) Count "licenses" as a message (and show it in Special:Allmessages)
+* Added $wgGrammarForms global
+* Fixed hardcoded 'done.' when removing watchlist entries.
+* (bug 5962) Update for Italian language (it)
+* (bug 6086) Remove vestigial attempt to call Article::validate()
+* wfHostname() function for consistent server hostname use in debug messages
+* Send thumbnailing error messages to 'thumbnail' log group
+* wfShellexec() now accepts an optional parameter to receive the exit code
+* Failed, but not zero-length, thumbnail renderings are now removed.
+ Should help clean up when rsvg fails in weird ways.
+* (bug 6081) Change description for Turkmen language
+* Increase robustness of parser placeholders; fixes some glitches when
+ adjacent to identifier-ish constructs such as URLs.
+* Shut up the parser test whining about files in a temp directory.
+* (bug 6098) Add Aragonese language support (an)
+* (bug 6101) Update for Russian language (ru)
+* Add $wgIgnoreImageErrors to suppress error messages for thumbnail rendering
+ problems. If errors are transitory, this should reduce annoying messages
+ making it into cached display.
+* (bug 6103) Wrap self-links in a CSS class ("selflink")
+* (bug 6102) For consistency with other markup, normalize all HTML-encoded
+ character entities in URLs, not just ampersands. This allows use of eg
+ &#61; when making URLs for template parameters.
+* Markup anality: escape </ as <\/ in toolbar javascript for pure correctness
+ under HTML-compatible browsers.
+* (bug 5077) Added hook 'BeforePageDisplay' to SkinTemplate::outputPage
+* Replace fatally changed 'uploadnewversion' with 'uploadnewversion-linktext'
+* (bug 472) Syndication feeds for the last few edits of page history
+* Format edit comments in Recent Changes feed
+* Switch incorrectly ordered column headers on Recent Changes feed diffs
+* (bug 6117) Use message for history feed description, add German localization
+* (bug 1017) fixed thumbnails of animated gifs.
+* Add APC as object caching option
+* Update to Albanian localization (sq)
+* (bug 6099) Introduce {{DIRECTIONMARK}} magic word (with {{DIRMARK}} as an alias)
+* Use optimized php5-only microtime()
+* Add possibility to store local message cache as PHP executable script
+* Fix profiling table definition
+* (bug 6040) Run pre-save transform before calculating the diff. when doing a
+ "show changes" operation in the editor
+* (bug 4033) Respect $wgStyleDirectory when checking available skins
+* Remove hideous backslashes from MessagesBr.php
+* Fix APC object cache issues, add functionality to installer
+* (bug 6133) Update strip state as we work. This mostly fixes extensions
+ used in Cite.php <ref> tags when Tidy is on.
+* (bug 6139) Workaround for transclusion oddities in Vietnamese upload text
+* (bug 6136) Update to Catalan language (ca)
+* Update to Japanese localization (ja)
+* Add /usr/local/bin to the diff3 search paths in the installer
+* (bug 6106) Update to Indonesian localisation (id) #17
+* (bug 6125) Add links to edit old versions to diff views
+* (bug 5127) Auto edit summary when creating/editing redirect page
+* (bug 3926) Introduce {{#language:}} magic word
+* Fix section links from edit comments for [[:Image:Bla.jpg]] in section titles
+* (bug 6126) Allow fallback to customized primary language when user language
+ message contains '-'; fixes licenses selector on Commons configuration after
+ recent addition of the message to Messages.php
+* (bug 5527) Batch up job queue insertions for, hopefully, better survivability
+ of lock contention etc. Duplicates are now removed at pop time instead of
+ at insert time.
+* When showing the "blah has been undeleted" page, make sure it's a blue link
+* parserTests.php accepts a --file parameter to run an alternate test sutie
+* parser tests can now test extensions using !!hooks sections
+* Fix oddity with open tag parameters getting stuck on </li>
+* (bug 5384) Fix <!-- comments --> in <ref> extension
+* Nesting of different tag extensions and comments should now work more
+ consistently and more safely. A cleaner, one-pass tag strip lets the
+ 'outer' tag either take source (<nowiki>-style) or pass it down to
+ further parsing (<ref>-style). There should no longer be surprise
+ expansion of foreign extensions inside HTML output, or differences
+ in behavior based on the order tags are loaded.
+* (bug 885) Pre-save transform no longer silently appends close tags
+* Pre-save transform no longer changes the case of close tags
+* (bug 6164) Fix regression with <gallery> resetting <ref> state
+* Hackaround for IE 7 wrapping bug in MonoBook footer
+* New message sp-newimages-showfrom replaces rclistfrom on special:newimages
+* Improve handling of ;: definition list construct with overlapping or
+ nested HTML tags
+* (bug 6171) Fix sanitizing of HTML-elements with an optional closing
+ tag. The sanitizer still needs to learn how to make well-formed XML
+ in this case.
+* Fix fatal error when specifying illegal name for manual thumbnail
+* (bug 6184) Use shinier Linker::userLink() to make user links in
+ Special:Undelete
+* (bug 6170) Update for Kashubian translation (csb)
+* (bug 6191) Update to Indonesian translation (id) #18
+* (bug 6114) Update to Walloon localization (wa)
+* Added $wgNamespaceRobotPolicies to allow customisation of robot policies on a
+ per-namespace basis.
+* Add <ol> to the list of block elements for doBlockLevels; avoids <p>s being
+ interspersed into your ordered lists.
+* (bug 5021) Transcluding the same special page twice now works
+* Add 'SiteNoticeBefore' and 'SiteNoticeAfter' hooks
+* (bug 6182) Date passed in "sp-newimages-showfrom" not adjusted to user time
+ preferences
+* (bug 2587) Fix for section editing with comment prefix
+* (bug 2607) Fix for section editing with mix of wiki and HTML headings
+* (bug 3342) Fix for section editing with headings wrapped in <noinclude>
+* (bug 3476) Fix for section editing with faux headings in extensions
+* (bug 5272) Fix for section editing with HTML-heading subsections
+* Fix for bogus wiki headings improperly detected with following text
+* Fix for HTML headings improperly not detected with preceding/following text
+* Section extraction and replacement functions merged into one implementation
+ on the Parser object, so they can't get out of sync with each other.
+* Edit security precautions in raw HTML mode, etc
+* (bug 6197) Update to Indonesian translation (id) #19
+* (bug 6175) Improvement to German translation (de)
+* Redirect Special:Logs to Special:Log
+* (bug 6206) Linktrail for Swedish localization (se)
+* (bug 3202) Attributes now allowed on <pre> tags
+* Sanitizer::validateTagAttributes now available to discard illegal/unsafe
+ attribute values from an array.
+* (bug 3837) Leave <center> as is instead of doing an unsafe text replacement
+ to <div class="center">. <center> is perfectly valid in the target doctype
+ (XHTML 1.0 Transitional), while the replacement didn't catch all cases and
+ could even result in invalid output from valid input.
+* (bug 4280) Use 'noindex,nofollow' instead of 'noindex,follow' for default
+ meta robots tag on diff view and special pages. Should reduce impact of
+ robots on scrolling special pages, diffs etc on sites where robots.txt
+ doesn't forbid access.
+* Regression fix: suppress warning about session failure when clicking to
+ edit with 'preview on first edit' enabled.
+* (bug 6230) Regression fix: <nowiki> in [URL link text]
+* Added AutoLoader.php, which loads classes without need of require_once()
+* (bug 5981) Add plural function Slovenian (sl)
+* (bug 5945) Introduce {{CONTENTLANGUAGE}} magic word
+* {{PLURAL}} can now take up to five forms
+* (bug 6243) Fix email for usernames containing dots when using PEAR::Mail
+* Remove a number of needless {{ns:project}}-type transforms from messages files. These
+ usages already have separate label text. Such transforms are wasteful on each page view.
+* Update to Yiddish localization (yi)
+* (bug 6254) Update to Indonesian translation (id) #20
+* (bug 6255) Fix transclusions starting with "#" or "*" in HTML attributes
+* Whitespace now normalized more or less properly in HTML attributes
+* Fix regression(?) in behavior of initial-whitespace-pre in <center>
+* (bug 6260) Update to Interlingua localization (ia)
+* Update to Vlax Romany localization (rmy)
+* Update to Latin translation (la)
+* Update to Dutch translation (nl)
+* Avoid some notices in page history with bad input
+* Use double quoted consistently on attributes in linker output; preparing
+ for new normalization code when tidy not in use
+* Replace "nogomatch" with "noexactmatch" and place the magic colon in the messages
+ themselves. Some minor tweaks to the actual message content.
+* Introduce $wgContentNamespaces which allows for articles to exist in namespaces other
+ than the main namespace, and still be counted as valid content in the site statistics.
+* (bug 5932) Introduce {{PAGESINNAMESPACE}} magic word
+* Disable $wgAllowExternalImages by default.
+* (bug 2700) Nice things like link completion and signatures now work in <gallery> tags.
+* Cancel output buffering in StreamFile; when used inside gzip buffering this
+ could cause funny timeout behavior as the Content-Length was wrong.
+* Return correct content-type header with 304 responses for StreamFile;
+ it confuses Safari if you let it return "text/html".
+* (bug 6280) Correct GRAMMAR for Slovenian localisation (sl)
+* (bug 6162) Change date format for Dutch Low Saxon (nds-nl)
+* (bug 6296) Update to Indonesian localisation (id) #21
+* Introduce EditFormPreloadText hook, see docs/hooks.txt for more information
+* (bug 4054) Add "boteditletter" to recent changes flags
+* Update to Catalan localization (ca)
+* (bug 2099) Deleted image files can now be archived and undeleted.
+ Set $wgSaveDeletedFiles on and an appropriate directory path in
+ $wgFileStore['deleted']['directory']
+* (bug 6324) Fix regression in enhanced RC alignment
+* Introduce {{NUMBEROFADMINS}} magic word
+* Update to Slovak translation (sk)
+* Update to Alemannic localization (gsw)
+* (bug 6300) Bug fixes for sr: variants
+* namespaceDupes.php can now accept an arbitrary prefix, for checking rogue
+ interwikis and such. Not yet fully automated.
+* (bug 6344) Add Special:Uncategorizedimages page
+* (bug 6357) Update to Russian translation (ru)
+* Workaround possible bug in Firefox nightlies by properly removing the
+ Content-Encoding header instead of sending explicit 'identity' value
+ in StreamFile
+* (bug 6304) Show timestamp for current revision in diff pages
+* Vertically align current version with old version header in diff display
+* (bug 6174) Remove redundant "emailforlost" message
+* (bug 6189) Show an error to an unprivilleged user trying to create account
+* (bug 6365) Show user information in the "old revision" navigation links
+* Introduce 'FetchChangesList' hook; see docs/hooks.txt for more information
+* (bug 6345) Update to Indonesian localisation (id) #22
+* (bug 6279) Add genitive month names to Slovenian localisation
+* (bug 6351) Update to German translation (de)
+* Respect language directionality when displaying arrow in Special:Brokenredirects
+* Remove unused "validation" table definitions from the schema files
+* (bug 6398) Work around apparent PCRE bug breaking section editing when
+ massively-indented preformatted text immediately followed a header
+* (bug 6392) Fix misbehaving <br /> in preferences form
+* Add translated magic words to Hebrew localization
+* (bug 6396) Change name for Chuvash language
+* Introduce optional (off by default) language selector bar for user login
+ and registration. Customisable via the "loginlanguagelinks" message, the
+ links will preserve "returnto" values. If the user creates an account while
+ using such a link, then the language in use will be saved as their language
+ preference.
+* Make sure '~~~' '~~~~' '~~~~~' are removed in Nickname preference.
+* Rename "ipusuccess" to "unblocked", change the format (now wiki text)
+* (bug 2316) Add "caption" attribute to <gallery> tag
+* Allow setting the skin object that ImageGallery will use; needed during parse
+ operations (the skin must come from the ParserOptions, not $wgUser)
+* Fix notice in MacBinary detection debug data for files of certain lengths
+* (bug 6131) Add type detection for DjVu files, allowing them to be uploaded
+ with validity checking and size detection. No inline thumbnailing yet,
+ but could be added in the future.
+* (bug 6423) Don't update newtalk flag if page content didn't change (null edits
+ were causing the newtalk flag to trigger inappropriately)
+* Parser functions are now set using magic words.
+* (bug 6428) Incorrect form action URL on Special:Newimages with hidebots = 0 set
+* (bug 4990) Show page source to blocked users on edits, or their modified version
+ if blocked during an edit
+* (bug 5903) When requesting the raw source of a non-existent message page,
+ return blank content (as opposed to the message key)
+* Improve default blank content of MediaWiki:Common.css and MediaWiki:Monobook.css
+* (bug 6434) Allow customisation of submit button text on Special:Export
+* (bug 6314) Add user tool links on page histories
+* Fix display of file-type icons in galleries when $wgIgnoreImageErrors is off
+* (bug 6438) Update to Indonesian translation (id) #23
+* Adding the language code parameter to the hook "LanguageGetMagic", to allow
+ localizble extensions magic words.
+* Update to Romanian translation (ro)
+* Update to Esperanto translation (eo)
+* Check for preg_match() existence when installing and die out whining about PCRE
+ if it's not there, instead of throwing a fatal error
+* (bug 672) Add MathAfterTexvc hook
+* Update to Piedmontese localization (pms)
+* dumpBackup can optionally compress via dbzip2
+* (bug 2483) Run link updates on change via XML import
+* (bug 2481) List imported pages during Special:Import
+* (bug 2482) Log and RC entries for Special:Import events
+* Allow fetching all revisions from transwiki Special:Import
+* Allow fetching all revisions from Special:Export GET request
+* Disable output buffering on Special:Export; should help with streaming
+ large numbers of history items.
+* Allow setting a maximum number of revisions for history Special:Export;
+ pages with more than $wgExportMaxHistory revisions are excluded from
+ export when history is requested.
+* Fix transwiki import of pages with space in name
+* Save null edit when importing pages through Special:Import
+* Update to Korean translation (ko)
+* Show a more specific message when an anonymous user tries to access Special:Watchlist
+* (bug 3278) Paging links in Special:Prefixindex
+* Added Latvian localization (lv)
+* (bug 6472) Fix regression in Special:Export with multiple pages
+* Update to Macedonian translation (mk)
+* Allow page moves over historyless self-redirects. Such are usually created
+ as part of namespace rearrangements, and it's easier to clean them up if
+ we can move over them.
+* Show some error results in moveBatch.php
+* (bug 6479) Allow specification of the skin to use during HTML dumps
+* (bug 6461) Link to page histories in Special:Newpages
+* (bug 6484) Don't do message transformations when preloading messages for editing
+* (bug 6201) Treat spaces as underscores in parameters to {{ns:}}
+* (bug 6006) Allow hiding the password change fields using an authentication plugin
+* (bug 6489) Use appropriate link colour on Special:Shortpages
+* Added formatnum magic word
+* Added Javanese localization (jv)
+* (bug 6491) Apply bad image list in category galleries
+* (bug 6488) Show relevant log fragment in Special:Movepage
+* Fix potential PHP notice in Special:Blockme when $wgBlockOpenProxies is true
+* Use mysql_real_escape_string instead of addslashes for string escaping in
+ the MySQL Database class. This may fix some rare breakage with binary fields.
+ Note that MediaWiki does not support the multibyte character sets where a
+ "dumb" byte replacement can be actively dangerous; UTF-8 is always safe
+ in this regard due to the bit patterns which make head and tail bytes
+ distinct.
+* (bug 6497) Use $wgMetaNamespaceTalk for Esperanto if set
+* (bug 6498) Use localized forms for image size in Special:Undelete
+* (bug 6485) Update to Indonesian translation (id) #24
+* Extension messages translation is now possible.
+* Add target namespace override selector for transwiki imports.
+ $wgImportTargetNamespace specifies the default, to be used for
+ Wiktionary's 'Transwiki:' namespace etc.
+* (bug 6506) Update to German localisation (de)
+* (bug 502) Avoid silly tabs on bad title by using virtual special page
+* (bug 6511) Add diff links to old revision navigation bar
+* (bug 6511) Replace 'oldrevisionnavigation' message with 'old-revision-navigation'
+* Fix regression in Polish genitive month forms
+* (bug 4037) Make input handling in Special:Allpages and Special:Prefixindex
+ more consistent: Accept just a namespace prefix and a colon, reject input
+ with interwiki prefixes, otherwise do what Title::makeTitleSafe() does.
+* (bug 6516) Update to Russian translation
+* New 'allpagesbadtitle' message for Special:Allpages, based on 'badtitletext'.
+* Rename "searchquery" to "searchsubtitle" and support wiki text in it
+* Introduce updateArticleCount maintenance script which uses a better check that
+ reflects what Article::isCountable() tests for
+* Introduce 'BadImage' hook; see docs/hooks.txt for more information
+* Add "searchsubtitleinvalid" message for searches that are not valid titles.
+* (bug 5962) Update to Italian localisation
+* (bug 6530) Update to Indonesian localisation (id) #25
+* (bug 6523) Fix SVG issue in rebuildImages.php
+* (bug 6512) Link to page-specific logs on page histories
+* (bug 6504) Allow configuring session name with $wgSessionName
+* (bug 6185) Add standard user tool links to log page views
+* Update to Venetian translation (vec)
+* Update to Slovenian translation (sl)
+* Add standard user tool links to deleted revision list
+* Separate out EditPage's getContent bits from regular Article getContent.
+ Cleans up read-only-mode warning on empty pages and neats up some code.
+* (bug 6565) Strict JavaScript writing
+* (bug 6570) Update to Indonesian localisation (id) #26
+* Added Telugu translation (te)
+* Update to Catalan translation (ca)
+* (bug 6560) Avoid PHP notice when trimming ISBN whitespace
+* Added namespace translation to Kannada (ka)
+* (bug 6566) Improve input validation on timestamp conversion
+* Implicit group "emailconfirmed" for all users whose email addresses are confirmed
+* (bug 6577) Avoid multiline parser breakage on <pre> with newline in attribute
+=== Caveats ===
+Some output, particularly involving user-supplied inline HTML, may not
+produce 100% valid or well-formed XHTML output. Testers are welcome to
+set $wgMimeType = "application/xhtml+xml"; to test for remaining problem
+cases, but this is not recommended on live sites. (This must be set for
+MathML to display properly in Mozilla.)
+For notes on 1.5.x and older releases, see HISTORY.
+=== Online documentation ===
+Documentation for both end-users and site administrators is currently being
+built up on Meta-Wikipedia, and is covered under the GNU Free Documentation
+=== Mailing list ===
+A MediaWiki-l mailing list has been set up distinct from the Wikipedia
+wikitech-l list:
+A low-traffic announcements-only list is also available:
+It's highly recommended that you sign up for one of these lists if you're
+going to run a public MediaWiki, so you can be notified of security fixes.
+=== IRC help ===
+There's usually someone online in #mediawiki on