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Aktualisierung auf MediaWiki 1.9.0
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Security reminder: MediaWiki does not require PHP's register_globals
setting since version 1.2.0. If you have it on, turn it *off* if you can.
-== MediaWiki 1.8.3 ==
+== MediaWiki 1.9 ==
-January 9, 2007
+January 10, 2007
+This is the quarterly release snapshot for Winter 2007. While the code
+has been running on Wikipedia for some time, installation and upgrade
+bits may be less well tested. Bug fix releases may follow in the coming
+days or weeks.
+MediaWiki is now using a "continuous integration" development model with
+quarterly snapshot releases. The latest development code is always kept
+"ready to run", and in fact runs our own sites on Wikipedia.
+Release branches will continue to receive security updates for about a year
+from first release, but nonessential bugfixes and feature development happen
+will be made on the development trunk and appear in the next quarterly release.
+Those wishing to use the latest code instead of a branch release can obtain
+it from source control:
-MediaWiki 1.8.3 fixes several issues in the Fall 2006 snapshot release:
-* (bug 7831) Regression in AutoAuthenticate hook
-* Run PHP install version checks on update.php so command-line updaters see
- new version requirements
-* Do a check for the PHP 5.0.x 64-bit bug, since this is much more disruptive
- as of MW 1.8 than it used to be. Install or upgrade now aborts with a
- warning and a request to upgrade.
-* XSS fix in AJAX module
+== Security fixes ==
An XSS injection vulnerability was located in the AJAX support module,
affecting MediaWiki 1.6.x and up when the optional setting $wgUseAjax
@@ -22,7 +33,7 @@ is enabled.
There is no danger in the default configuration, with $wgUseAjax off.
-If you are using an extension based on the optional AJAX module,
+If you are using an extension based on the optional Ajax module,
either disable it or upgrade to a version containing the fix:
* 1.9: fixed in 1.9.0rc2
@@ -31,368 +42,736 @@ either disable it or upgrade to a version containing the fix:
* 1.6: fixed in 1.6.9
-== MediaWiki 1.8.2 ==
+== Compatibility changes ==
-October 13, 2006
+=== Zend Optimizer ===
-MediaWiki 1.8.2 fixes several issues in the Fall 2006 snapshot release:
+A bug in some versions of PHP 5 and Zend Optimizer which was triggered under
+MediaWiki 1.8.x has been worked around by disabling some internal debugging
+features when Zend Optimizer is loaded. This should solve some common
+"blank page" problems.
-* (bug 7565) Fixed typos in German localisation
-* (bug 7562) Fix non-ASCII namespaces on Windows/XAMPP servers
+=== PHP 5.0 64-bit ===
+MediaWiki now checks for a condition where PHP 5.0.x corrupts array data
+on 64-bit systems and warns you to upgrade PHP to solve the problem. This
+bug causes Special: pages to fail on affected systems under MediaWiki 1.8
+and higher, and subtler data corruption on earlier versions.
-== MediaWiki 1.8.1 ==
+The only known workaround is to upgrade PHP to 5.1 or later, which you
+probably should do anyway for security reasons!
-October 11, 2006
+=== MySQL 5 ===
-MediaWiki 1.8.1 fixes several issues in the Fall 2006 snapshot release:
+MediaWiki should now install and run correctly on MySQL 5.0 and higher when
+MySQL's "strict mode" is enabled. (This is now the default for many Windows
+installations, though it seems to remain off by default on Unix.)
-* Fix PHP notice and estimates for dumpBackup.php and friends
-* Improved register_globals paranoia checks
-* (bug 7545) Fix PHP version check on install
-* Experimental web API disabled by default
-* Disable PHP exception backtrace printing unless $wgShowExceptionDetails
- is set. Backtraces may contain sensitive information in function call
- parameters.
+This fixes errors about "cannot default default value for BLOB/TEXT fields".
+=== ImageMagick ===
-== MediaWiki 1.8.0 ==
+Note that ImageMagick older than 6.x may no longer work for image resizing
+due to use of the -thumbnail option.
-October 10, 2006
-This is the quarterly release snapshot for Fall 2006. While the code
-has been running on Wikipedia for some time, installation and upgrade
-bits may be less well tested. Bug fix releases may follow in the coming
-days or weeks.
+== Behavior changes ==
+=== Localized special pages ===
-MediaWiki is now using a "continuous integration" development model with
-quarterly snapshot releases. The latest development code is always kept
-"ready to run", and in fact runs our own sites on Wikipedia.
+The names of Special: pages can now be localized, so links and URLs to them
+are more legible in languages that aren't English.
-Release branches will continue to receive security updates for about a year
-from first release, but nonessential bugfixes and feature development happen
-will be made on the development trunk and appear in the next quarterly release.
+Not all languages have included localized names yet.
-Those wishing to use the latest code instead of a branch release can obtain
-it from source control:
+=== E-mail password ===
+Users are now required to set a new password for themselves when they first
+log in with a newly generated e-mailed password.
+Requesting passwords frequently is prevented to reduce abusive mailbombing.
+=== Undo revision ===
+An "undo" link now appears in diff view for easier reverting of older edits.
+When GNU diff3 is available for edit conflict merging, this can make it much
+easier to "undo" the changes of an older edit when there are surrounding
+changes elsewhere in the page.
+The changes must be manually reviewed and approved, as with conventional
+full-revision reverts.
+=== Blocking ===
+User blocks can be set to disable the automatic blocking of IP addresses the
+account logs in with.
+== Database changes ==
+* new 'redirect' table stores data on page redirects
+* new 'querycachetwo' table used for some cached special pages
+* 'ipblocks' table adds 'ipb_enable_autoblock'
+* 'recentchanges' table adds 'rc_old_len', 'rc_new_len' for size tracking
+* 'user' table has added 'user_newpass_time' and 'user_editcount' fields
+* some indexes have been updated on 'recentchanges'
== Configuration changes ==
-* $wgUseETag, to enable/disable sending of HTTP ETag headers
- (default: disabled)
-* $wgLegalTitleChars now includes '+' by default for better compatibility
- with importing data dumps from Wikipedia
-* $wgDefaultUserOptions now includes all default option settings instead
- of only overrides.
-== Major new features ==
-* (bug 7098) Add an option to disable/enable sending of HTTP ETag headers,
- as it seems to result in broken behaviour in combination with Squid 2.6
- (disabled by default).
-* (bug 550) Allow blocks on anonymous users only.
-* (bug 6420) Render thumbnails for DJVU images, support multipage DJVU display
- on image pages. Added new 'page=' thumbnail option to select a page from a
- multipage djvu for thumbnail generation.
-* Full Postgres support is now enabled. It requires version 8.1 or better, and
- needs to have both plpgsql and tsearch2 already installed.
-* (bug 6386) fix grammatical errors in danish naming of talk namespaces.
-== Changes since 1.7 ==
-* Introduced AjaxResponse object, superceding AjaxCachePolicy
-* Changes to sajax_do_call: optionally accept an element to fill instead of a
- callback function; take the target function or element as a third parameter;
- pass the full XMLHttpRequest object to the handler function, instead of just
- the resultText value; use HTTP response codes to report errors.
-* (bug 6562) Removed unmaintained ParserXml.php for now
-* History paging overlap bug fixed
-* (bug 6586) Regression in "unblocked" subtitle
-* Don't put empty-page message into view-source when page text is blank
-* (bug 6587) Remove redundant "allnonarticles" message
-* Block improvements: Allow blocks on anonymous users only. Optionally allow
- or disallow account creation from blocked IP addresses. Prevent duplicate
- blocks. Fixed the problem of expiry and unblocking erroneously affecting
- multiple blocks. Fixed confusing lack of error message when a blocked user
- attempts to create an account. Fixed inefficiency of Special:Ipblocklist in
- the presence of large numbers of blocks; added indexes and implemented an
- indexed pager.
-* (bug 6448) Allow filtering of Special:Newpages according to username
-* (bug 6618) Improve permissions/error detection in Special:Lockdb
-* Quick hack for extension testing: parser test doesn't create new message
- cache object.
-* (bug 6299) Maintain parser's revision ID across recursive calls to fix
- {{REVISIONID}} when Cite extension is used
-* (bug 6622) Removed deprecated function Image::newFromTitle
-* (bug 6627) Fix regression in Special:Ipblocklist with table prefix
-* Removed forced dereferencements (new() returns a reference in PHP5)
-* Note about $wgUploadSizeWarning using byte
-* (bug 6592) Add most viewed pages summary to Special:Statistics
-* Pre-strip characters ignored in IDNs from URLs so they can't be used
- to break the blacklists for regular URLs
-* Fix regression in blocking of user accounts
-* (bug 6635) Fix regression searching for range blocks on Ipblocklist
-* Fix regression searching Ipblocklist with ugly URLs
-* (bug 6639) Use a consistent default for upload directories
-* Preserve entered reason when reporting unconfirmed lock on Special:Lockdb
-* (bug 6642) Don't offer to unlock the database when it isn't locked
-* cleanupTitles.php changed from --dry-run option to --fix, so default
- behavior is now a non-invasive check as with namespaceDupes.php
-* (bug 6660) Fix behaviour of EditPage::blockedPage() when the article does
- not exist; now doesn't show the source box if the user hasn't provided it
- (blocked mid-edit) and the page doesn't exist
-* Improve default value of "blockedtext"
-* (bug 6680) Added localisation for Dutch bookstore list (nl)
-* Renamed maintainace script redundanttrans.php to unusedMessages.php - clearer usage
-* Fix regression which allowed some blocked users to create additional accounts
-* (bug 6657) Fix Hungarian linktrail
-* (bug 6751) Fix preview of blanked section with edit on first preview option
-* (bug 5456) Separate MediaWiki:Search into messages for both noun and verb,
- introduced 'MediaWiki:Searchbutton'
-* Made lines from initialiseMessages() appear as list items during installation
-* Moved the bulk of the localisation data from the Language*.php files to the
- Messages*.php files. Deleted most of the Languages*.php files.
-* Introduced "stub global" framework to provide deferred initialisation of core
- modules.
-* Removed placeholder values for $wgTitle and $wgArticle, these variables will
- now be null during the initialisation process, until they are set by index.php
- or another entry point.
-* Added DBA cache type, for BDB-style caches.
-* Removed custom date format functions, replacing them with a format string in
- the style of PHP's date(). Used string identifiers instead of integer
- identifiers, in both the language files and user preferences. Migration should
- be transparent in most cases.
-* Simplified the initialisation API for LoadBalancer objects.
-* Removed the broken altencoding feature.
-* Moved default user options and toggles from Language to User. Language objects
- are still able to define default preference overrides and extra user toggles,
- via a slightly different interface.
-* Don't include the date option in the parser cache rendering hash unless
- $wgUseDynamicDates is enabled.
-* Merged LanguageUtf8 with Language. Removed LanguageUtf8.php.
-* Removed inclusion of language files from the bottom of Language.php. This is
- now consistently done from Language::factory().
-* Add the name of the executing maintenance script to the debug log. Start the
- profiler during maintenance scripts.
-* Added "serialized" directory, for storing precompiled data in serialized form.
-* Fix regression in auto-set NS_PROJECT_TALK namespace
-* Fix regression in ordering of namespaces
-* (bug 6806, 6030) Added several global JS variables for article path, user name,
- page title, etc.
-* hooks registered with addOnloadHook are now called at the one of the html body
- by all skins.
-* Split ajax aided search from core ajax framework. Use wgUseAjax to enable the
- framework and wgAjaxSearch to enable the suggest feature for the search box.
-* Added experimental installer for extensions.
- See maintenance/installExtension.php
-* Added Tajic (tg) language file.
-* (bug 6903) Added Cantonese localisation (zh-yue)
-* Fix regression in Korean and Japanese date formatting (day of week)
-* (bug 6919) Add English alias magic words for Tatar (tt) language file.
-* (bug 6753) Fixed broken Kazakh linktrail (kk)
-* (bug 6700) Added Kazakh language variants to Names.php
-* (bug 6827) some i18n specific maintenance scripts fails after merge of localisation-work branch
-* Throwed an exception for the deprecated functions OutputPage::sysopRequired and
- OutputPage::developerRequired - use OutputPage::permissionRequired instead.
-* Removed the deprecated functions User::isSysop, User::isBureaucrat and User::isDeveloper -
- use User::isAllowed instead.
-* (bug 769) OutputPage::permissionRequired() should suggest groups with the needed permission
-* (bug 6971) Fix regression in Special:Export history view
-* Revamped Special:Imagelist
-* (bug 7000) updated MessagesPl.php
-* (bug 6946) Fix unexpected behavior change with GET hits to Special:Export
-* (bug 1866) Improve navigation on Special:Listusers; user now a starting
- point as with Special:Allpages, rather than a pure limit.
-* Clean up tab order on Special:Blockip
-* (bug 5969) Clean up tab order on Special:Userlogin forms
-* (bug 3512) namespaceDupes now handles spaces and initial caps properly
-* (bug 7037) Fix regression in login tab order
-* (bug 7031) Report missing email on 'email password' instead of false success
-* (bug 7010) Don't send email notifications for watched talk pages when user
- has selected to receive only updates for their own talk page
-* Added {{CURRENTHOUR}}
-* Added [[:Image:Foo.png]] style links to the pagelinks table
-* Avoid duplicate revision imports with Special:Import
-* (bug 7054) Validate email address before sending email confirmation message
-* (bug 7061) Format title on "from (page)" links on Special:Allpages
-* (bug 7044) Introduce "padleft" and "padright" colon functions
-* Pass page title as parameters to "linkshere" and "nolinkshere" and update
- default message text
-* Allows to upload from publicy accessible URL. Set $wgAllowCopyUploads = true ; in LocalSettings.php
- Limited to $wgMaxUploadSize (default:100MB); URL upload is limited to sysops by default, and displayed as a second line if appropriate
-* (bug 832) Return to user page after emailing a user
-* (bug 366) Add local-system-timezone equivalents for date/time variables
-* (bug 7109) Fix Atom feed version number in header links
-* (bug 7075) List registered parser function hooks on Special:Version
-* (bug 7059) Introduce "anchorencode" colon function
-* Include SVN revision number in {{CURRENTVERSION}} output, where applicable
-* Fix bug in wfRunHooks which caused corruption of objects in the hook list
-* (bug 4979) Use simplified email addresses when running on Windows
-* (bug 4434) Show block log fragment on Special:Blockip
-* [[MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage]] may optionally contain wiki links to any number
- of disambiguation templates.
-* [[Special:Disambiguations]] now shows pages in NS:0 that link to any pages that embed
- any of the templates listed at [[MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage]].
-* Fix formatting of titles on Special:Undelete
-* (bug 7026) Fix action=raw&templates=expand
-* (bug 6976) Add namespace and direction classes to classic skins
-* (bug 7144) Don't "return to main" from OutputPage::loginToUse() if the the user can't
- read the main page in the first place
-* (bug 7188) Fix minor borkage in HTMLForm
-* (bug 6675) Replaced message 'watchthis' with new message 'watchthisupload in Special:Upload
-* Add a quickie script dumpSisterSites.php for generating a page list in the
- format for WSR-1 SisterSites support
-* (bug 7223) Monobook.js is used for site content, should not be localized
-* Set default disabled values for DjVu render options
-* Added Xml::option() for generating <option>s easily
-* Localized page numbers in drop-down for DjVu page selection
-* Fixed linktrail for vi
-* (bug 6893) "Call to a member function exists() on a non-object" on trackback.php with bad input
-* (bug 6886) PHP undefined offset on bad input to Special:Revisiondelete
-* (bug 6887) PHP error for call to getId() on bad input to Special:Revisiondelete
-* (bug 6888) PHP error for call to getTimestamp() on bad input to Special:Revisiondelete
-* (bug 7252) Use dvipng support in texvc math rastrization. dvipng is required if texvc is rebuilt.
-* (bug 7279) Use wfBaseName in place of basename() in more places
-* Clear newtalk marker on diff links with explicit current revision number
-* (bug 7064) Replace hard-coded empty message checks with wfEmptyMsg calls
-* (bug 6777) Remove some PHP 4 compat cruft
-* Add --user, --comment, and --license options to importImages.php
-* (bug 6216) The immobile namespace message does not mention the source page
-* (bug 7299) Normalize username filter on Special:Newpages
-* (bug 7306) RTL text in an LTR wiki breaks appearance of Special:Recentchanges
-* (bug 7312) Don't emit SET NAMES utf8 if connection failed
-* (bug 7305) Proper compare for bot check on RC notify, should fix overrides
- that force edits by non-bot users to bot mode
-* Set Vary: Cookie on action=raw generated CSS and JS, to ensure that user
- preferences don't get stuck in proxy caches for other people
-* (bug 7324) Fix error message for failure of Database::sourceFile()
-* (bug 7309) Plurals: use singular form for zero in French and Brazilian Portuguese
-* Add page_no_title_convert field to support language variant conversion
- for page titles which shouldn't be converted on display/linking
-* Lazy extraction of text chunks in Revision objects, may reduce hits to
- external storage when actual text content is not used
-* Added experimental $wgRevisionCacheExpiry to cache extracted revision text
- in $wgMemc, to further reduce hits to external storage.
- Set to 0 (disabled) by default.
-* Minor changes to the installer.
-* Remove ":" for 'youremail' and 'yourrealname' in includes/templates/Userlogin.php
- so that ":" could be used in i18n for Special:Preferences (like 'username' and 'uid').
-* Fix layout for Special:Preferences->Date and Time (position for 'timezonetext').
-* Updates to language variant code for Serbian et al
-* (bug 6756) Enabling RTL direction for kk-cn
-* (bug 6701) Kazakh language variants in MessagesEn.php
-* (bug 7335) SVN revision check in Special:Version fails on SVN 1.4 working copy
-* (bug 6518) Replaced 'lastmodified' with 'lastmodifiedat' and 'lastmodifiedby' with 'lastmodifiedatby'
- with seperated parameters for date and time to allow better localisation. Updated all message files
- to display the old format for compatibility.
-* (bug 7357) Make supposedly static methods of Skin actually static
-* Added info text to Special:Deadendpages and Special:Lonelypages
-* Fix regression in cachability of generated CSS and JS for MonoBook skin,
- while avoiding clobbering of different users' cached data
-* (bug 6849) Block @ from usernames; interferes with multi-database tools and
- was meant to be banned years ago... For now existing accounts will not be
- prevented fromm login.
-* (bug 6092) Introduce magic words {{REVISIONDAY}}, {{REVISIONDAY2}, {{REVISIONMONTH}},
-* (bug 7425) Preceeding whitespace in [[...]] breaks subpages
-* Try to reconnect after transitory database errors in dumpTextPass.php
-* (bug 6023) Fixed mismatch of 0/NULL for wl_notificationtimestamp; now notification
- mails are working after 'Mark all pages visited' button on Special:Watchlist is clicked
-* Made {{INT:}} a core parser function instead of a special case. The syntax
- and behaviour is largely unchanged.
-* (bug 7448) Fixing the native name for Ewe (ee)
-* (bug 6864) Replace message 'editing' with new message 'editinguser' in Special:Userrights
- to allow better localisation
-* Add '*-summary' for special pages to MessagesEn.php to allow customizing/translation
- directly through Special:Allmessages
-* (bug 6130, bug 5818) Replaced message 'go' with the new message 'searcharticle' in skins
- to allow better localisation
-* Add + to $wgLegalTitleChars by default. Some sites may have occasional
- problems with hard-to-reach pages, but it should be less trouble than
- "I can't import dumps from Wikipedia" complaints
-* (bug 7460) Revert broken patch for bug 7226 which slows down
- Special:Allmessages by a factor of 16
-* Committed a bunch of live hacks from Wikimedia servers
-* (bug 6889) PHP notices in thumb.php with missing params
-* Cleaner error behavior on thumb.php with invalid page selection
-* (bug 6617) Validate timestamps on Special:Undelete
-* Do fewer unnecessary full writes of user rows; only update user_touched
- for watch/unwatch, group membership change, and login operations
-* Restructured the languages directory, to avoid problems when people
- untar MW 1.8 over the top of a 1.7 installation.
-* (bug 6890) SQL query error on bad input to Pager lists
- due to negative LIMIT clause, caused by integer wraparound.
-* Fixed various bugs related to table prefixes, especially the interaction
- between table prefixes and memcached, which was formerly completely broken.
-* (bug 7004) PHP iconv() notice on bad password input to Special:Userlogin.
-* (bug 6826) Extend pre-save transform context link ("pipe trick")
- syntax to pages with commas in title
-* Use ImageMagick -thumbnail option instead of -resize to avoid including
- excessive metadata in thumbs (requires ImageMagick 6.0.0 or newer).
-* (bug 7499) Corrections to Swedish talk namespace names
-* (bug 7508) Added option to compress HTML pages by dumpHTML.php
-* (bug 7519) Add plural in SpecialWatchlist
-* (bug 7459) Magic word variables are always case sensitive
-* Replaced {{SERVER}}{{localurl:xxx}} with {{fullurl:xxx}} in localisation files
-* Fix regression in Special:Watchlist text header
-* (bug 7510) Update article counts etc on undelete
-* (bug 7520) Update article counts on XML import
-* (bug 7526) Make $wgDefaultUserOptions work again
-* (bug 7472) Localize Help namespace for Basque
-* (bug 7529) Including a non-existent category in an article places that article in the category
-* (bug 4528) Lack of important LaTeX functions stackrel, rightleftharpoon
-* (bug 6721) missing symbols ulcorner, urcorner, llcorner, lrcorner, twoheadrightarrow, twoheadleftarrow
-* (bug 7367) Hyphens sometimes erroneously appended to equations when not converted to PNG
-* Add "title" to the opensearch link to allow automatic adding of the search engine in Firefox 2
-* (bug 7537) Add php5 to $wgFileBlacklist
-* (bug 6929) Restore AutoAuthenticate hook
+Several configuration options have changed since 1.8:
+=== $wgEnableAPI ===
+The experimental machine API interface is now enabled by default, read-only.
+You can disable it by setting $wgEnableAPI = false; in LocalSettings.php.
+=== $wgPathInfo ===
+The use of PATH_INFO (the text after the script name in 'index.php/Blah')
+is controlled by the $wgUsePathInfo setting. This is now explicitly disabled
+for CGI, apache2filter, and ISAPI configurations of PHP, for more consistency
+with the autodetection from the installer.
+In some rarer configurations you may have to switch $wgUsePathInfo from false
+to true or, perhaps, from true to false to make things work properly if bad
+PATH_INFO data comes through the server.
+The wiki now tries to detect this condition and should show you an error
+message describing what to change instead of sending the browser into an
+infinite redirect loop.
+=== $wgScript and other path settings ===
+The following configuration variables are now automatically set in Setup.php
+if they are not overridden in LocalSettings.php:
+from $wgScriptPath:
+ + $wgScript
+ | \- $wgArticlePath
+ + $wgRedirectScript
+ + $wgStylePath
+ + $wgUploadPath
+ \- $wgLogo
+ + $wgMathPath
+from $IP:
+ - $wgStyleDirectory
+ + $wgUploadDirectory
+ \- $wgMathDirectory
+ + $wgTmpDirectory
+ + $wgReadOnlyFile
+ + $wgFileCacheDirectory
+Newly generated configuration files will by default include only $wgScriptPath
+(hardcoded from the installer) and $IP (detected at runtime).
+Old configuration files which specify all these values explicitly should
+continue to work just fine, but if you use the defaults you can remove them
+to reduce clutter.
+=== $wgGroupPermissions ===
+The sysop group now holds the "autopatrol" and "ipblock-exempt" rights by
+"autopatrol" replaces the preference for marking ones own edits patrolled
+by default; users holding this permission will automatically have their
+edits patrolled, while others cannot mark their own edits as patrolled
+even if they have patrolling rights.
+"ipblock-exempt" excludes the user from IP blocks; accounts which are blocked
+explicitly by name will still be blocked, however. This is given to sysops
+to minimize annoyance from accidental "collateral damage"; remember that a
+sysop will be able to lift the block if they desire.
+The bot group now holds the "nominornewtalk" right. A user with this right
+will not trigger new message notifications when making minor edits to user
+talk pages. This is meant to minimize annoyance from maintenance bot
+=== $wgUseWatchlistCache ===
+Watchlist caching has been removed. The feature was not maintained, and has
+been unnecessary since switching to the 'recentchanges' database table
+reduced server pressure for Wikipedia's watchlists.
+=== $wgBreakFrames ===
+MediaWiki in the past attempted to detect when it was embedded in a frameset
+and "break out" of it, assuming it to be hostile.
+This behavior is now disabled by default, but can be reenabled by setting
+$wgBreakFrames to true in LocalSettings.php.
+== New settings ==
+=== $wgVariantArticlePath ===
+For languages with script variant support (Chinese, Serbian, and others),
+it's possible to use alternate URL paths to select the variant for article
+display, setting $wgVariantArticlePath.
+Documentation for this setting would be useful.
+=== $wgMaxMsgCacheEntrySize ===
+The message cache can now skip items larger than a given size; this allows
+it to better handle the primary caching case when large CSS and JS blobs are
+=== $wgStyleVersion ===
+When making significant changes to skin stylesheets and JavaScript files,
+you can append a string to this variable to tweak the generated URLs,
+forcing newly rendered pages to bring in a fresh version despite server-
+or browser-side caching.
+Normally this will be set in the course of MediaWiki development, but
+if doing development on a custom skin you may wish to poke it as well.
+=== $wgRCShowChangedSize ===
+Special:Recentchanges and Special:Watchlist now show the number of bytes
+added or removed to an article to give an idea of the size of the edit.
+This information was previously available only in the IRC update feeds.
+To disable this site-wide, set $wgRCShowChangedSize to false.
+(Individual users can suppress the data in custom CSS.)
+Adjust $wgRCChangedSizeThreshold to trigger highlighting of particularly
+large changes.
+The formatting of the size figure can be adjusted through the
+[[MediaWiki:Rc-change-size]] message.
+=== $wgQueryCacheLimit ===
+The number of rows stored for "expensive" special pages in miser mode
+can now be adjusted up or down from the default 1000.
+=== $wgDisableQueryPageUpdate ===
+Individual "expensive" special pages can be skipped in processing by
+updateSpecialPages if added to this list.
+=== $wgSorbsUrl ===
+The base hostname for the DNS-based proxy blacklist can now be overridden
+when $wgEnableSorbs is set, to use a different blacklist instead of SORBS.
+The blacklist would need to respond the same was as SORBS; any positive
+response will be taken as a proxy.
+=== $wgAjaxWatch ===
+Experimental AJAX mode for the watch/unwatch tabs to execute inline.
+Does not include the UI messages describing how to reach the watchlist,
+so you may not want it on a general-audience site just yet.
+=== $wgParserTestFiles ===
+MediaWiki's parser test suite can now be expanded with additional test
+files. Custom extensions can add their test files to this array, and
+they will be run along with the main tests by maintenance/parserTests.php
+== Changes since 1.8 ==
+* (bug 8200) Make category lists sorted by name when using Postgres.
+* (bug 7841) Support 'IGNORE' inserts for Postgres, fixes watchlist
+ adding problem.
+* (bug 6835) Removing the includes/Parser.php::getTemplateArgs() function,
+ because it seems to be unused.
+* (bug 7139) Increasing the visual width of the edit summary field on larger
+ screen sizes, for the default monobook skin.
+* Fix PHP notice and estimates for dumpBackup.php and friends
+* Improved register_globals paranoia checks
+* (bug 7545) Fix PHP version check on install
+* Disable PHP exception backtrace printing unless $wgShowExceptionDetails
+ is set. Backtraces may contain sensitive information in function call
+ parameters.
+* (bug 6164) Avoid smashing Cite state if message transformation triggers
+ during bad image list check, by skipping message transformation.
+ This isn't a good permanent fix.
+* (bug 6918) Stopped borders and backgrounds from showing through floated
+ tables in Monobook
+* (bug 6868) Un-hardcode section edit link style
+* (bug 3205) Stop right floats from stacking horizontally in non-Monobook skins
+* Added global $wgStyleVersion to centralize bumping CSS and JS file versions
+ for cache-friendly style and script updating
+* (bug 7562) Fix non-ASCII namespaces on Windows/XAMPP servers
+* Friendlier check for PHP 5 in command-line scripts; it's common for parallel
+ PHP 4 and 5 installations to interfere on the command-line.
+* Fix regression in autoconfirm permission check
+* (bug 3015) Add CSS ids to subcategory and page sections on category pages
+* (bug 7587) Fix erroneous id for specialpage tab, enabling informative popup
+* (bug 7599) Fix thumbnail purging, PHP notices on HTCP image page purge
+* (bug 7581) Update language name for cbk-zam
+* (bug 7444) Update namespace translations for Telugu (te), kept old values as
+ alias for compatibility
+* (bug 4525) Move section links down visually to same level as headings
+ (editsection links are now inside the heading elements)
+* Workaround for , PATH_INFO and hence
+ URLs of the style /index.php/Main_Page were broken on some CGI installations.
+* (bug 7623) Validate custom HTML id's correctly in Monobook interface
+* (bug 2241) Fix collision of 'w' and 'd' accesskeys
+* (bug 5795) CSS class added to body based on page name for page-specific
+ styling
+* (bug 6276) Stopped search field from getting too large in Cologne Blue
+* (bug 7644) User creations that are aborted by hooks shouldn't be counted
+ against account creations per day limit
+* (bug 7636) Show Firefox 2 users correct accesskey prefix
+* (bug 6427) Block blocked IPs from using the mail password function
+ to allow blocking of flooders
+* Include common.css from classic-style skins in main HTML with the bump URL
+* (bug 7607) Add Karakalpak (kaa) to Names.php and stub message file for linktrail
+* (bug 7582) Add 'tog-nolangconversion' to MessagesEn.php.
+ This key is need for languages with variants (zh, sr, kk)
+* (bug 7606) MediaWiki messages for "rss" and "atom" missing
+* (bug 7609) Add some more '*-summary' messages to MessagesEn.php with empty
+ strings to allow better localisation via Special:Allmessages. Mark this new
+ messages as optional for localisation.
+* Fix user_newpass upgrade for prefixed tables (reported by Fyren)
+* (bug 7663) Include language variant switcher links on Nostalgia skin
+* (bug 6531) Fix PHP fatal error on installation page with bad username input.
+* (bug 6977) Remove 404 link for autogenerated database documentation.
+* (bug 7369) Allow "Show Changes" without requiring edit token.
+* (bug 7687) Fix movetalk box checks itself when confirming a delete and move.
+* (bug 7684) Obey watchcreated preference for Special:Upload watch checkbox
+* (bug 7686) Include id attribute on delete form confirmation button
+* Allow compound interwiki prefixes in $wgImportSources
+* (bug 7304) Added redirect table to store redirect targets.
+* Added querycachetwo table (similar to querycache but has two titles)
+* PageArchive can now return a Revision object for more convenient processing
+ of deleted revision data
+* Added 'UndeleteShowRevision' hook in Special:Undelete
+* Error message on attempt to view invalid or missing deleted revisions
+* Remove unsightly "_" from namespace in Special:Allpages, Special:Prefixindex
+* (bug 3224) Allow minor edits by bots to skip new message notification on
+ user talk pages. This can be disabled by adjusting the 'nominornewtalk'
+ permission. Patch by Werdna.
+* (bug 7741) MATH: fixed broken syntax of underbrace etc. Fixed arrays
+* Fix purging for updated SVG files
+* (bug 7745) Add id attribute to search button in Monobook
+* (bug 7749) MATH: added some more LaTeX symbols, e.g. parallel, diamond, ast, ...
+* (bug 7304) Added code in Article.php to keep redirect table up to date.
+* Made special page names case-insensitive and localisable. Care has been taken
+ to maintain backwards compatibility.
+* Used special page subpages in a few more places, instead of query parameters.
+* (bug 7758) Added wrapper span to "templates used" explanation to allow CSS
+ styling (class="mw-templatesUsedExplanation").
+* Added {{#special:}} parser function, to give the local default title for
+ special pages
+* (bug 7766) Remove redundant / from AJAX requests, can break some servers
+* Add tab links from extensions to classic-based skins (SkinTemplateTab hook)
+ Provides better cross-skin compatibility for extensions using the modern
+ skin hooks, such as Oversight
+* Moved variant language links on Cologne Blue and Nostalgia to before the
+ login/logout link
+* Fix for parser tests with MySQL 5 in strict mode
+* Added block option "enable autoblocks"
+* Amend Special:Ipblocklist to note when a block has autoblock DISABLED.
+* (bug 7780) Fix regression in editing redirects
+* Add whitespace above "templates included on this page" using CSS, not
+ hardcoded line break.
+* Remove entries from redirect table on article deletion
+* (bug 7788) Force section headers in new section links for users who have
+ 'prompt for blank edit summaries' on.
+* (bug 1133) Special:Emailuser: add an option to send yourself a copy of your mail.
+* (bug 461) Allow "Categories:" link at bottom of pages to be customized via
+ pagecategorieslink message.
+* Sort the list of skins in "My Preferences" -> Skins by alphabetical order.
+* (bug 7785) Postgres compatibility for timestamps in RC feeds
+* (bug 7550) Normalize user parameter normally on Special:Log
+* (bug 7294) Fix PATH search for diff3 on install
+* Various fixes related to the blocking change re: autoblocks. On inserting
+ an IP block, the ipb_enable_autoblock field is now automagically blanked,
+ because it doesn't make any sense for an IP. Additionally, IP blocks
+ without the ipb_enable_autoblock option no longer show up as "autoblock
+ disabled" on Special:Ipblocklist.
+* (bug 7774) MATH: aded more amstex functions
+* (bug 1182) MATH: fixed inconsistent rendering of upper case Greek letters in TeX
+* Fix regression in streaming page dump generation
+* (bug 7801) Add support for parser function hooks in parser tests
+* checkUsernames.php now uses wfDebugLog instead of hardcoded path to log
+* (bug 7810) Update talk namespaces for Occitan
+* Allow case-sensitive URLs to be used for uploading from URLs.
+* (bug 1109) Correct fix for compressed 304 responses when additional output
+ buffers have been installed within the compression handler
+* (bug 7819) Move automatic redirect edit summary after pre-save transform
+ to work properly with subst: fun
+* (bug 7826) Fix typos in two English messages.
+* (bug 5365) Stop users being prompted to enter an edit summary for null edits,
+ if they have selected that option in preferences.
+* (bug 5936) Show an 'm' to the left of the edit summary on diff pages for minor edits.
+* (bug 7820) Improve error reporting for uploads via URL.
+* (bug 5149) When autoblocks are enabled, retroactively apply an autoblock to the most
+ recently used IP of a user when they are blocked.
+* Add an index on (rc_user_text,rc_timestamp) on the recentchanges table. This will
+ make CheckUser.php and the new retroactive autoblock functionality faster.
+* Fix regression in Special:Undelete for revisions deleted under MediaWiki 1.4
+ with compression or legacy encoding
+* (bug 6737) Fixes for MySQL 5 schema in strict mode
+* Approximate height for client-side scaling fallback instead of passing -1
+ into the HTML output.
+* Make the DNSBL to check for proxy blocking configurable via $wgSorbsUrl
+* Add experimental recording/reporting mode to parser tests runner, to
+ compare changes against the previous run.
+ Additional tables 'testrun' and 'testitem' are in maintenance/testRunner.sql,
+ source this and pass --record option to parserTests.php
+* Make the set of default parser test input files extensible via
+ $wgParserTestFiles. This can now be appended to by extensions or local
+ configuration files so that extension or custom tests can be automatically
+ run along with the main batch.
+* Run PHP install version checks on update.php so command-line updaters see
+ new version requirements
+* Do a check for the PHP 5.0.x 64-bit bug, since this is much more disruptive
+ as of MW 1.8 than it used to be. Install or upgrade now aborts with a
+ warning and a request to upgrade.
+* (bug 6440) Updated indexes to improve backlinking queries (links, templates, images)
+* Switched 'anon-only' block mode to default for IP blocks
+* (bug 3687, 7892) Add distinct heading for media files in category display,
+ with count.
+* (bug 1578) Add different icons for external links to audio, video, or PDF in
+ Monobook.
+* Made autoblocks block account creation if the user block has that option enabled.
+* Add auto-summaries to blankings and large removals without summaries.
+* (bug 7811) Allow preview of edit summaries.
+* (bug 6839) Wikibits.js minor changes to make JS-lint happier.
+* (bug 7932) Make sure that edit toolbar clears floats so it appears correctly.
+* (bug 6873) When viewing old revisions, add link to diff to current version.
+* (bug 3315) Provide rollback link directly on history page.
+* Replace 'old-revision-navigation' message with 'revision-info' and
+ 'revision-nav' messages, wrapped in divs with appropriate id's.
+* (bug 4178) MediaWiki:Common.js will now be included for all users if
+ $wgUseSiteJs is enabled, in addition to (if applicable) MediaWiki:Monobook.js
+ and user JS subpages.
+* (bug 7918) "Templates used on this page" changes during preview to reflect
+ any added or removed templates, and works as expected for section edits.
+* (bug 7919) "Templates used on this page" is now shown for read-only pages.
+* (bug 7688) When viewing diff, section anchors in autosummary jump to section
+ on current page instead of loading the latest version.
+* (bug 7970) Use current connection explicitly on Database::getServerVersion
+* (bug 2001) Tables with class="sortable" can now be dynamically sorted via
+ JavaScript.
+* Added autosummary for new pages with 500 or less characters, and refactor
+ the autosummary code so it's all done in one function. doEdit is getting too
+ big!
+* (bug 7554) The correct MIME type for SVG images is now displayed on the
+ image page (image/svg+xml, not image/svg).
+* (bug 7883) Added autoblock whitelisting feature, using which specific ranges
+ can be protected from autoblocking. These ranges are specified, in list format,
+ in the autoblock_whitelist system message.
+* Added placeholders for text injection by hooks to EditPage.php
+* (bug 8009) Automatic edit summary for redirects is not filled for edits in existing pages
+* Installer support for experimental MySQL 4.1/5.0 binary-safe schema
+* Use INSERT IGNORE for db-based BagOStuff add/insert, for more memcache-like
+ behavior when keys already exist on add (instead of dying with an error...)
+* Add a hook 'UploadForm:initial' before the upload form is generated, and two
+ member variable for text injection into the form, which can be filled by the hooks.
+* (bug 6295) Add a "revision patching" functionality, where an edit can be undone
+ (with a functionality similar to diff rev1 rev2 | patch -R rev3 -o rev3).
+ This is triggered by including &undo=revid in an edit URL. A link to a URL
+ that will undo a given edit is shown on NEW revision headers on diff pages.
+ The link leads to a "Show Changes" page showing what will be done to undo the
+ edit.
+* Fix display of link in "already rolled back" message for image/category pages
+* (bug 6016) Left-aligned images should stack vertically, like right-aligned
+ images, not horizontally.
+* Patch from LeonWP: added UploadForm:BeforeProcessing hook in SpecialUpload.php
+* Add AuthPluginSetup hook to override $wgAuth after configuration
+* Fix regression in authentication hook auto-creation on login
+* (bug 8110) Allow spaces in ISBNs
+* (bug 8024) Introduce "send me copies of emails I send to others" preference
+* Added 'EditPage::attemptSave' hook before an article is saved.
+* (bug 8083) Applied patch for sk localisation
+* Add a backslash character to the edit token, to prevent edits via certain
+ broken proxies that mangle such characters in form submissions
+* (bug 7461) Allow overwriting pages using importTextFile.php
+* (bug 7946) importTextFile.php doesn't perform pre-save transform
+* (bug 8117) {{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}} showed weird default if $wgLocalTZoffset set;
+ now uses current time for previews and if timestamp can't be loaded from DB
+* {{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}} now uses site local timezone instead of user timezone
+ to ensure consistent behavior
+* {{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}} and friends should now work on non-MySQL backends
+* (bug 7671) Observe canonical media namespace prefix in Linker::formatComment
+* Added js variable wgCurRevisionId to the output
+* (bug 8141) Cleanup of Parser::doTableStuff, patch by AzaTht
+* (bug 8042) Make miser mode caching limits settable via $wgQueryCacheLimit
+ instead of hardcoding to 1000
+* Enable QueryPage classes to override list formatting
+* (bug 5485) Show number of intervening revisions in diff view
+* (bug 8100) Fix XHTML validity in Taiwanese localization
+* Added redirect to section feature. Use it wisely.
+* Added a configuration variable allowing the "break out of framesets" feature
+ to be switched on and off ($wgBreakFrames). Off by default.
+* Allow Xml::check() $attribs parameter to override 'value' attribute
+* DB schema change: added two columns (rc_old_len and rc_new_len) to the recentchanges table to store
+ the text lengths before and after the edit
+* (bug 1085) Made Special:Recentchanges show the character difference between the changed revisions
+* Removed a redundant <strong> tag from diff pages that was causing display issues for some users
+* (bug 8203) The keyboard shortcut for "log out" was removed, because users were pressing it
+ when they intended to press the shortcut for "preview".
+* (bug 8148) Handle non-removable output buffers gracefully when cleaning
+ buffers for HTTP 304 responses, StreamFile, and Special:Export.
+ Duplicated code merged into wfResetOutputBuffers() and wfClearOutputBuffers()
+* Special:AllPages : 'next page' link now point to the first title of the next
+ chunk instead of pointing to the last title of current chunk.
+* (bug 4673) Special:AllPages : add a 'previous' link (new message 'prevpage')
+* (bug 8121) wfRandom() was not between 0 and 1
+* Add static method Parser::createAssocArgs($args), so parser functions can
+ use the same code to parse arguments as the templates do.
+* Change behavior of logins using the temporary e-mailed password (as stored
+ in user_newpassword hash field). Instead of just logging in silently and
+ leaving the previous user_password field in place indefinitely, the user
+ is now prompted to set a new password.
+ The password-changing form is at Special:Resetpass; currently it's only
+ usable for changing from the temporary password during login, but it
+ could perhaps be generalized, replacing the subform in preferences.
+ Once the new password is set successfully, the temporary password is wiped
+ so it cannot be used to login a second time, and the login process
+ is completed.
+* Suppress 'mail new password' button on login form if $wgAuth forbids
+ changing user passwords; it wouldn't work very well...
+* Consolidate password length checks and $wgAuth manipulation into
+ User::setPassword() to avoid duplicate code in different places
+ that set passwords.
+* User::setPassword() now throws PasswordError exceptions if the password
+ is illegal or cannot be set via $wgAuth. These can be caught and a human-
+ readable error message displayed by UI code.
+* Added Title::isSubpage()
+* (bug 8241) Don't consider user pages of User:Foo.css to be CSS subpages
+* Set an explicit class on framed thumbnail inner divs and images, changed some
+ CSS to use these instead of using descendent selectors.
+* Accept null parameter to User::setPassword() as indicating the password
+ field should be cleared to an unusable state. Login will only be possible
+ after the password is reset, for instance by e-mail.
+* (bug 6394) Invalidate the password set for "by e-mail" account creations
+ to avoid accidental empty password creations.
+* Made the show change size function work on page moves, page creations, and
+ log entries. Also fixed it in the javascript recentchanges.
+* (bug 8239) correctly get 50 new contributions when clicking '(50 next)'
+* (bug 2259) Fix old regression where e-mail addresses were no longer
+ confirmed on login with mailed password.
+* Add a notification about the confirmation mail sent during account
+ creation, so people don't immediately go off to request a second one.
+* Add a warning on Special:Confirmemail if a code was already sent and has
+ not yet expired.
+* Add user_editcount field to provide data for heuristics on account use.
+ Incremented on edit, with lazy initialization from past revision data.
+ Can batch-initialize with maintenance/initEditCount.php (not yet friendly
+ to replication environments, this will do all accounts in one query).
+* Allow raw SQL subsections in Database::update() SET portion as well as
+ for WHERE portion. Handy for increments and such.
+* User::getOption now accept a default value to override default user values
+ this makes it consistent with WebRequest::get* methods. Corrected code in
+ various places accordingly.
+* (bug 8264) Fix JavaScript global vars for XHTML mode
+* Make $wgSiteNotice value wikitext again, for consistency with editable
+ MediaWiki:Sitenotice and MediaWiki:Anonnotice.
+* (bug 8044) When redirecting from the canonical name of the special page
+ to the localised one, parameters/subpages are omitted
+* (bug 8164) Special:Booksources should use GET for form submission
+* Rewrite Special:Booksources to clean up interface and remove redundant code
+* (bug 7925) Change Special:Allmessages message name filter javascript to be
+ a bit more responsive and easier on the CPU
+* (bug 4488) Support watching pages on deletion; introduces new user preference
+* Minor restructuring of Special:Preferences; "watch pages I edit" and "watch
+ pages I create" options now accessible under "Watchlist" options
+* (bug 8153) <nowiki> doesn't work in site notice
+* (bug 6690) wfMsgNoTrans() transforms messages
+* (bug 8274) Wrap edit tools in a <div> with a specified class
+* Detect PHP 5.0.x 64-bit bug and abort in WebStart.php; too many things break
+ mysteriously otherwise (detection code copied from
+* (bug 8295) Change handling of <center> tags in doBlockLevels() to match that
+ of <div>
+* (bug 8110) Make magic ISBN linking stricter: only match ten-digit sequences
+ (plus optional ISBN-13 prefix) with no immediately following alphanumeric
+ character, disallow multiple consecutive internal redirects
+* (bug 2785) Accept optional colon prefix in links when formatting comments
+* Don't show "you can view and copy the source of this page" message for
+ pages which don't exist
+* (bug 8310) Blank line added to top of 'post' when page is blank
+* (bug 8109) Template parameters ignored in "recentchangestext"
+* Gracefully skip redirect-to-fragment on WebKit versions less than 420;
+ it messes up on current versions of Safari but is ok in the latest
+ nightlies. Checking the version number will allow it to automatically
+ work when new releases of Safari appear.
+* Fix regression in thumb styles; size and padding didn't match with
+ new arrangement.
+* (bug 8333) Fix quick user data update on login password change on
+ replication database setups. User data is now pulled from master
+ instead of slave in User::loadFromDatabase, ensuring that it is
+ fresh and accurate when read and then saved back into cache.
+ This was breaking with the Special:Rename operation which
+ automatically logs the user in with the new password after changing
+ it; pulling from slave meant the record was often not the updated
+ one.
+* (bug 8335) Set image width to the first valid parameter found.
+* (bug 8350) Fix watchlist viewing bug when using Postgres.
+* (bug 6603) When warning about invalid file extensions, output the bit
+ of the extension we actually checked
+* (bug 7669) Drop defaults on BLOB/TEXT columns for better compatibility
+ with MySQL's strict mode, often enabled by the Windows installer.
+ The defaults are ignored anyway when strict mode is off...
+* (bug 7685) Use explicit values for ar_text and ar_flags when deleting,
+ for better compatibility with MySQL's strict mode
+* Update default interwiki values to reflect changed location of ursine:
+* (bug 5411) Remove autopatrol preference
+* Users who have the "autopatrol" permission will have their edits marked as
+ patrolled automatically
+* Users who do not have the "autopatrol" permission will no longer be able
+ to mark their own edits as patrolled
+* Introduce 'PingLimiter' hook; see docs/hooks.txt for more information
+* (bug 532) Tweaked alt text for some interface messages
+* (bug 8231) Gave useful alt text to the main <img> on image pages
+* (bug 371) Remove alt text for "Enlarge" icon on thumbnails
+* Initialize user_editcount to 0 instead of NULL for newly created accounts
+* (bug 3696) Strip LRM and RLM characters from titles to work around the
+ problem some people have where titles cut-and-pasted from lists include
+ the bidi override characters appended to the lists.
+ A more thorough blacklist for forbidden and translatable characters would
+ be wise, though, as might a cleaner method for the lists in the first place.
+* Fix regression in email password resets on read-restricted sites
+* Set tabindex on fields in deletion form so you don't have to tab through
+ the links in the sitenotice
+* (bug 8271) Show full time and date on viewer for individual deleted
+ revisions
+* (bug 8214) Output file size limit and actual file size in appropriate units
+ on Special:Upload
+* (bug 8016) Purge objectcache table during upgrade processes - use the --nopurge
+ option to prevent this when running maintenance/update.php
+* (bug 7612) Remove superfluous link to Special:Categories from result items
+ on Special:Mostcategories
+* {{PLURAL:}} now handles formatted numbers correctly
+* (bug 8331) Added the change size value to watchlists; therefore made
+ watchlists use RecentChange::newFromRow() instead of newFromCurRow()
+* (bug 8351) Fix undo for simple reverts
+* (bug 6856) User::clearNotification() does not respect read-only mode
+* (bug 6853) Use a checkbox on the installer form to indicate that a superuser
+ account should be used; this is clearer than the old check which relied on
+ the password never being an obscure value
+* Remove old unused watchlist cache, which was a leftover from the old schema
+ where watchlists were more expensive to generate
+* Minor cosmetic changes to Special:Userrights
+* Added wgCanonicalSpecialPageName to JavaScript variables
+* Fix image deleting when using Postgres.
+* Output both source and destination titles in maintenance/moveBatch.php
+* Added basic parser tests for language variants
+* Enable selflinks and categories to be written in some of the language variants
+* Prevent conversion of JavaScript code in language variants
+* Output software version number in maintenance/parserTests.php
+* (bug 7169) Use Ajax to watch/unwatch articles if enabled
+* Make variant table caching a little more robust, using main language code
+ in cache key. Probably this is still a bit wonky, though. Was breaking
+ parser tests when Chinese tables were getting loaded into Serbian code.
+* (bug 8380) Be nicer about blank lines in deleteBatch.php
+* (bug 8401) Fix regression in SORBS lookup for some DNS setups
+* Use raw file descriptor in posix_isatty() check to avoid warning on
+ Linux systems with at least some versions of PHP
+* (bug 5908) Allow overriding the default category sort key for all items on
+ a page using {{DEFAULTSORT}}
+* (bug 6449) Throw a more definitive error message when installation fails
+ due to an invalid database name
+* (bug 5827) Use full text for option link labels on Special:Watchlist
+* (bug 8018) Allow hiding minor edits from the watchlist
+* (bug 8427) MonoBook RTL IE 7.0 tweaks failed when sidebar's navigation
+ section is renamed; no longer relies on first section name
+* Stabilize client-side table sorting even if the underlying Javascript sort()
+ implementation is unstable
+* Add hook for extensions to add user information to the panel in preferences,
+ next to the user name and ID.
+* (bug 8392) Display protection status of transcluded pages in the edit page
+ template list. Patch by Fyren, with i18n naming tweak.
+* Fix for interwiki transclusion where target wiki uses query string for title
+* Resolve namespaces on interwiki Title objects using canonical namespace names
+ if possible (should not happen, though, outside interwiki transclusion... and
+ maybe not even then, but it does)
+* (bug 8447) Fix SQL typo breaking non-default $wgHitcounterUpdateFreq
+* Do not allow previews of deleted images to be cached
+* Add global variable $wgDefaultLanguageVariant used to set the default language
+ variant of a wiki to something different than the main language code
+* Add 'variant' option to parserTests - runs test with the given variant as
+ preferred, utilize it for more parser tests of language variants code
+* (bug 6503) Fix bug that stopped certain irrelevant links from being hidden
+ for printing
+* Avoid PHP warning in Creative Commons metadata when a creative commons
+ license is not actually set up
+* (bug 8463) Don't print external link icons for Monobook
+* (bug 8461) Support watching pages on move
+* (bug 8041) Work around bug with debug_backtrace when Zend Optimizer is
+ loaded by skipping the function. Use wfDebugBacktrace() wrapper function.
+* Reduce config file clutter by setting various script and upload paths
+ based on $IP or $wgScriptPath in Setup.php. They can still be explicitly
+ overridden in LocalSettings.php if desired...
+* Attempt to detect redirect loops for the canonical title redirect, and
+ give some hints to the poor confused administrator.
+* Introduce new flag 'R' - raw output for language variant escape tags
+* Advise users when updates for a query page have been disabled using
+ $wgDisableQueryPageUpdate
+* (bug 8413) Improve comments for $wgNamespaceRobotPolicies
+* (bug 8330) Show "bytes" suffix on recent changes diff counter
+ optionally... if set in rc-changes-size message (default empty for now)
+* (bug 8489) Support basic links in <gallery> caption attribute
+* (bug 8485) Correct Lingala number formatting
+* The MediaWiki namespace is no longer pre-filled with default messages on
+ install. All default messages will be removed from the MediaWiki namespace
+ on upgrade.
+* Recentchanges RSS/Atom feeds now use a separate message for the description
+ to avoid cluttering it with useless wiki formatting
+* (bug 8417) Handle EXIF unknown dates
+* (bug 8372) Return nothing on empty <math> tags.
+* New maintenance script to show the cached statistics : showStats.php.
+* Count deleted edits when regenerating total edits in maintenance/initStats.php
+* (bug 3706) Allow users to be exempted from IP blocks. The ipblock-exempt permission
+ key has been added to enable this behaviour, by default assigned to sysops.
+* (bug 7948) importDump.php now warn that Recentchanges need to be rebuild.
+* (bug 7667) allow XHTML namespaces customization
+* (bug 8531) Correct local name of Lingála (patch by Raymond)
+* Fix regression with default lock file and cache directories; threw visible
+ warning with open_basedir
== Languages updated ==
-* Albanian (sq)
-* Bashkir (ba)
-* Bavarian (bar) stub file
-* Belarusian (be)
-* Bishnupriya (bpy) stub file
-* Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br)
+* Basque (eu)
+* Bishnupriya Manipuri (bpy)
* Cantonese (zh-yue)
-* Catalan (ca)
-* Czech (cs)
-* Dutch (nl)
-* English (en)
* Finnish (fi)
-* French (fr)
-* Georgian (ka)
+* Frisian (fy)
* German (de)
* Hebrew (he)
-* Hungarian (hu)
* Indonesian (id)
+* Italian (it)
* Japanese (ja)
-* Korean (ko)
+* Kazakh (kk)
+* Kongo (kg)
* Latin (la)
-* Lojban (jbo)
-* Macedonian (mk)
-* Mazandarani (mzn)
+* Limburgish (li)
+* Lingala (ln)
+* Lithuanian (lt)
+* Maltese (mt)
+* Maori (mi)
+* Norwegian (no)
+* Occitan (oc)
+* Old Church Slavonic (cu)
* Polish (pl)
* Portuguese (pt)
-* Ripuarian (ksh)
-* Romani (rmy)
+* Ripurian (ksh)
* Russian (ru)
* Slovak (sk)
-* Spanish (es)
-* Tajic (tg)
-* Tatar (tt)
-* Telugu (te)
-* Uzbek (uz)
-* Yiddish (yi)
+* Swedish (sv)
+* Taiwanese/Holo: (bug 8217) changed language code to nan (from zh-min-nan)
+ due to
+* Upper Sorbian (hsb)
+* Vietnamese (vi)
== Compatibility ==
-MediaWiki 1.8 requires PHP 5 (5.1 recommended). PHP 4 is no longer supported.
+MediaWiki 1.9 requires PHP 5 (5.1 recommended). PHP 4 is no longer supported.
PHP 5.0.x fails on 64-bit systems due to serious bugs with array processing:
@@ -429,7 +808,7 @@ cases, but this is not recommended on live sites. (This must be set for
MathML to display properly in Mozilla.)
-For notes on 1.5.x and older releases, see HISTORY.
+For notes on 1.8.x and older releases, see HISTORY.
=== Online documentation ===
@@ -446,11 +825,11 @@ License:
A MediaWiki-l mailing list has been set up distinct from the Wikipedia
wikitech-l list:
A low-traffic announcements-only list is also available:
It's highly recommended that you sign up for one of these lists if you're
going to run a public MediaWiki, so you can be notified of security fixes.