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Aktualisierung auf Version 1.8.1
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Security reminder: MediaWiki does not require PHP's register_globals
setting since version 1.2.0. If you have it on, turn it *off* if you can.
-== MediaWiki 1.7.1 ==
+== MediaWiki 1.8.1 ==
-July 8, 2006
+October 11, 2006
-MediaWiki 1.7.1 is a security and bugfix maintenance release of the
-Summer 2006 snapshot:
+MediaWiki 1.8.1 fixes several issues in the Fall 2006 snapshot release:
-A potential HTML/JavaScript-injection vulnerability in a debugging script
-has been fixed. Only versions and configurations of PHP vulnerable to the
-$GLOBALS overwrite vulnerability are affected.
+* Fix PHP notice and estimates for dumpBackup.php and friends
+* Improved register_globals paranoia checks
+* (bug 7545) Fix PHP version check on install
+* Experimental web API disabled by default
+* Disable PHP exception backtrace printing unless $wgShowExceptionDetails
+ is set. Backtraces may contain sensitive information in function call
+ parameters.
-As a workaround for existing installs, profileinfo.php may simply be deleted
-if it's not being used.
-* Fix for 'emailconfirmed' implicit user group
-* Fix for upgrades on some versions of MySQL 4.0.x
-* Fixed potential XSS in profileinfo.php
-* Installer now shows clear error message about old PHP versions
- rather than a confusing parse error
+== MediaWiki 1.8.0 ==
+October 10, 2006
-== MediaWiki 1.7.0 ==
-July 6, 2006
-This is the quarterly release snapshot for Summer 2006. While the code
+This is the quarterly release snapshot for Fall 2006. While the code
has been running on Wikipedia for some time, installation and upgrade
bits may be less well tested. Bug fix releases may follow in the coming
days or weeks.
@@ -46,26 +40,333 @@ Those wishing to use the latest code instead of a branch release can obtain
it from source control:
-== Compatibility ==
+== Configuration changes ==
+* $wgUseETag, to enable/disable sending of HTTP ETag headers
+ (default: disabled)
+* $wgLegalTitleChars now includes '+' by default for better compatibility
+ with importing data dumps from Wikipedia
+* $wgDefaultUserOptions now includes all default option settings instead
+ of only overrides.
-MediaWiki 1.7 requires PHP 5 (5.1 recommended). PHP 4 is no longer supported.
-If you are unable to run PHP 5, you may have to stick with 1.6 for now.
+== Major new features ==
+* (bug 7098) Add an option to disable/enable sending of HTTP ETag headers,
+ as it seems to result in broken behaviour in combination with Squid 2.6
+ (disabled by default).
+* (bug 550) Allow blocks on anonymous users only.
+* (bug 6420) Render thumbnails for DJVU images, support multipage DJVU display
+ on image pages. Added new 'page=' thumbnail option to select a page from a
+ multipage djvu for thumbnail generation.
+* Full Postgres support is now enabled. It requires version 8.1 or better, and
+ needs to have both plpgsql and tsearch2 already installed.
+* (bug 6386) fix grammatical errors in danish naming of talk namespaces.
+== Changes since 1.7 ==
+* Introduced AjaxResponse object, superceding AjaxCachePolicy
+* Changes to sajax_do_call: optionally accept an element to fill instead of a
+ callback function; take the target function or element as a third parameter;
+ pass the full XMLHttpRequest object to the handler function, instead of just
+ the resultText value; use HTTP response codes to report errors.
+* (bug 6562) Removed unmaintained ParserXml.php for now
+* History paging overlap bug fixed
+* (bug 6586) Regression in "unblocked" subtitle
+* Don't put empty-page message into view-source when page text is blank
+* (bug 6587) Remove redundant "allnonarticles" message
+* Block improvements: Allow blocks on anonymous users only. Optionally allow
+ or disallow account creation from blocked IP addresses. Prevent duplicate
+ blocks. Fixed the problem of expiry and unblocking erroneously affecting
+ multiple blocks. Fixed confusing lack of error message when a blocked user
+ attempts to create an account. Fixed inefficiency of Special:Ipblocklist in
+ the presence of large numbers of blocks; added indexes and implemented an
+ indexed pager.
+* (bug 6448) Allow filtering of Special:Newpages according to username
+* (bug 6618) Improve permissions/error detection in Special:Lockdb
+* Quick hack for extension testing: parser test doesn't create new message
+ cache object.
+* (bug 6299) Maintain parser's revision ID across recursive calls to fix
+ {{REVISIONID}} when Cite extension is used
+* (bug 6622) Removed deprecated function Image::newFromTitle
+* (bug 6627) Fix regression in Special:Ipblocklist with table prefix
+* Removed forced dereferencements (new() returns a reference in PHP5)
+* Note about $wgUploadSizeWarning using byte
+* (bug 6592) Add most viewed pages summary to Special:Statistics
+* Pre-strip characters ignored in IDNs from URLs so they can't be used
+ to break the blacklists for regular URLs
+* Fix regression in blocking of user accounts
+* (bug 6635) Fix regression searching for range blocks on Ipblocklist
+* Fix regression searching Ipblocklist with ugly URLs
+* (bug 6639) Use a consistent default for upload directories
+* Preserve entered reason when reporting unconfirmed lock on Special:Lockdb
+* (bug 6642) Don't offer to unlock the database when it isn't locked
+* cleanupTitles.php changed from --dry-run option to --fix, so default
+ behavior is now a non-invasive check as with namespaceDupes.php
+* (bug 6660) Fix behaviour of EditPage::blockedPage() when the article does
+ not exist; now doesn't show the source box if the user hasn't provided it
+ (blocked mid-edit) and the page doesn't exist
+* Improve default value of "blockedtext"
+* (bug 6680) Added localisation for Dutch bookstore list (nl)
+* Renamed maintainace script redundanttrans.php to unusedMessages.php - clearer usage
+* Fix regression which allowed some blocked users to create additional accounts
+* (bug 6657) Fix Hungarian linktrail
+* (bug 6751) Fix preview of blanked section with edit on first preview option
+* (bug 5456) Separate MediaWiki:Search into messages for both noun and verb,
+ introduced 'MediaWiki:Searchbutton'
+* Made lines from initialiseMessages() appear as list items during installation
+* Moved the bulk of the localisation data from the Language*.php files to the
+ Messages*.php files. Deleted most of the Languages*.php files.
+* Introduced "stub global" framework to provide deferred initialisation of core
+ modules.
+* Removed placeholder values for $wgTitle and $wgArticle, these variables will
+ now be null during the initialisation process, until they are set by index.php
+ or another entry point.
+* Added DBA cache type, for BDB-style caches.
+* Removed custom date format functions, replacing them with a format string in
+ the style of PHP's date(). Used string identifiers instead of integer
+ identifiers, in both the language files and user preferences. Migration should
+ be transparent in most cases.
+* Simplified the initialisation API for LoadBalancer objects.
+* Removed the broken altencoding feature.
+* Moved default user options and toggles from Language to User. Language objects
+ are still able to define default preference overrides and extra user toggles,
+ via a slightly different interface.
+* Don't include the date option in the parser cache rendering hash unless
+ $wgUseDynamicDates is enabled.
+* Merged LanguageUtf8 with Language. Removed LanguageUtf8.php.
+* Removed inclusion of language files from the bottom of Language.php. This is
+ now consistently done from Language::factory().
+* Add the name of the executing maintenance script to the debug log. Start the
+ profiler during maintenance scripts.
+* Added "serialized" directory, for storing precompiled data in serialized form.
+* Fix regression in auto-set NS_PROJECT_TALK namespace
+* Fix regression in ordering of namespaces
+* (bug 6806, 6030) Added several global JS variables for article path, user name,
+ page title, etc.
+* hooks registered with addOnloadHook are now called at the one of the html body
+ by all skins.
+* Split ajax aided search from core ajax framework. Use wgUseAjax to enable the
+ framework and wgAjaxSearch to enable the suggest feature for the search box.
+* Added experimental installer for extensions.
+ See maintenance/installExtension.php
+* Added Tajic (tg) language file.
+* (bug 6903) Added Cantonese localisation (zh-yue)
+* Fix regression in Korean and Japanese date formatting (day of week)
+* (bug 6919) Add English alias magic words for Tatar (tt) language file.
+* (bug 6753) Fixed broken Kazakh linktrail (kk)
+* (bug 6700) Added Kazakh language variants to Names.php
+* (bug 6827) some i18n specific maintenance scripts fails after merge of localisation-work branch
+* Throwed an exception for the deprecated functions OutputPage::sysopRequired and
+ OutputPage::developerRequired - use OutputPage::permissionRequired instead.
+* Removed the deprecated functions User::isSysop, User::isBureaucrat and User::isDeveloper -
+ use User::isAllowed instead.
+* (bug 769) OutputPage::permissionRequired() should suggest groups with the needed permission
+* (bug 6971) Fix regression in Special:Export history view
+* Revamped Special:Imagelist
+* (bug 7000) updated MessagesPl.php
+* (bug 6946) Fix unexpected behavior change with GET hits to Special:Export
+* (bug 1866) Improve navigation on Special:Listusers; user now a starting
+ point as with Special:Allpages, rather than a pure limit.
+* Clean up tab order on Special:Blockip
+* (bug 5969) Clean up tab order on Special:Userlogin forms
+* (bug 3512) namespaceDupes now handles spaces and initial caps properly
+* (bug 7037) Fix regression in login tab order
+* (bug 7031) Report missing email on 'email password' instead of false success
+* (bug 7010) Don't send email notifications for watched talk pages when user
+ has selected to receive only updates for their own talk page
+* Added {{CURRENTHOUR}}
+* Added [[:Image:Foo.png]] style links to the pagelinks table
+* Avoid duplicate revision imports with Special:Import
+* (bug 7054) Validate email address before sending email confirmation message
+* (bug 7061) Format title on "from (page)" links on Special:Allpages
+* (bug 7044) Introduce "padleft" and "padright" colon functions
+* Pass page title as parameters to "linkshere" and "nolinkshere" and update
+ default message text
+* Allows to upload from publicy accessible URL. Set $wgAllowCopyUploads = true ; in LocalSettings.php
+ Limited to $wgMaxUploadSize (default:100MB); URL upload is limited to sysops by default, and displayed as a second line if appropriate
+* (bug 832) Return to user page after emailing a user
+* (bug 366) Add local-system-timezone equivalents for date/time variables
+* (bug 7109) Fix Atom feed version number in header links
+* (bug 7075) List registered parser function hooks on Special:Version
+* (bug 7059) Introduce "anchorencode" colon function
+* Include SVN revision number in {{CURRENTVERSION}} output, where applicable
+* Fix bug in wfRunHooks which caused corruption of objects in the hook list
+* (bug 4979) Use simplified email addresses when running on Windows
+* (bug 4434) Show block log fragment on Special:Blockip
+* [[MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage]] may optionally contain wiki links to any number
+ of disambiguation templates.
+* [[Special:Disambiguations]] now shows pages in NS:0 that link to any pages that embed
+ any of the templates listed at [[MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage]].
+* Fix formatting of titles on Special:Undelete
+* (bug 7026) Fix action=raw&templates=expand
+* (bug 6976) Add namespace and direction classes to classic skins
+* (bug 7144) Don't "return to main" from OutputPage::loginToUse() if the the user can't
+ read the main page in the first place
+* (bug 7188) Fix minor borkage in HTMLForm
+* (bug 6675) Replaced message 'watchthis' with new message 'watchthisupload in Special:Upload
+* Add a quickie script dumpSisterSites.php for generating a page list in the
+ format for WSR-1 SisterSites support
+* (bug 7223) Monobook.js is used for site content, should not be localized
+* Set default disabled values for DjVu render options
+* Added Xml::option() for generating <option>s easily
+* Localized page numbers in drop-down for DjVu page selection
+* Fixed linktrail for vi
+* (bug 6893) "Call to a member function exists() on a non-object" on trackback.php with bad input
+* (bug 6886) PHP undefined offset on bad input to Special:Revisiondelete
+* (bug 6887) PHP error for call to getId() on bad input to Special:Revisiondelete
+* (bug 6888) PHP error for call to getTimestamp() on bad input to Special:Revisiondelete
+* (bug 7252) Use dvipng support in texvc math rastrization. dvipng is required if texvc is rebuilt.
+* (bug 7279) Use wfBaseName in place of basename() in more places
+* Clear newtalk marker on diff links with explicit current revision number
+* (bug 7064) Replace hard-coded empty message checks with wfEmptyMsg calls
+* (bug 6777) Remove some PHP 4 compat cruft
+* Add --user, --comment, and --license options to importImages.php
+* (bug 6216) The immobile namespace message does not mention the source page
+* (bug 7299) Normalize username filter on Special:Newpages
+* (bug 7306) RTL text in an LTR wiki breaks appearance of Special:Recentchanges
+* (bug 7312) Don't emit SET NAMES utf8 if connection failed
+* (bug 7305) Proper compare for bot check on RC notify, should fix overrides
+ that force edits by non-bot users to bot mode
+* Set Vary: Cookie on action=raw generated CSS and JS, to ensure that user
+ preferences don't get stuck in proxy caches for other people
+* (bug 7324) Fix error message for failure of Database::sourceFile()
+* (bug 7309) Plurals: use singular form for zero in French and Brazilian Portuguese
+* Add page_no_title_convert field to support language variant conversion
+ for page titles which shouldn't be converted on display/linking
+* Lazy extraction of text chunks in Revision objects, may reduce hits to
+ external storage when actual text content is not used
+* Added experimental $wgRevisionCacheExpiry to cache extracted revision text
+ in $wgMemc, to further reduce hits to external storage.
+ Set to 0 (disabled) by default.
+* Minor changes to the installer.
+* Remove ":" for 'youremail' and 'yourrealname' in includes/templates/Userlogin.php
+ so that ":" could be used in i18n for Special:Preferences (like 'username' and 'uid').
+* Fix layout for Special:Preferences->Date and Time (position for 'timezonetext').
+* Updates to language variant code for Serbian et al
+* (bug 6756) Enabling RTL direction for kk-cn
+* (bug 6701) Kazakh language variants in MessagesEn.php
+* (bug 7335) SVN revision check in Special:Version fails on SVN 1.4 working copy
+* (bug 6518) Replaced 'lastmodified' with 'lastmodifiedat' and 'lastmodifiedby' with 'lastmodifiedatby'
+ with seperated parameters for date and time to allow better localisation. Updated all message files
+ to display the old format for compatibility.
+* (bug 7357) Make supposedly static methods of Skin actually static
+* Added info text to Special:Deadendpages and Special:Lonelypages
+* Fix regression in cachability of generated CSS and JS for MonoBook skin,
+ while avoiding clobbering of different users' cached data
+* (bug 6849) Block @ from usernames; interferes with multi-database tools and
+ was meant to be banned years ago... For now existing accounts will not be
+ prevented fromm login.
+* (bug 6092) Introduce magic words {{REVISIONDAY}}, {{REVISIONDAY2}, {{REVISIONMONTH}},
+* (bug 7425) Preceeding whitespace in [[...]] breaks subpages
+* Try to reconnect after transitory database errors in dumpTextPass.php
+* (bug 6023) Fixed mismatch of 0/NULL for wl_notificationtimestamp; now notification
+ mails are working after 'Mark all pages visited' button on Special:Watchlist is clicked
+* Made {{INT:}} a core parser function instead of a special case. The syntax
+ and behaviour is largely unchanged.
+* (bug 7448) Fixing the native name for Ewe (ee)
+* (bug 6864) Replace message 'editing' with new message 'editinguser' in Special:Userrights
+ to allow better localisation
+* Add '*-summary' for special pages to MessagesEn.php to allow customizing/translation
+ directly through Special:Allmessages
+* (bug 6130, bug 5818) Replaced message 'go' with the new message 'searcharticle' in skins
+ to allow better localisation
+* Add + to $wgLegalTitleChars by default. Some sites may have occasional
+ problems with hard-to-reach pages, but it should be less trouble than
+ "I can't import dumps from Wikipedia" complaints
+* (bug 7460) Revert broken patch for bug 7226 which slows down
+ Special:Allmessages by a factor of 16
+* Committed a bunch of live hacks from Wikimedia servers
+* (bug 6889) PHP notices in thumb.php with missing params
+* Cleaner error behavior on thumb.php with invalid page selection
+* (bug 6617) Validate timestamps on Special:Undelete
+* Do fewer unnecessary full writes of user rows; only update user_touched
+ for watch/unwatch, group membership change, and login operations
+* Restructured the languages directory, to avoid problems when people
+ untar MW 1.8 over the top of a 1.7 installation.
+* (bug 6890) SQL query error on bad input to Pager lists
+ due to negative LIMIT clause, caused by integer wraparound.
+* Fixed various bugs related to table prefixes, especially the interaction
+ between table prefixes and memcached, which was formerly completely broken.
+* (bug 7004) PHP iconv() notice on bad password input to Special:Userlogin.
+* (bug 6826) Extend pre-save transform context link ("pipe trick")
+ syntax to pages with commas in title
+* Use ImageMagick -thumbnail option instead of -resize to avoid including
+ excessive metadata in thumbs (requires ImageMagick 6.0.0 or newer).
+* (bug 7499) Corrections to Swedish talk namespace names
+* (bug 7508) Added option to compress HTML pages by dumpHTML.php
+* (bug 7519) Add plural in SpecialWatchlist
+* (bug 7459) Magic word variables are always case sensitive
+* Replaced {{SERVER}}{{localurl:xxx}} with {{fullurl:xxx}} in localisation files
+* Fix regression in Special:Watchlist text header
+* (bug 7510) Update article counts etc on undelete
+* (bug 7520) Update article counts on XML import
+* (bug 7526) Make $wgDefaultUserOptions work again
+* (bug 7472) Localize Help namespace for Basque
+* (bug 7529) Including a non-existent category in an article places that article in the category
+* (bug 4528) Lack of important LaTeX functions stackrel, rightleftharpoon
+* (bug 6721) missing symbols ulcorner, urcorner, llcorner, lrcorner, twoheadrightarrow, twoheadleftarrow
+* (bug 7367) Hyphens sometimes erroneously appended to equations when not converted to PNG
+* Add "title" to the opensearch link to allow automatic adding of the search engine in Firefox 2
+* (bug 7537) Add php5 to $wgFileBlacklist
+* (bug 6929) Restore AutoAuthenticate hook
+== Languages updated ==
+* Albanian (sq)
+* Bashkir (ba)
+* Bavarian (bar) stub file
+* Belarusian (be)
+* Bishnupriya (bpy) stub file
+* Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br)
+* Cantonese (zh-yue)
+* Catalan (ca)
+* Czech (cs)
+* Dutch (nl)
+* English (en)
+* Finnish (fi)
+* French (fr)
+* Georgian (ka)
+* German (de)
+* Hebrew (he)
+* Hungarian (hu)
+* Indonesian (id)
+* Japanese (ja)
+* Korean (ko)
+* Latin (la)
+* Lojban (jbo)
+* Macedonian (mk)
+* Mazandarani (mzn)
+* Polish (pl)
+* Portuguese (pt)
+* Ripuarian (ksh)
+* Romani (rmy)
+* Russian (ru)
+* Slovak (sk)
+* Spanish (es)
+* Tajic (tg)
+* Tatar (tt)
+* Telugu (te)
+* Uzbek (uz)
+* Yiddish (yi)
+== Compatibility ==
+MediaWiki 1.8 requires PHP 5 (5.1 recommended). PHP 4 is no longer supported.
MySQL 3.23.x is no longer supported; some older hosts may need to upgrade.
At this time we still recommend 4.0, but 4.1/5.0 will work fine in most cases.
-Experimental Oracle support has been dropped as it is unmaintained.
== Upgrading ==
-Several changes to the database have been made from 1.6:
-* A new "langlinks" table tracks interlanguage links
-* A new "filearchive" table stores information on deleted files
-* A new "querycache_info" table stores information on query page updates
+Some minor database changes have been made since 1.7:
+* new fields and indexes on ipblocks
+* index change on recentchanges
+Several changes from 1.5 and 1.6 do require updates to be run on upgrade.
To ensure that these tables are filled with data, run refreshLinks.php after
the upgrade.
@@ -76,649 +377,6 @@ break. Don't forget to always back up your database before upgrading!
See the file UPGRADE for more detailed upgrade instructions.
-== Configuration changes ==
-Some configuration options have changed:
-* $wgAllowExternalImages now defaults to off for increased security.
-* $wgLocalTZoffset was in hours, it is now using minutes.
-* Extensions may register special pages via the $wgSpecialPages array
- without forcing an early load of the SpecialPage.php class file.
-== Major new features ==
-* Deleted files can now be archived and undeleted, if you set up
- an appropriate non-web-accessible directory.
- Set $wgSaveDeletedFiles on and an appropriate directory path in
- $wgFileStore['deleted']['directory']
-* Experimental PostgreSQL support has been updated. It may or may
- not be in usable shape; those interested in PostgreSQL are encouraged
- to follow 1.8 development.
-== Changes since 1.6 ==
-* (bug 5458) Fix double-URL encoding in block log link in contribs and contribs
- link in block log
-* (bug 5462) Bogus missing patch warning in updater
-* (bug 5461) Use of deprecated "showhideminor" in Special:Recentchangeslinked
-* PHP warning when allow_call_time_pass_reference is off
-* Update to Finnish localization
-* (bug 5467) Link to page histories in watchlist edit mode
-* Further additions to Hebrew localisation
-* (bug 5476) Invalid xhtml in German localization
-* (bug 5479) Id translation for preferences tabs caption
-* (bug 5493) Id translation for special pages
-* Added skinname and style path parameters to CBT version of MonoBook
-* Include subversion revision number in Special:Version if available
-* (bug 5344) Fix regression that broke slashes in extension tag parameters
-* Improve Special:Log performance on big log sets
-* (bug 5507) Changed mediawiki:logouttext from plain to wikitext
-* (bug 4760) Prevent creation of entries in protection log when protection
- levels haven't changed
-* (bug 861) Show page protection/unprotection events in histories
-* (bug 5499) Don't clear the tag strip state when asked not to clear state.
- Fixes regression with use of <ref> in a template breaking <nowiki> etc.
-* Minor improvements to English language files
-* Display the anon talk page info message on anon talk pages again
- (moved outside the parser cache)
-* Optional {{DISPLAYTITLE|title with markup}} magic word
- Deactivated by default, set "$wgAllowDisplayTitle = true" in LocalSettings.php
- to activate
-* Cleaned SpecialContributions a bit
-* Added a table to track interlanguage links
-* (bug 5544) Fix redirect arrow in Special:Listredirects for right-to-left
- languages
-* Replace "doubleredirectsarrow" with a content language check that picks the
- appropriate arrow
-* (bug 5537) Add stub language file for Samogitian (bat-smg); inherits
- Lithuanian (lt)
-* Don't force edit summaries when a user is editing their own user/talk page
-* (bug 5510) Warning produced when using {{SUBPAGENAME}} in some namespaces
-* (bug 385) Installer support for PostgreSQL, fixes for PG compatibility
-* PersistentObject removed; it doesn't do anything and was broken besides.
- All extensions using it have been corrected.
-* Propagate ISBN number for Booksources in LanguageNo.php
-* (bug 5548) Improvements to Indonesian localisation [patch: Ivan Lanin]
- for all) magic words
-* (bug 5403) Fix Special:Newpages RSS/Atom feeds
-* Reject malformed addresses in X-Forwarded-For entries
-* (bug 3359) Add hooks on completion of file upload
-* (bug 5559) Improve detection of ImageMagick [patch: Greg Turnquist]
-* (bug 5475) New pages feeds ignore "limit" argument
-* (bug 5184) CSS misapplied to elements in Special:Allmessages due to
- conflicting anchor identifiers
-* (bug 5519) Allow sidebar cache to be disabled; disable it by default.
-* Maintenance script to import the contents of a text file into a wiki page
-* Add $wgReservedUsernames configuration directive to block account creation/use
-* (bug 5576) Remove debugging hack in session check
-* (bug 5426) Lowercase treatment of titles in rights log leads to broken links
- on Special:Log
-* Minor improvements to French localisation files
-* (bug 5181) Update "nogomatch" for Slovak
-* (bug 5594) Id translation up to # Login and logout pages section
-* (bug 5536) Use content language for editing help link
-* Improvements to German localisation files
-* (bug 5570) Problems using <special page>/parameter link form for long titles
-* (bug 3884) Add $user parameter to AddNewUser hook, call it for by-email
- registrations as well as self-registrations.
-* (bug 4327) Report age of cached data sets in query pages
-* (bug 4662) Fix Safari check in wikibits.js
-* (bug 4663) Edit toolbar enabled in compatible versions of Safari
-* (bug 5572) Edit toolbar enabled in compatible versions of Konqueror (3.5+)
-* (bug 5235) Edit toolbar tooltips no longer show JavaScript junk in Opera
-* Edit toolbar now works in pure XHTML mode (application/xhtml+xml)
-* Add watchlist clear function to allow quick purging of all items
-* (bug 5625) Additional namespace translations for Welsh
-* Add meta tag and JavaScript variables to cached special pages which provides
- the timestamp of the last update, in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format.
-* (bug 5628) More translations for MessagesHr.php
-* (bug 5595) Localisation for Bosnian language (bs)
-* (bug 2910) Default view preferences for watchlists
-* Add "hide bot edits from the watchlist" user preference
-* (bug 5250) Introduce Special:Unusedtemplates
-* Add user preference setting for an extended watchlist, showing all recent
- edits up to a certain edit, and not just the latest edit..
-* Made MessageRo.php more general
-* (bug 5640) Indonesian localisation improvements
-* (bug 5592) Actions are logged with the default language for the
- wiki, not the language of the user performing the operation.
-* (bug 5644) Error in LanguageBs.php file
-* (bug 5646) Compare for identical types in wfElement()
-* (bug 5472) Language::userAdjust()->minDiff not initialized on else condition
-* (bug 5386) LanguageMk.php: updated namespaces translations
-* (bug 5422) Stub for Romani (rmy) language which extends ro
-* Fix linktrail for LanguageSr
-* (bug 5664) Fix Bosnian linktrail
-* (bug 3825) Namespace filtering on Special:Newpages
-* (bug 1922) When Special:Wantedpages is cached, mark links to pages
- which have since been created
-* (bug 5659) Change grammar hacks for Bosnian Wikimedia namespaces.
- This sort of special casing should be removed and fixed properly.
-* Remove useless whitespace from Special:Brokenredirects header
-* Treat "allmessagesnotsupporteddb" as wikitext when echoing; change default
- text
-* (bug 5497) Regression in HTML normalization in 1.6 (unclosed <li>,<dd>,<dt>)
-* (bug 5709) Allow customisation of separator for categories
-* (bug 5684) Introduce Special:Randomredirect
-* (bug 5611) Add a name attribute to the text box containing source text in
- read-only pages
-* Indicate when a protected page is an interface message ("protectedinterface")
-* (bug 4259) Indicate when a protected page being edited is an interface message
- ("editinginterface")
-* (bug 4834) Fix XHTML output when using $wgMaxTocLevel
-* Pass login link to "whitelistedittext" containing 'returnto' parameter
-* (bug 5728): mVersion missing from User::__sleep() leading to constant cache
- miss
-* Updated maintenance/transstat.php so it can show duplicate messages
-* Improvements to update scripts; print out the version, check for superuser
- credentials before attempting a connection, and produce a friendlier error if
- the connection fails
-* (bug 5005) Fix XHTML <gallery> output.
-* (bug 5315) "Expires: -1" HTTP header made strictly valid (using 1970 date).
-* (bug 4825) note in DefaultSettings.php about 'profiling' table creation
-* Remove unneeded extra whitespace at top of Special:Categories
-* (bug 5679) time units are now using local numerals
-* (bug 5751) Updates to Portuguese localisation files
-* (bug 5741) Introduce {{NUMBEROFUSERS}} magic word
-* (bug 93) <nowiki> tags and tildes in templates
-* The returnto parameter is now actually used by SpecialUserlogin.php
-* Parser can now know that it is parsing an interface message
-* (bug 4737) MediaWiki:Viewcount supports {{PLURAL}} now
-* Fix bug in wfMsgExt under PHP 5.1.2
-* (bug 5761) Project talk namespace broken in Xal, Os, Udm and Cv
-* Rewrite reassignEdits script to be more efficient; support optional updates to
- recent changes table; add reporting and silent modes
-* Cleaned up formatNum usage in langfiles
-* (bug 5716) Warn when a user tries to upload a file which was previously
- deleted
-* (bug 5565) Add a class attribute to the table on Special:Allpages
-* "lang=xx" option for parser test cases to set content language
-* (bug 5764) Friulian translation updated
-* (bug 5757) Fix premature cutoff in LanguageConverter with extra end markers
-* (bug 5516) Show appropriate "return to" link on blocked page
-* (bug 5377) Do not auto-login when creating an account as another user
-* (bug 5284) Special redirect pages should remember parameters
-* Suppress 7za output on dumpBackup
-* (bug 5338) Reject extra initial colons in title
-* (bug 5487) Escape self-closed HTML pair tags
-* Add "raw suffix" magic word for some magic words, e.g. {{NUMBEROFUSERS|R}}
- will produce a count minus formatting
-* Fix Parser::cleanSig() to use Parser::startExternalParse() and choose an
- appropriate output format given the scope of the clean
-* (bug 5593) Change "bureaucrat log" to "rights log"
-* Show a boilerplate "(none)" in place of a blank within the log action text for
- user rights
-* (bug 137) Commented out translations for copyrightwarning which mention GNU FDL
-* (bug 5723) Don't count pages linked to from the MediaWiki namespace as "wanted"
-* (bug 5696) Add a third parameter, $3, to "rcnote", passing the current time
- formatted according to the current user's settings
-* (bug 5780) Thousands and decimal separators for Norwegian
-* Updated initStats maintenance script
-* (bug 5767) Fix date formats in Vietnamese locale
-* (bug 361) URL in URL, they were almost fixed. Now they are.
-* (bug 4876) Add __NEWSECTIONLINK__ magic word to force the "new section" link/tab to
- show up on specific pages on demand
-* Bidi-aid on list pages
-* (bug 5782) Allow entries in the bad image list to use canonical namespace names
-* (bug 5789) Treat "loginreqpagetext" as wikitext
-* Sanitizer: now handles nested <li> in <ul> or <ol>
-* (bug 5796) We require MySQL >=4.0.14
-* Add 'EmailConfirmed' hook
-* New findhooks.php script to find undocumented hooks.
-* Silently ignore errors on profiling table update.
-* (bug 5801) Correct handling of underscores in Special:Listusers
-* Clean up Special:Listusers; add an "(all)" label to the group selection box
-* (bug 5812) Use appropriate link colour in Special:Mostlinked
-* (bug 5802) {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} variable broken in Vietnamese locale
-* (bug 5817) Appropriate handling for Special:Recentchangeslinked where the target
- page doesn't exist
-* Special:Randompage now additionally accepts English namespace name as parameter
-* (bug 2981) Really fixed linktrail for Tamil (ta)
-* Disallow substituting Special pages when included into a page
-* (bug 5587) Clean up the languages from references to the Groups special page
-* Added new group-X and group-X-member messages
-* Rewritten removeUnusedAccounts to be more efficient, print names of inactive
- accounts
-* Redirect Special:Userlist to Special:Listusers
-* Introduce $wgAllowTitlesInSVG, which allows the <title> attribute in uploaded files
- bearing the image/svg MIME type. Disabled by default due to the vast majority of
- web servers being hideously misconfigured. See DefaultSettings.php for more details.
-* Changed default LocalSettings.php to append the previous include path when setting it
-* (bug 5837) Use "members" for the value descriptor in Special:Categories,
- Special:Wantedcategories and Special:Mostlinkedcategories.
-* (bug 3309) Allow comments when undeleting pages
-* Clean up Special:Undelete a bit
-* (bug 5805) messages nbytes, ncategories can now use {{plural:}}
-* Clean up Special:Imagelist a bit
-* (bug 5838) Namespace names for Nds-NL
-* (bug 5749) Added Tyvan language files
-* (bug 5791) Fix SQL syntax in Special:BrokenRedirects, was causing incorrect data to show
-* (bug 5839) Prevent access to Special:Confirmemail for logged-out users
-* (bug 5853) Update for Portuguese messages (pt)
-* (bug 5851) Use Cyrillic for Kirghiz language name
-* (bug 5841) Allow the 'EditFilter' hook to return a non-fatal error message
-* (bug 5846) Link to individual group description pages in Special:Listusers
-* (bug 5857) Update for German localisation (de)
-* (bug 5858) Update for Russian language (ru)
-* (bug 5860) Update for Indonesian language (id)
-* (bug 1120) Update for Czech language (Cs)
-* Added many missing formatNum calls
-* Added grammar function to Belarusian (be)
-* (bug 5819) Add 'PersonalUrls' hook
-* (bug 5862) Update of Belarusian language (be)
-* (bug 5886) Update for Portuguese messages (pt)
-* (bug 5586) <gallery> treated text as links
-* (bug 5878) Update for Indonesian language (id)
-* (bug 5697) Update for Malay language (ms)
-* (bug 5890) Update for German language (de)
-* (bug 5889) Name for Sindhi language should appear as سنڌي
-* --force-normal parameter on dump scripts to force check for ICU extension
-* (bug 5895) Update for Dutch language (nl)
-* (bug 5891) Linktrail for Polish language (pl)
-* User::isBureaucrat , User::isDeveloper , User::isSysop deprecated in
- v1.6 now die with a backtrace. They will be removed in v1.8
-* dumpTextPass now skips goes to database for entries that were blank in the
- previous dump, as this may indicate a broken dump.
-* dumpTextPass progress includes percentage of items prefetched
-* dumpTextPass can now use 7zip files for prefetch
-* (bug 5915) Update to Indonesian localisation (id)
-* (bug 5913) Update for German localisation (de)
-* (bug 5905) Plural support for Bosnian localisation (bs)
-* Groups which won't hit the rate limiter now configurable with
- $wgRateLimitsExcludedGroups
-* (bug 5806) {{plural:}} support instead of "twin" MediaWiki messages
-* (bug 5931) Update for Polish language (pl)
-* Ignore the user and user talk namespaces on Special:Wantedpages
-* Introduce NUMBEROFPAGES magic word
-* (bug 5833) Introduce CURRENTVERSION magic word
-* (bug 5370) Allow throttling of password reminder requests with the rate limiter
-* (bug 5683) Respect parser output marked as uncacheable when saving
-* (bug 5918) Links autonumbering now work for all defined protocols
-* (bug 5935) Improvement to German localisation (de)
-* (bug 5937) Register links from gallery captions with the parent parser output
- object so that link tables receive those updates too
-* (bug 5845) Introduce BASEPAGENAME and BASEPAGENAMEE magic words
-* (bug 5941) Use content language when getting the administrator page title for
- Special:Statistics
-* (bug 5949) Update to Indonesian localisation (id)
-* (bug 5862) Update of Belarusian translation (be)
-* (bug 5950) Improvements to French localisation
-* (bug 5805) {{plural:}} support for counters in some special pages
-* (bug 5952) Improvement to German localisation (de)
-* Rename conflicting metadata help message to "metadata_help" (was "metadata")
- and treat it as wiki text
-* Improve preferences input filtering
-* Maintenance script to import multiple files into the wiki
-* (bug 5957) Update for Hebrew language (he)
-* (bug 5962) Update for Italian language (it)
-* (bug 5961) Update for Portuguese localisation (pt)
-* (bug 5849) Remove some hard-coded references to "Wikipedia" in messages
-* (bug 5967) Improvement to German localisation (de)
-* (bug 5962) Update for Italian language (it)
-* Suppress images in galleries which appear on the bad image list (when rendering
- for a wiki page; galleries in special pages and categories are unaffected)
-* Maintenance script to remove orphaned revisions from the database
-* (bug 5991) Update for Russian language (ru)
-* (bug 6001) PAGENAMEE and FULLPAGENAMEE don't work in FULLURL and LOCALURL magic
- words
-* (bug 5958) Switch Uzbek language name to use latin script
-* (bug 839) Add URLENCODE magic word
-* (bug 6004) Update for Polish language (pl)
-* (bug 5971) Improvement to German localisation (de)
-* (bug 4873) Don't overwrite the subtitle navigation when viewing a redirect page
- that isn't current
-* (bug 2203) Namespace updates for Thai
-* Fix breakage in parser test suite which caused incorrect reporting of the failure of
- {{NUMBEROFFILES}}. Now initialises the site_stats table with some dumb data. Updated
- the expected output for {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} to reflect this.
-* (bug 6009) Use {{ns:project}} in messages where appropriate
-* (bug 6012) Update to Indonesian localisation (id)
-* (bug 6017) Update list of bookstores in German localisation files
-* (bug 5187) Allow programmatically bypassing username validation, for scripts
-* (bug 6025) SpecialImport: wrong message when no file selected
-* (bug 6015) EditPage: add spacing in the boxes "edit is minor" and "watch this"
-* (bug 6018) Userrights: new message when no user specified ('nouserspecified')
-* (bug 2015) Add "\sim" to ~ conversion for HTML rendering
-* (bug 6029) Improvement to German localisation (de)
-* (bug 5015) Update be: magic words
-* (bug 3974) Add parameter for site URL to "passwordremindertext"
-* (bug 6039) Update for Portuguese localisation (pt)
-* (bug 764) Add CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES to default database permissions
-* Big update to Swedish localisation (sv)
-* Use appropriate HTML functions to create the tool links on image pages, so they don't
- look garbled when tidy isn't on
-* (bug 5511) Fix URL-encoding of usernames in links on Special:Ipblocklist
-* (bug 6046) Update to Indonesian localisation (id) #15
-* (bug 5523) $wgNoFollowNsExceptions to allow disabling rel="nofollow" in
- specially-selected namespaces.
-* (bug 6055) Fix for HTML/JS injection bug in variable handler (found by Nick Jenkins)
-* Reordered wiki table handling and __TOC__ extraction in the parser to better
- handle some overlapping tag cases.
-* Only the first __TOC__ is now turned into a TOC
-* (bug 4610) Indicate patrolled status on watchlists and allow users to mark
- changes as patrolled using the diff links there
-* Add 'DiffViewHeader' hook called before diff page output
-* (bug 6051) Improvement to German localisation (de)
-* (bug 6054) Update to Indonesian localisation (id) #16
-* Add {{CURRENTTIMESTAMP}} magic word
-* (bug 6061) Improper escaping in some html forms
-* (bug 6065) Remove underscore when using NAMESPACE and TALKSPACE magics.
-* (bug 6074) Correct squid purging of offsite upload URLs
-* To simplify the lives of extension developers, the logging type arrays
- can now be appended to directly by an extension setup function. It is
- no longer necessary to write four separate functions just to add a
- custom log type.
-* (bug 6057) Count "licenses" as a message (and show it in Special:Allmessages)
-* Added $wgGrammarForms global
-* Fixed hardcoded 'done.' when removing watchlist entries.
-* (bug 5962) Update for Italian language (it)
-* (bug 6086) Remove vestigial attempt to call Article::validate()
-* wfHostname() function for consistent server hostname use in debug messages
-* Send thumbnailing error messages to 'thumbnail' log group
-* wfShellexec() now accepts an optional parameter to receive the exit code
-* Failed, but not zero-length, thumbnail renderings are now removed.
- Should help clean up when rsvg fails in weird ways.
-* (bug 6081) Change description for Turkmen language
-* Increase robustness of parser placeholders; fixes some glitches when
- adjacent to identifier-ish constructs such as URLs.
-* Shut up the parser test whining about files in a temp directory.
-* (bug 6098) Add Aragonese language support (an)
-* (bug 6101) Update for Russian language (ru)
-* Add $wgIgnoreImageErrors to suppress error messages for thumbnail rendering
- problems. If errors are transitory, this should reduce annoying messages
- making it into cached display.
-* (bug 6103) Wrap self-links in a CSS class ("selflink")
-* (bug 6102) For consistency with other markup, normalize all HTML-encoded
- character entities in URLs, not just ampersands. This allows use of eg
- &#61; when making URLs for template parameters.
-* Markup anality: escape </ as <\/ in toolbar javascript for pure correctness
- under HTML-compatible browsers.
-* (bug 5077) Added hook 'BeforePageDisplay' to SkinTemplate::outputPage
-* Replace fatally changed 'uploadnewversion' with 'uploadnewversion-linktext'
-* (bug 472) Syndication feeds for the last few edits of page history
-* Format edit comments in Recent Changes feed
-* Switch incorrectly ordered column headers on Recent Changes feed diffs
-* (bug 6117) Use message for history feed description, add German localization
-* (bug 1017) fixed thumbnails of animated gifs.
-* Add APC as object caching option
-* Update to Albanian localization (sq)
-* (bug 6099) Introduce {{DIRECTIONMARK}} magic word (with {{DIRMARK}} as an alias)
-* Use optimized php5-only microtime()
-* Add possibility to store local message cache as PHP executable script
-* Fix profiling table definition
-* (bug 6040) Run pre-save transform before calculating the diff. when doing a
- "show changes" operation in the editor
-* (bug 4033) Respect $wgStyleDirectory when checking available skins
-* Remove hideous backslashes from MessagesBr.php
-* Fix APC object cache issues, add functionality to installer
-* (bug 6133) Update strip state as we work. This mostly fixes extensions
- used in Cite.php <ref> tags when Tidy is on.
-* (bug 6139) Workaround for transclusion oddities in Vietnamese upload text
-* (bug 6136) Update to Catalan language (ca)
-* Update to Japanese localization (ja)
-* Add /usr/local/bin to the diff3 search paths in the installer
-* (bug 6106) Update to Indonesian localisation (id) #17
-* (bug 6125) Add links to edit old versions to diff views
-* (bug 5127) Auto edit summary when creating/editing redirect page
-* (bug 3926) Introduce {{#language:}} magic word
-* Fix section links from edit comments for [[:Image:Bla.jpg]] in section titles
-* (bug 6126) Allow fallback to customized primary language when user language
- message contains '-'; fixes licenses selector on Commons configuration after
- recent addition of the message to Messages.php
-* (bug 5527) Batch up job queue insertions for, hopefully, better survivability
- of lock contention etc. Duplicates are now removed at pop time instead of
- at insert time.
-* When showing the "blah has been undeleted" page, make sure it's a blue link
-* parserTests.php accepts a --file parameter to run an alternate test sutie
-* parser tests can now test extensions using !!hooks sections
-* Fix oddity with open tag parameters getting stuck on </li>
-* (bug 5384) Fix <!-- comments --> in <ref> extension
-* Nesting of different tag extensions and comments should now work more
- consistently and more safely. A cleaner, one-pass tag strip lets the
- 'outer' tag either take source (<nowiki>-style) or pass it down to
- further parsing (<ref>-style). There should no longer be surprise
- expansion of foreign extensions inside HTML output, or differences
- in behavior based on the order tags are loaded.
-* (bug 885) Pre-save transform no longer silently appends close tags
-* Pre-save transform no longer changes the case of close tags
-* (bug 6164) Fix regression with <gallery> resetting <ref> state
-* Hackaround for IE 7 wrapping bug in MonoBook footer
-* New message sp-newimages-showfrom replaces rclistfrom on special:newimages
-* Improve handling of ;: definition list construct with overlapping or
- nested HTML tags
-* (bug 6171) Fix sanitizing of HTML-elements with an optional closing
- tag. The sanitizer still needs to learn how to make well-formed XML
- in this case.
-* Fix fatal error when specifying illegal name for manual thumbnail
-* (bug 6184) Use shinier Linker::userLink() to make user links in
- Special:Undelete
-* (bug 6170) Update for Kashubian translation (csb)
-* (bug 6191) Update to Indonesian translation (id) #18
-* (bug 6114) Update to Walloon localization (wa)
-* Added $wgNamespaceRobotPolicies to allow customisation of robot policies on a
- per-namespace basis.
-* Add <ol> to the list of block elements for doBlockLevels; avoids <p>s being
- interspersed into your ordered lists.
-* (bug 5021) Transcluding the same special page twice now works
-* Add 'SiteNoticeBefore' and 'SiteNoticeAfter' hooks
-* (bug 6182) Date passed in "sp-newimages-showfrom" not adjusted to user time
- preferences
-* (bug 2587) Fix for section editing with comment prefix
-* (bug 2607) Fix for section editing with mix of wiki and HTML headings
-* (bug 3342) Fix for section editing with headings wrapped in <noinclude>
-* (bug 3476) Fix for section editing with faux headings in extensions
-* (bug 5272) Fix for section editing with HTML-heading subsections
-* Fix for bogus wiki headings improperly detected with following text
-* Fix for HTML headings improperly not detected with preceding/following text
-* Section extraction and replacement functions merged into one implementation
- on the Parser object, so they can't get out of sync with each other.
-* Edit security precautions in raw HTML mode, etc
-* (bug 6197) Update to Indonesian translation (id) #19
-* (bug 6175) Improvement to German translation (de)
-* Redirect Special:Logs to Special:Log
-* (bug 6206) Linktrail for Swedish localization (se)
-* (bug 3202) Attributes now allowed on <pre> tags
-* Sanitizer::validateTagAttributes now available to discard illegal/unsafe
- attribute values from an array.
-* (bug 3837) Leave <center> as is instead of doing an unsafe text replacement
- to <div class="center">. <center> is perfectly valid in the target doctype
- (XHTML 1.0 Transitional), while the replacement didn't catch all cases and
- could even result in invalid output from valid input.
-* (bug 4280) Use 'noindex,nofollow' instead of 'noindex,follow' for default
- meta robots tag on diff view and special pages. Should reduce impact of
- robots on scrolling special pages, diffs etc on sites where robots.txt
- doesn't forbid access.
-* Regression fix: suppress warning about session failure when clicking to
- edit with 'preview on first edit' enabled.
-* (bug 6230) Regression fix: <nowiki> in [URL link text]
-* Added AutoLoader.php, which loads classes without need of require_once()
-* (bug 5981) Add plural function Slovenian (sl)
-* (bug 5945) Introduce {{CONTENTLANGUAGE}} magic word
-* {{PLURAL}} can now take up to five forms
-* (bug 6243) Fix email for usernames containing dots when using PEAR::Mail
-* Remove a number of needless {{ns:project}}-type transforms from messages files. These
- usages already have separate label text. Such transforms are wasteful on each page view.
-* Update to Yiddish localization (yi)
-* (bug 6254) Update to Indonesian translation (id) #20
-* (bug 6255) Fix transclusions starting with "#" or "*" in HTML attributes
-* Whitespace now normalized more or less properly in HTML attributes
-* Fix regression(?) in behavior of initial-whitespace-pre in <center>
-* (bug 6260) Update to Interlingua localization (ia)
-* Update to Vlax Romany localization (rmy)
-* Update to Latin translation (la)
-* Update to Dutch translation (nl)
-* Avoid some notices in page history with bad input
-* Use double quoted consistently on attributes in linker output; preparing
- for new normalization code when tidy not in use
-* Replace "nogomatch" with "noexactmatch" and place the magic colon in the messages
- themselves. Some minor tweaks to the actual message content.
-* Introduce $wgContentNamespaces which allows for articles to exist in namespaces other
- than the main namespace, and still be counted as valid content in the site statistics.
-* (bug 5932) Introduce {{PAGESINNAMESPACE}} magic word
-* Disable $wgAllowExternalImages by default.
-* (bug 2700) Nice things like link completion and signatures now work in <gallery> tags.
-* Cancel output buffering in StreamFile; when used inside gzip buffering this
- could cause funny timeout behavior as the Content-Length was wrong.
-* Return correct content-type header with 304 responses for StreamFile;
- it confuses Safari if you let it return "text/html".
-* (bug 6280) Correct GRAMMAR for Slovenian localisation (sl)
-* (bug 6162) Change date format for Dutch Low Saxon (nds-nl)
-* (bug 6296) Update to Indonesian localisation (id) #21
-* Introduce EditFormPreloadText hook, see docs/hooks.txt for more information
-* (bug 4054) Add "boteditletter" to recent changes flags
-* Update to Catalan localization (ca)
-* (bug 2099) Deleted image files can now be archived and undeleted.
- Set $wgSaveDeletedFiles on and an appropriate directory path in
- $wgFileStore['deleted']['directory']
-* (bug 6324) Fix regression in enhanced RC alignment
-* Introduce {{NUMBEROFADMINS}} magic word
-* Update to Slovak translation (sk)
-* Update to Alemannic localization (gsw)
-* (bug 6300) Bug fixes for sr: variants
-* namespaceDupes.php can now accept an arbitrary prefix, for checking rogue
- interwikis and such. Not yet fully automated.
-* (bug 6344) Add Special:Uncategorizedimages page
-* (bug 6357) Update to Russian translation (ru)
-* Workaround possible bug in Firefox nightlies by properly removing the
- Content-Encoding header instead of sending explicit 'identity' value
- in StreamFile
-* (bug 6304) Show timestamp for current revision in diff pages
-* Vertically align current version with old version header in diff display
-* (bug 6174) Remove redundant "emailforlost" message
-* (bug 6189) Show an error to an unprivilleged user trying to create account
-* (bug 6365) Show user information in the "old revision" navigation links
-* Introduce 'FetchChangesList' hook; see docs/hooks.txt for more information
-* (bug 6345) Update to Indonesian localisation (id) #22
-* (bug 6279) Add genitive month names to Slovenian localisation
-* (bug 6351) Update to German translation (de)
-* Respect language directionality when displaying arrow in Special:Brokenredirects
-* Remove unused "validation" table definitions from the schema files
-* (bug 6398) Work around apparent PCRE bug breaking section editing when
- massively-indented preformatted text immediately followed a header
-* (bug 6392) Fix misbehaving <br /> in preferences form
-* Add translated magic words to Hebrew localization
-* (bug 6396) Change name for Chuvash language
-* Introduce optional (off by default) language selector bar for user login
- and registration. Customisable via the "loginlanguagelinks" message, the
- links will preserve "returnto" values. If the user creates an account while
- using such a link, then the language in use will be saved as their language
- preference.
-* Make sure '~~~' '~~~~' '~~~~~' are removed in Nickname preference.
-* Rename "ipusuccess" to "unblocked", change the format (now wiki text)
-* (bug 2316) Add "caption" attribute to <gallery> tag
-* Allow setting the skin object that ImageGallery will use; needed during parse
- operations (the skin must come from the ParserOptions, not $wgUser)
-* Fix notice in MacBinary detection debug data for files of certain lengths
-* (bug 6131) Add type detection for DjVu files, allowing them to be uploaded
- with validity checking and size detection. No inline thumbnailing yet,
- but could be added in the future.
-* (bug 6423) Don't update newtalk flag if page content didn't change (null edits
- were causing the newtalk flag to trigger inappropriately)
-* Parser functions are now set using magic words.
-* (bug 6428) Incorrect form action URL on Special:Newimages with hidebots = 0 set
-* (bug 4990) Show page source to blocked users on edits, or their modified version
- if blocked during an edit
-* (bug 5903) When requesting the raw source of a non-existent message page,
- return blank content (as opposed to the message key)
-* Improve default blank content of MediaWiki:Common.css and MediaWiki:Monobook.css
-* (bug 6434) Allow customisation of submit button text on Special:Export
-* (bug 6314) Add user tool links on page histories
-* Fix display of file-type icons in galleries when $wgIgnoreImageErrors is off
-* (bug 6438) Update to Indonesian translation (id) #23
-* Adding the language code parameter to the hook "LanguageGetMagic", to allow
- localizble extensions magic words.
-* Update to Romanian translation (ro)
-* Update to Esperanto translation (eo)
-* Check for preg_match() existence when installing and die out whining about PCRE
- if it's not there, instead of throwing a fatal error
-* (bug 672) Add MathAfterTexvc hook
-* Update to Piedmontese localization (pms)
-* dumpBackup can optionally compress via dbzip2
-* (bug 2483) Run link updates on change via XML import
-* (bug 2481) List imported pages during Special:Import
-* (bug 2482) Log and RC entries for Special:Import events
-* Allow fetching all revisions from transwiki Special:Import
-* Allow fetching all revisions from Special:Export GET request
-* Disable output buffering on Special:Export; should help with streaming
- large numbers of history items.
-* Allow setting a maximum number of revisions for history Special:Export;
- pages with more than $wgExportMaxHistory revisions are excluded from
- export when history is requested.
-* Fix transwiki import of pages with space in name
-* Save null edit when importing pages through Special:Import
-* Update to Korean translation (ko)
-* Show a more specific message when an anonymous user tries to access Special:Watchlist
-* (bug 3278) Paging links in Special:Prefixindex
-* Added Latvian localization (lv)
-* (bug 6472) Fix regression in Special:Export with multiple pages
-* Update to Macedonian translation (mk)
-* Allow page moves over historyless self-redirects. Such are usually created
- as part of namespace rearrangements, and it's easier to clean them up if
- we can move over them.
-* Show some error results in moveBatch.php
-* (bug 6479) Allow specification of the skin to use during HTML dumps
-* (bug 6461) Link to page histories in Special:Newpages
-* (bug 6484) Don't do message transformations when preloading messages for editing
-* (bug 6201) Treat spaces as underscores in parameters to {{ns:}}
-* (bug 6006) Allow hiding the password change fields using an authentication plugin
-* (bug 6489) Use appropriate link colour on Special:Shortpages
-* Added formatnum magic word
-* Added Javanese localization (jv)
-* (bug 6491) Apply bad image list in category galleries
-* (bug 6488) Show relevant log fragment in Special:Movepage
-* Fix potential PHP notice in Special:Blockme when $wgBlockOpenProxies is true
-* Use mysql_real_escape_string instead of addslashes for string escaping in
- the MySQL Database class. This may fix some rare breakage with binary fields.
- Note that MediaWiki does not support the multibyte character sets where a
- "dumb" byte replacement can be actively dangerous; UTF-8 is always safe
- in this regard due to the bit patterns which make head and tail bytes
- distinct.
-* (bug 6497) Use $wgMetaNamespaceTalk for Esperanto if set
-* (bug 6498) Use localized forms for image size in Special:Undelete
-* (bug 6485) Update to Indonesian translation (id) #24
-* Extension messages translation is now possible.
-* Add target namespace override selector for transwiki imports.
- $wgImportTargetNamespace specifies the default, to be used for
- Wiktionary's 'Transwiki:' namespace etc.
-* (bug 6506) Update to German localisation (de)
-* (bug 502) Avoid silly tabs on bad title by using virtual special page
-* (bug 6511) Add diff links to old revision navigation bar
-* (bug 6511) Replace 'oldrevisionnavigation' message with 'old-revision-navigation'
-* Fix regression in Polish genitive month forms
-* (bug 4037) Make input handling in Special:Allpages and Special:Prefixindex
- more consistent: Accept just a namespace prefix and a colon, reject input
- with interwiki prefixes, otherwise do what Title::makeTitleSafe() does.
-* (bug 6516) Update to Russian translation
-* New 'allpagesbadtitle' message for Special:Allpages, based on 'badtitletext'.
-* Rename "searchquery" to "searchsubtitle" and support wiki text in it
-* Introduce updateArticleCount maintenance script which uses a better check that
- reflects what Article::isCountable() tests for
-* Introduce 'BadImage' hook; see docs/hooks.txt for more information
-* Add "searchsubtitleinvalid" message for searches that are not valid titles.
-* (bug 5962) Update to Italian localisation
-* (bug 6530) Update to Indonesian localisation (id) #25
-* (bug 6523) Fix SVG issue in rebuildImages.php
-* (bug 6512) Link to page-specific logs on page histories
-* (bug 6504) Allow configuring session name with $wgSessionName
-* (bug 6185) Add standard user tool links to log page views
-* Update to Venetian translation (vec)
-* Update to Slovenian translation (sl)
-* Add standard user tool links to deleted revision list
-* Separate out EditPage's getContent bits from regular Article getContent.
- Cleans up read-only-mode warning on empty pages and neats up some code.
-* (bug 6565) Strict JavaScript writing
-* (bug 6570) Update to Indonesian localisation (id) #26
-* Added Telugu translation (te)
-* Update to Catalan translation (ca)
-* (bug 6560) Avoid PHP notice when trimming ISBN whitespace
-* Added namespace translation to Kannada (ka)
-* (bug 6566) Improve input validation on timestamp conversion
-* Implicit group "emailconfirmed" for all users whose email addresses are confirmed
-* (bug 6577) Avoid multiline parser breakage on <pre> with newline in attribute
=== Caveats ===