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Update to MediaWiki 1.21.1
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@@ -39,8 +39,8 @@ Download the files for the new version of the software. These are available
as a compressed "tar" archive from the Wikimedia Download Service
-You can also obtain the new files directly from our Subversion source code
-repository, via a checkout or export operation.
+You can also obtain the new files directly from our Git source code
Replace the existing MediaWiki files with the new. You should preserve the
LocalSettings.php file and the "extensions" and "images" directories.
@@ -51,10 +51,15 @@ deleted file archives, and any custom skins.
=== Perform the database upgrade ===
+As of 1.21, it is possible to separate schema changes (i.e. adding,
+dropping, or changing tables, fields, or indices) from all other
+database changes (e.g. populating fields). If you need this
+capability, see "From the command line" below.
==== From the web ====
-If you browse to the web-based installation script (usually at
-/mw-config/index.php) from your wiki installation you can follow the script and
+If you browse to the web-based installation script (usually at
+/mw-config/index.php) from your wiki installation you can follow the script and
upgrade your database in place.
==== From the command line ====
@@ -64,13 +69,19 @@ update.php script to check and update the schema. This will insert missing
tables, update existing tables, and move data around as needed. In most cases,
this is successful and nothing further needs to be done.
+If you need to separate out the schema changes so they can be run
+by someone with more privileges, then you can use the --schema option
+to produce a text file with the necessary commands. You can use
+--schema, --noschema, $wgAllowSchemaUpdates as well as proper database
+permissions to enforce this separation.
=== Check configuration settings ===
The names of configuration variables, and their default values and purposes,
can change between release branches, e.g. $wgDisableUploads in 1.4 is replaced
with $wgEnableUploads in later versions. When upgrading, consult the release
notes to check for configuration changes which would alter the expected
-behaviour of MediaWiki.
+behavior of MediaWiki.
=== Check installed extensions ===
@@ -139,9 +150,13 @@ UTF-8; an experimental command-line upgrade helper script,
'upgrade1_5.php', can do this -- run it prior to 'update.php' or
the web upgrader.
+NOTE that upgrade1_5.php does not work properly with recent version
+of MediaWiki. If upgrading a 1.4.x wiki, you should upgrade to 1.5
+first. upgrade1_5.php has been removed from MediaWiki 1.21.
If you absolutely cannot make the UTF-8 upgrade work, you can try
doing it by hand: dump your old database, convert the dump file
-using iconv as described here:
+using iconv as described here:
and then reimport it. You can also convert filenames using convmv,
but note that the old directory hashes will no longer be valid,