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Aktualisierung auf MediaWiki 1.9.0
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This file provides an overview of the MediaWiki upgrade process. For help with
specific problems, check
-* the documentation at
* the documentation at
* the mediawiki-l mailing list archive at
* the bug tracker at
for information and workarounds to common issues.
== Overview ==
-Documentation on upgrading to 1.7 can also be found at
+Comprehensive documentation on upgrading to the latest version of the software
+is available at
=== Consult the release notes ===
@@ -73,13 +72,30 @@ procedure, and especially after upgrading; check that page views and edits work
normally and that special pages continue to function, etc. and correct errors
and quirks which reveal themselves.
+== Upgrading from 1.8 wikis ==
+MediaWiki 1.9 and later no longer keep default localized message text
+in the database; 'MediaWiki:'-namespace pages that do not exist in the
+database are simply transparently filled-in on demand.
+The upgrade process will delete any 'MediaWiki:' pages which are left
+in the default state (last edited by 'MediaWiki default'). This may
+take a few moments, similar to the old initial setup.
+Note that the large number of deletions may cause older edits to expire
+from the list on Special:Recentchanges, although the deletions themselves
+will be hidden by default. (Click "show bot edits" to list them.)
+See RELEASE-NOTES for more details about new and changed options.
== Upgrading from 1.7 wikis ==
$wgDefaultUserOptions now contains all the defaults, not only overrides.
If you're setting this as a complete array(), you may need to change it
to set only specific items as recommended in DefaultSettings.php.
== Upgrading from 1.6 wikis ==
$wgLocalTZoffset was in hours, it is now using minutes.
@@ -110,7 +126,7 @@ but note that the old directory hashes will no longer be valid,
so you will also have to move them to new destinations.
Message changes:
-* A number of additional UI messages have been chagned from HTML to
+* A number of additional UI messages have been changed from HTML to
wikitext, and will need to be manually fixed if customized.
=== Configuration changes from 1.4.x: ===
@@ -189,8 +205,7 @@
WARNING: If using MySQL 4.1.x, mysqldump's charset conversion may in
some cases damage data in your wiki. If necessary, set the charset
-option to 'latin1' to avoid the conversion. Fore more info see:
+option to 'latin1' to avoid the conversion.
For general help on pg_dump: