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@@ -286,6 +286,11 @@ $isminor: minor flag
$iswatch: watch flag
$section: section #
+'ArticleUndeleted': When one or more revisions of an article are restored
+$title: Title corresponding to the article restored
+$create: Whether or not the restoration caused the page to be created
+(i.e. it didn't exist before)
'AuthPluginSetup': update or replace authentication plugin object ($wgAuth)
Gives a chance for an extension to set it programattically to a variable class.
&$auth: the $wgAuth object, probably a stub
@@ -308,6 +313,18 @@ $user: the user _doing_ the block (not the one being blocked)
$block: the Block object that was saved
$user: the user who did the block (not the one being blocked)
+'BookInformation': Before information output on Special:Booksources
+$isbn: ISBN to show information for
+$output: OutputPage object in use
+'CustomEditor': When invoking the page editor
+$article: Article being edited
+$user: User performing the edit
+Return true to allow the normal editor to be used, or false
+if implementing a custom editor, e.g. for a special namespace,
'DiffViewHeader': called before diff display
$diff: DifferenceEngine object that's calling
$oldRev: Revision object of the "old" revision (may be null/invalid)
@@ -321,6 +338,11 @@ saved, that is before insertNewArticle() is called
&$text: Text to preload with
&$title: Title object representing the page being created
+'EditPage::showEditForm:fields': allows injection of form field into edit form
+&$editor: the EditPage instance for reference
+&$out: an OutputPage instance to write to
+return value is ignored (should always return true)
'EditFilter': Perform checks on an edit
$editor: Edit form (see includes/EditPage.php)
$text: Contents of the edit box
@@ -356,6 +378,9 @@ $text: text of the mail
&$list: List object (defaults to NULL, change it to an object instance and return
false override the list derivative used)
+'FileUpload': When a file upload occurs
+$file : Image object representing the file that was uploaded
'GetInternalURL': modify fully-qualified URLs used for squid cache purging
$title: Title object of page
$url: string value as output (out parameter, can modify)
@@ -371,6 +396,12 @@ $title: Title object of page
$url: string value as output (out parameter, can modify)
$query: query options passed to Title::getFullURL()
+'InternalParseBeforeLinks': during Parser's internalParse method before links but
+after noinclude/includeonly/onlyinclude and other processing.
+&$this: Parser object
+&$text: string containing partially parsed text
+&$this->mStripState: Parser's internal StripState object
'LogPageValidTypes': action being logged. DEPRECATED: Use $wgLogTypes
&$type: array of strings
@@ -405,11 +436,23 @@ the resulting HTML is about to be displayed.
$parserOutput: the parserOutput (object) that corresponds to the page
$text: the text that will be displayed, in HTML (string)
+'PageHistoryBeforeList': When a history page list is about to be constructed.
+$article: the article that the history is loading for
+'PageHistoryLineEnding' : right before the end <li> is added to a history line
+$row: the revision row for this line
+$s: the string representing this parsed line
'PageRenderingHash': alter the parser cache option hash key
A parser extension which depends on user options should install
this hook and append its values to the key.
$hash: reference to a hash key string which can be modified
+'ParserTestTables': alter the list of tables to duplicate when parser tests
+are run. Use when page save hooks require the presence of custom tables
+to ensure that tests continue to run properly.
+&$tables: array of table names
'PersonalUrls': Alter the user-specific navigation links (e.g. "my page,
my talk page, my contributions" etc).
@@ -427,6 +470,16 @@ the built-in rate limiting checks are used, if enabled.
$form : PreferencesForm object
&$html : HTML to append to
+'RawPageViewBeforeOutput': Right before the text is blown out in action=raw
+&$obj: RawPage object
+&$text: The text that's going to be the output
+'SearchUpdate': Prior to search update completion
+$id : Page id
+$namespace : Page namespace
+$title : Page title
+$text : Current text being indexed
'SiteNoticeBefore': Before the sitenotice/anonnotice is composed
&$siteNotice: HTML returned as the sitenotice
Return true to allow the normal method of notice selection/rendering to work,
@@ -436,6 +489,10 @@ or change the value of $siteNotice and return false to alter it.
&$siteNotice: HTML sitenotice
Alter the contents of $siteNotice to add to/alter the sitenotice/anonnotice.
+'SkinTemplateOutputPageBeforeExec': Before SkinTemplate::outputPage() starts page output
+&$sktemplate: SkinTemplate object
+&$tpl: Template engine object
'TitleMoveComplete': after moving an article (title)
$old: old title
$nt: new title
@@ -529,5 +586,9 @@ $content_actions: The array of content actions
Can be used to set custom CSS/JS
$out: OutputPage object
+'AjaxAddScript': Called in output page just before the initialisation
+of the javascript ajax engine. The hook is only called when ajax
+is enabled ( $wgUseAjax = true; ).
More hooks might be available but undocumented, you can execute
./maintenance/findhooks.php to find hidden one.