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-Documenting the MediaWiki User object.
-(DISCLAIMER: The documentation is not guaranteed to be in sync with
-the code at all times. If in doubt, check the table definitions
-and User.php.)
-Database fields:
- user_id
- Unique integer identifier; primary key. Sent to user in
- cookie "{$wgDBname}UserID".
- user_name
- Text of full user name; title of "user:" page. Displayed
- on change lists, etc. Sent to user as cookie "{$wgDBname}UserName".
- Note that user names can contain spaces, while these are
- converted to underscores in page titles.
- user_rights
- Comma-separated list of rights. Right now, only "sysop",
- "developer", "bureaucrat", and "bot" have meaning.
- user_password
- Salted md5 hash of md5-hashed user login password. If user option to
- remember password is set, an md5 password hash is stored in cookie
- "{$wgDBname}UserPassword". The original password and the hashed password
- can be compared to the salted-hashed-hashed password.
- user_newpassword
- Hash for randomly generated password sent on 'send me a new password'.
- If a match is made on login, the new password will replace the old one.
- user_email
- User's e-mail address. (Optional, used for user-to-user
- e-mail and password recovery.)
- user_options
- A urlencoded string of name=value pairs to set various
- user options.
- user_touched
- Timestamp updated when the user logs in, changes preferences, alters
- watchlist, or when someone edits their user talk page or they clear
- the new-talk field by viewing it. Used to invalidate old cached pages
- from the user's browser cache.
- user_real_name
- "Real name" optionally used in some metadata lists.
-The user object encapsulates all of the settings, and clients
-classes use the getXXX() functions to access them. These functions
-do all the work of determining whether the user is logged in,
-whether the requested option can be satisfied from cookies or
-whether a database query is needed. Most of the settings needed
-for rendering normal pages are set in the cookie to minimize use
-of the database.
- The user_options field is a list of name-value pairs. The
- following option names are used at various points in the system: