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@@ -441,6 +441,7 @@ $isWatch: (No longer used)
$section: (No longer used)
$flags: Flags passed to Article::doEdit()
$revision: New Revision of the article
+$baseRevId: the rev ID (or false) this edit was based on
'ArticleUndelete': When one or more revisions of an article are restored
$title: Title corresponding to the article restored
@@ -551,6 +552,13 @@ Return true to allow the normal editor to be used, or false
if implementing a custom editor, e.g. for a special namespace,
+'NewDifferenceEngine': Called when a new DifferenceEngine object is made
+$title: the diff page title (nullable)
+&$oldId: the actual old Id to use in the diff
+&$newId: the actual new Id to use in the diff (0 means current)
+$old: the ?old= param value from the url
+$new: the ?new= param value from the url
'DiffViewHeader': called before diff display
$diff: DifferenceEngine object that's calling
$oldRev: Revision object of the "old" revision (may be null/invalid)
@@ -829,6 +837,8 @@ $options: the options. Will always include either 'known' or 'broken', and may
&$url: the link url
&$text: the link text
&$link: the new link HTML (if returning false)
+&$attribs: the attributes to be applied.
+$linkType: The external link type
'LinksUpdate': At the beginning of LinksUpdate::doUpdate() just before the actual update
&$linksUpdate: the LinkUpdate object
@@ -839,6 +849,9 @@ $options: the options. Will always include either 'known' or 'broken', and may
'LinksUpdateConstructed': At the end of LinksUpdate() is contruction.
&$linksUpdate: the LinkUpdate object
+'ListDefinedTags': When trying to find all defined tags.
+&$tags: The list of tags.
'LoadAllMessages': called by MessageCache::loadAllMessages() to load extensions messages
'LoadExtensionSchemaUpdates': called by maintenance/ when upgrading database schema
@@ -884,7 +897,7 @@ $time: timestamp of the log entry (added in 1.12)
'MagicWordMagicWords': When defining new magic word. DEPRECATED: Use LanguageGetMagic hook instead
$magicWords: array of strings
-'MagicWordwgVariableIDs': When definig new magic words IDs. DEPRECATED: Use LanguageGetMagic hook instead
+'MagicWordwgVariableIDs': When definig new magic words IDs.
$variableIDs: array of strings
'MakeGlobalVariablesScript': called right before Skin::makeVariablesScript is executed
@@ -1375,10 +1388,19 @@ $user: User object
$user: User to get rights for
&$rights: Current rights
+'UserIsBlockedGlobally': Check if user is blocked on all wikis.
+&$user: User object
+$ip: User's IP address
+&$blocked: Whether the user is blocked, to be modified by the hook
'UserLoadDefaults': called when loading a default user
$user: user object
$name: user name
+'UserLoadFromDatabase': called when loading a user from the database
+$user: user object
+&$s: database query object
'UserLoadFromSession': called to authenticate users on external/environmental means; occurs before session is loaded
$user: user object being loaded
&$result: set this to a boolean value to abort the normal authentification process
@@ -1440,6 +1462,10 @@ $user: User object
'UserToggles': called when initialising User::$mToggles, use this to add new toggles
$toggles: array of toggles to add
+'WantedPages::getSQL': called in WantedPagesPage::getSQL(), can be used to alter the SQL query which gets the list of wanted pages
+&$wantedPages: WantedPagesPage object
+&$sql: raw SQL query used to get the list of wanted pages
'WatchArticle': before a watch is added to an article
$user: user that will watch
$article: article object to be watched