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Update to MediaWiki 1.22.2
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--- a/includes/installer/Installer.i18n.php
+++ b/includes/installer/Installer.i18n.php
@@ -124,8 +124,9 @@ It may cause problems, particularly if using file uploads and <code>math</code>
'config-xml-bad' => "PHP's XML module is missing.
MediaWiki requires functions in this module and will not work in this configuration.
If you're running Mandrake, install the php-xml package.",
- 'config-pcre' => 'The PCRE support module appears to be missing.
-MediaWiki requires the Perl-compatible regular expression functions to work.',
+ 'config-pcre-old' => "'''Fatal:''' PCRE $1 or later is required.
+Your PHP binary is linked with PCRE $2.
+[ More information].",
'config-pcre-no-utf8' => "'''Fatal:''' PHP's PCRE module seems to be compiled without PCRE_UTF8 support.
MediaWiki requires UTF-8 support to function correctly.",
'config-memory-raised' => "PHP's <code>memory_limit</code> is $1, raised to $2.",
@@ -651,6 +652,10 @@ Parameters:
'config-mbstring' => '{{Related|Config-fatal}}',
'config-ze1' => '{{Related|Config-fatal}}',
'config-pcre' => 'PCRE is an initialism for "Perl-compatible regular expression". Perl is programming language whose [[:w:regular expression|regular expression]] syntax is popular and used in other languages using a library called PCRE.',
+ 'config-pcre-old' => 'Parameters:
+* $1 - minimum PCRE version number
+* $2 - the installed version of [[wikipedia:PCRE|PCRE]]
'config-pcre-no-utf8' => "PCRE is a name of a programmers' library for supporting regular expressions. It can probably be translated without change.
'config-memory-raised' => 'Parameters: