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Update to MediaWiki 1.19.2
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@@ -308,7 +308,9 @@ Query: $2',
'protectedpagetext' => 'Jan páhina coccebj lockom neticpatlöx pos-poop.',
'viewsourcetext' => 'Mecohuatlöx ö copynom sourcenam zode jan páhina:',
'protectedinterface' => "Jan páhina coccebj textuade interface software zo 'de ö coccebj lockom neticpatlöx abusenam.",
-'editinginterface' => "'''Attencion:''' Meticpatlöx páhinám pac, jan usadadde textuade interface software zo 'de. Quiíxde jan páhinám affectom caitominterface zode diijömde caitóm.",
+'editinginterface' => "'''Warning:''' You are editing a page which is used to provide interface text for the software.
+Changes to this page will affect the appearance of the user interface for other users.
+For translations, please consider using [//], the MediaWiki localisation project.",
'sqlhidden' => '(SQL querynam cíiitámöx)',
'cascadeprotected' => 'Jan páhina coccebj protectöxde ticpatlöx, zo coccebj cascadande jan {{PLURAL:$1|páhina|páhinám}}, jan coccebj protëctox cascadanöx opcion zo mii: