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Update to MediaWiki 1.22.3
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diff --git a/languages/messages/MessagesEn.php b/languages/messages/MessagesEn.php
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--- a/languages/messages/MessagesEn.php
+++ b/languages/messages/MessagesEn.php
@@ -2352,6 +2352,7 @@ You should check that file's deletion history before proceeding to re-upload it.
'php-uploaddisabledtext' => 'File uploads are disabled in PHP.
Please check the file_uploads setting.',
'uploadscripted' => 'This file contains HTML or script code that may be erroneously interpreted by a web browser.',
+'uploadscriptednamespace' => 'This SVG file contains an illegal namespace \'$1\'',
'uploadinvalidxml' => 'The XML in the uploaded file could not be parsed.',
'uploadvirus' => 'The file contains a virus!
Details: $1',
diff --git a/languages/messages/MessagesQqq.php b/languages/messages/MessagesQqq.php
index e770db61..63dc8453 100644
--- a/languages/messages/MessagesQqq.php
+++ b/languages/messages/MessagesQqq.php
@@ -4065,6 +4065,14 @@ See also:
* {{msg-mw|uploadjava}}
* {{msg-mw|uploadvirus}}',
'uploadinvalidxml' => 'Error message displayed when the uploaded file contains XML that cannot be properly parsed and checked.',
+'uploadscriptednamespace' => 'Used as error message when uploading a file. This error is specific to SVG files, when they include a namespace that has not been whitelisted.
+* $1 - the invalid namespace name
+See also:
+* {{msg-mw|zip-wrong-format}}
+* {{msg-mw|uploadjava}}
+* {{msg-mw|uploadvirus}}',
'uploadvirus' => 'Error message displayed when uploaded file contains a virus.