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+== MediaWiki Maintenance ==
+The .sql scripts in this directory are not intended to be run standalone,
+although this is appropriate in some cases, e.g. manual creation of blank tables
+prior to an import.
+Most of the PHP scripts need to be run from the command line. Prior to doing so,
+ensure that the LocalSettings.php file in the directory above points to the
+proper installation.
+Certain scripts will require elevated access to the database. In order to
+provide this, first create a MySQL user with "all" permissions on the wiki
+database, and then place their username and password in an AdminSettings.php
+file in the directory above. See AdminSettings.sample for specifics on this.
+=== Brief explanation of files ===
+A lot of the files in this directory are PHP scripts used to perform various
+maintenance tasks on the wiki database, e.g. rebuilding link tables, updating
+the search indices, etc. The files in the "archives" directory are used to
+upgrade the database schema when updating the software. Some schema definitions
+for alternative (as yet unsupported) database management systems are stored
+here too.
+The "storage" directory contains scripts and resources useful for working with
+external storage clusters, and are not likely to be particularly useful to the
+vast majority of installations. This directory does contain the compressOld
+scripts, however, which can be useful for compacting old data.
+=== Maintenance scripts ===
+As noted above, these should be run from the command line. Not all scripts are
+listed, as some are Wikimedia-specific, and some are not applicable to most
+ changePassword.php
+ Reset the password of a specified user
+ cleanupSpam.php
+ Mass-revert insertion of linkspam
+ deleteOldRevisions.php
+ Erase old revisions of pages from the database
+ dumpBackup.php
+ Backup dump script
+ dumpHTML.php
+ Produce an HTML dump of a wiki
+ importDump.php
+ XML dump importer
+ importImages.php
+ Imports images into the wiki
+ importTextFile.php
+ Imports the contents of a text file into a wiki page
+ nukePage.php
+ Wipe a page and all revisions from the database
+ reassignEdits.php
+ Reassign edits from one user to another
+ rebuildImages.php
+ Update image metadata records
+ rebuildMessages.php
+ Update the MediaWiki namespace after changing site language
+ rebuildtextindex.php
+ Rebuild the fulltext search indices
+ refreshLinks.php
+ Rebuild the link tables
+ removeUnusedAccounts.php
+ Remove user accounts which have made no edits
+ runJobs.php
+ Immediately complete all jobs in the job queue
+ update.php
+ Check and upgrade the database schema to the current version \ No newline at end of file