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update to MediaWiki 1.16.0
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diff --git a/maintenance/dumpBackup.php b/maintenance/dumpBackup.php
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--- a/maintenance/dumpBackup.php
+++ b/maintenance/dumpBackup.php
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ $originalDir = getcwd();
$optionsWithArgs = array( 'pagelist', 'start', 'end' );
-require_once( '' );
+require_once( dirname(__FILE__) . '/' );
require_once( '' );
$dumper = new BackupDumper( $argv );
@@ -69,30 +69,30 @@ if( isset( $options['full'] ) ) {
$dumper->dump( WikiExporter::LOGS );
} else {
$dumper->progress( <<<ENDS
-This script dumps the wiki page database into an XML interchange wrapper
-format for export or backup.
+This script dumps the wiki page or logging database into an
+XML interchange wrapper format for export or backup.
XML output is sent to stdout; progress reports are sent to stderr.
Usage: php dumpBackup.php <action> [<options>]
- --full Dump complete history of every page.
- --current Includes only the latest revision of each page.
- --logs Dump action logs for every page.
+ --full Dump all revisions of every page.
+ --current Dump only the latest revision of every page.
+ --logs Dump all log events.
--quiet Don't dump status reports to stderr.
--report=n Report position and speed after every n pages processed.
(Default: 100)
--server=h Force reading from MySQL server h
- --start=n Start from page_id n
- --end=n Stop before page_id n (exclusive)
+ --start=n Start from page_id or log_id n
+ --end=n Stop before page_id or log_id n (exclusive)
--skip-header Don't output the <mediawiki> header
--skip-footer Don't output the </mediawiki> footer
--stub Don't perform old_text lookups; for 2-pass dump
--uploads Include upload records (experimental)
-Fancy stuff:
+Fancy stuff: (Works? Add examples please.)
--plugin=<class>[:<file>] Load a dump plugin class
--output=<type>:<file> Begin a filtered output stream;
<type>s: file, gzip, bzip2, 7zip
@@ -101,5 +101,3 @@ Fancy stuff: