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+== Things To Do ==
+* Most of the tests are named poorly; naming should describe a use case in story-like language, not simply identify the
+unit under test. An example would be the difference between testCalculate and testAddingIntegersTogetherWorks.
+* Many of the tests make multiple assertions, and are thus not unitary tests. By using data-providers and more use-case
+oriented test selection nearly all of these cases can be easily resolved.
+* Some of the test files are either incorrectly named or in the wrong folder. Tests should be organized in a mirrored
+structure to the source they are testing, and named the same, with the exception of the word "Test" at the end.
+* Shared set-up code or base classes are present, but usually named improperly or appear to be poorly factored. Support
+code should share as much of the same naming as the code it's supporting, and test and test-case depenencies should be
+considered to resolve other shared needs.