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@@ -6,8 +6,11 @@ Starting with MediaWiki 1.2.0, it's possible to install and configure the wiki
"in-place", as long as you have the necessary prerequisites available.
Required software:
-* Web server with PHP 5.1 or higher (this will be the last release to support 5.1.x)
-* A MySQL server, 4.0.14 or higher OR a Postgres server, 8.1 or higher
+* Web server with PHP 5.2.3 or higher (1.16 was the last release to support 5.1.x)
+* A SQL server, the following types are supported
+** MySQL 4.0.14 or higher
+** PostgreSQL 8.3 or higher
+** SQLite
MediaWiki is developed and tested mainly on Unix/Linux platforms, but should
work on Windows as well.
@@ -51,36 +54,19 @@ something nice, like "wiki", since it'll be in your URL.
| See: |
-To run the install script, you'll need to temporarily make the 'config'
-subdirectory writable by the web server. The simplest way to do this on a
-Unix/Linux system is to make it world-writable:
- chmod a+w config
Hop into your browser and surf into the wiki directory. It'll direct you into
the config script. Fill out the form... remember you're probably not on an
encrypted connection.
Gaaah! :)
If all goes well, you should soon be told that it's set up your wiki database
-and written a configuration file. There should now be a 'LocalSettings.php' in
-the config directory; move it back up to the main wiki directory, and the wiki
-should now be working.
- +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+
- | Security hint: if you have limited access on your server and cannot |
- | change ownership of files, you might want to *copy* instead of *move* |
- | LocalSettings.php. |
- | |
- | This will make the file owned by your user account instead of by |
- | the web server, which is safer in case another user's account is |
- | compromised. |
- +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+
-Once the wiki is set up, you should remove the config directory, or at least
-make it not world-writable (though it will refuse to config again if the wiki
-is set up).
+and generated a configuration file. There is now a copy of "LocalSettings.php"
+available to download from the installer. Download this now, there is not a
+way (yet) to get it after you exit the installer. Place it in the main wiki
+directory, and the wiki should now be working.
+Once the wiki is set up, you should remove the mw-config directory (though it will
+refuse to config again if the wiki is set up).
@@ -96,4 +82,3 @@ (low traffic) (site admin support) (development)