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-For system requirements, installation and upgrade details, see the files
-== MediaWiki ==
-MediaWiki is the software used for Wikipedia [] and the
-other Wikimedia Foundation websites. Compared to other wikis, it has an
-excellent range of features and support for high-traffic websites using
-multiple servers (Wikimedia sites peak in the 100K+ requests per second range
-as of January 2012).
-While quite usable on smaller sites, you may find you have to "roll your own"
-local documentation, and some aspects of configuration may seem overcomplicated
-because MediaWiki is primarily targeted as an in-house tool.
-The MediaWiki software was written by:
-* Lee Daniel Crocker
-* Magnus Manske
-* Jan Hidders
-* Brion Vibber
-* Axel Boldt
-* Geoffrey T. Dairiki
-* Tomasz Wegrzanowski
-* Erik Moeller
-* Tim Starling
-* Gabriel Wicke
-* Antoine Musso
-* Evan Prodromou
-* Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
-* Niklas Laxström
-* Domas Mituzas
-* Rob Church
-* Jens Frank
-* Yuri Astrakhan
-* Aryeh Gregor
-* Aaron Schulz
-* Andrew Garrett
-* Raimond Spekking
-* Alexandre Emsenhuber
-* Siebrand Mazeland
-* Chad Horohoe
-* Roan Kattouw
-* Trevor Pascal
-* Bryan Tong Minh
-* Sam Reed
-* Victor Vasiliev
-* Rotem Liss
-* Platonides
-* Many others (view CREDITS for a more complete list)
-The contributors hold the copyright to this work, and it is licensed under the
-terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later (see
- Derivative works and later
-versions of the code must be free software licensed under the same or a
-compatible license. This includes "extensions" that use MediaWiki functions or
-variables; see for
-The Wikimedia Foundation currently has no legal rights to the software.
-Sections of code written exclusively by Lee Crocker or Erik Moeller are also
-released into the public domain, which does not impair the obligations of users
-under the GPL for use of the whole code or other sections thereof.
-MediaWiki makes use of the Sajax Toolkit by modernmethod,
- which has the following license:
- 'This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution
- License. To view a copy of this license, visit
- or send a letter
- to Creative Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way,
- Stanford, California 94305, USA.'
-MediaWiki use Creative Commons license marks to points to their online
-licenses. This content is trademarked and used under a specific license
-available at
-The restricted content is:
-* skins/common/images/cc-by-nc-sa.png
-* skins/common/images/cc-by-sa.png
-Many thanks to the Wikimedia regulars for testing and suggestions.
-The official website for MediaWiki is located at:
-The code is currently maintained in a Git repository at See for details.
-Please report bugs and make feature requests in our Bugzilla system:
-Documentation and discussion on new features may be found at:
-Extensions are listed at:
-If you are setting up your own wiki based on this software, it is highly
-recommended that you subscribe to mediawiki-announce:
-The mailing list is very low volume, and is intended primarily for announcements
-of new versions, bug fixes, and security issues.
-A higher volume support mailing list can be found at:
-Developer discussion takes place at:
-There is also a development and support channel #mediawiki on,
-and an unoffical support forum at
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