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For system requirements, installation and upgrade details, see the files RELEASE-NOTES,
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ users under the GPL for use of the whole code or other sections thereof.
Many thanks to the Wikimedia regulars for testing and suggestions.
-The official website for mediawiki is located at:
+The official website for MediaWiki is located at:
@@ -81,23 +81,23 @@ Documentation and discussion on new features may be found at:
Extensions are listed at:
If you are setting up your own wiki based on this software, it is highly
recommended that you subscribe to mediawiki-announce:
The mailing list is very low volume, and is intended primarily for
announcements of new versions, bug fixes, and security issues.
A higher volume support mailing list can be found at:
Developer discussion takes place at:
There is also a development and support channel #mediawiki on, and an unoffical support forum at, and an unoffical support forum at \ No newline at end of file