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and $wgDBadminpassword in your LocalSettings.php, as well as $wgEnableProfileInfo
See also
- redirect.php
- Script that only redirect to the article passed in the wpDropdown parameter
- of the request. Used by the nostalgia skin to access special pages with the
- dropdown box at the top of the page.
Script used to resize images if it is configured to be done when the web
browser requests the image and not when generating the page. This script can
be used as a 404 handler to generate image thumbs when they don't exist.
- trackback.php
- Allow to add a new trackback to the database. This script returns XML
- and require a POST request to work, thus it should only be accessed by some
- specific programs and won't work with normal web browsers.
There is also a file with a .php5 extension for each script. They can be used if
the web server needs a .php5 to run the file with the PHP 5 engine and runs .php
scripts with PHP 4. To use these files, you have to modify $wgScriptExtension to