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- "@metadata": {
- "authors": [
- "Jon Harald Søby",
- "Lloffiwr",
- "Shirayuki",
- "Siddhartha Ghai",
- "Siebrand",
- "Tgr",
- "Umherirrender"
- ]
- },
- "cite_article_desc": "{{desc|name=Special Cite|url=}}",
- "cite_article_link": "Text of link in toolbox\n\nSee also:\n* {{msg-mw|Cite article link}}\n* {{msg-mw|Accesskey-cite-article}}\n* {{msg-mw|Tooltip-cite-article}}",
- "tooltip-cite-article": "Used as tooltip for the link {{msg-mw|Cite article link}}.\n\nSee also:\n* {{msg-mw|Cite article link}}\n* {{msg-mw|Accesskey-cite-article}}\n* {{msg-mw|Tooltip-cite-article}}",
- "accesskey-cite-article": "{{doc-accesskey}}\nSee also:\n* {{msg-mw|Cite article link}}\n* {{msg-mw|Accesskey-cite-article}}\n* {{msg-mw|Tooltip-cite-article}}",
- "cite": "{{doc-special|Cite|unlisted=1}}\n{{Identical|Cite}}",
- "cite-summary": "{{notranslate}}",
- "cite_page": "{{Identical|Page}}",
- "cite_submit": "{{Identical|Cite}}",
- "cite_text": "Refers to {{msg-mw|Sitesubtitle}}.\n\n* This message is the entire text for the page Special:Cite\n* Any wikilinks in this message point to pages on the wiki, so they may be translated.\n* Do not translate magic words like CURRENTYEAR, SITENAME etc.\n* Do not translate the parameter names (author, title etc.) for BibTeX entries.\n* Do not translate the div class plainlinks mw-specialcite-styles."