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+README for the Gadgets extension
+Copyright © 2007 Daniel Kinzler
+Licenses: GNU General Public Licence (GPL)
+ GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL)
+The Gadgets extension provides a way for users to pick JavaScript or CSS
+based "gadgets" that other wiki users provide.
+The Gadgets extension was originally written by Daniel Kinzler in 2007
+and is released under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).
+The internationalization files may contain contributions by several people;
+they should be mentioned in each file individually.
+== Prerequisites ==
+This version of Gadgets requires MediaWiki 1.17 or later. To get a version
+compatible with earlier MediaWiki release, visit
+== Installing ==
+Copy the Gadgets directory into the extensions folder of your
+MediaWiki installation. Then add the following lines to your
+LocalSettings.php file (near the end):
+ require_once( "$IP/extensions/Gadgets/Gadgets.php" );
+== Usage ==
+== Caveats ==
+* Gadgets do not apply to Special:Preferences, Special:UserLogin and
+ Special:ResetPass so users can always disable any broken gadgets they
+ may have enabled, and malicious gadgets will be unable to steal passwords.
+* Uses BeforePageDisplay hook, thus only works with MonoBook based skins;
+ specifically, does not work with CologneBlue.
+* Gadget code is included after user code - that means that user JS has no
+ access to things defined in gadgets, and user CSS is overwritten by CSS
+ from gadgets. (pending a better way to insert things into the HTML head)